Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow go, straight to … a chocolate shop for me! Oh yes, the surest way to score major brownie points with me will alway be, well, brownies, or truffles, or fudge, or any decadent concoction involving the celestial cocoa bean. Though I’ve been known to hum happily over even a basic Whitman’s sampler, the offerings of Atlanta’s premier chocolatiers elicit a much more enthusiastic reception.


The vision of native Atlanta, Kristen Hard, Cacao strives to “restore the grand art of chocolate making, using only high percentages of cacao combined with house made ingredients sourced from our local friends, the farmers.” The measure of success is the beauty of their bean-to-bar product … and it’s devoted clientele. Can’t make a decision for your valentine? Two words: Epiphany Bar.

Cacao masters the bean-to-bar method for exquisite products.

The Chocolaterie

Tempering chocolate until the shine glows requires a delicate touch and an artistic passion. Balancing the chocolate connoisseurs palate with the artist’s palette, The Chocolaterie studio hand paints their masterpieces for the most splendid exhibition. Every scrumptious morsel displays a handiwork almost too beautiful to eat… almost.

Handpainted chocolates looks almost too pretty to eat at The Chocolaterie.
(Image: The Chocolaterie)

Chocolate South

What happens when a skilled architect scraps it all to become a personal chef and then chocolatier? Meticulous attention-to-detail constructions, a beautiful balance of flavors, divine designs and award-winning chocolates ready for your delight. From chocolate shop sweets to custom confections, Chocolate South sways the chocolate lover’s compass in their direction.

A skilled architect set her designs on chocolate artistry and Chocolate South was born. (Image: Chocolate South)

DiAmano Chocolate

DiAmano Chocolate

A family-owned chocolatier devoted to upholding the sentiment of it’s name, which literally translates into “By Hand with Love.” Every single piece is crafted right in the store using centuries-old European techniques. Enter a chocolate wonderland where dream flavors swirl about and the finest ingredients bring taste to the next level.

Handmade chocolates beckon at the veritable wonderland of DiAmano Chocolate. (Image: DiAmano Chocolates.)

Maison Robert

A true French confectionary, Maison Robert brings 4 generations of expertise into an enchanting haven for la vie en chocolat. Chocolatier Robert Reeb hails from the Lorriane region of France, furthering his chocolate studies in Switzerland in the late 60s. By 1977 he’d moved to Atlanta, bestowing on to our fair city a sweet perfection through pastries and chocolates.

The chocolatiers at Maison Robert bring 4 generations of expertise from France to Atlanta. (Images: Maison Robert)


This artisan chocolate business expanded from one beloved Florida shop, built by Baruch Schaked after training for years in various chocolate confectionary arts.  When Mr. Schaked decided to retire, his son developed a new vision for his father’s delicious achievements, franchising Schakolad to expand the dream. The chain maintains the authenticity of those cherished traditions, bringing the joy of Mr. Schaked to every chocolate lover to step inside.

Chocolate lovers delight in the creations available at Schakolad. (Image: Schakolad)

Divine decadence awaits from every corner of our sprawling metropolis. Sipped and dipped, truffled and treasured, chocolate reigns supreme as the most sacred of offerings to the goddess of love. Time to select your oblation and await benediction.

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