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In one of Atlanta’s burgeoning neighborhoods and shopping districts, Westside Provisions, lies a hidden gem. It’s not the latest trendy restaurant or speakeasy, but rather a charming stationery and gift shop: Simplyput Paper and Gift. As a patron of the store, you’re immediately drawn in, like you’re getting a big Southern hug. There’s something to be said for a store that just feels friendly. Simple displays of trinkets guide you seamlessly throughout the store, while floor-to-ceiling windows of the loft-like shop allow in a flood of natural light. Sunbeams bounce from corner to corner, creating a sun-kissed glow on every item, making each all the more enticing.

Owner and Georgia native Ashley Woodman wouldn’t have her shop any other way. Originally a paper line, Simplyput got its name from minimalistic design with ample white space and no-fuss typography. This simplicity runs throughout the shop’s layout, as well as its contents. Visiting the shop, it’s increasingly apparent that white space is just as important as color. Ashley lightheartedly jokes, “The name is also a reflection of my personality. If you knew me, you’d realize there isn’t a whole lot of guesswork involved when I’m delivering a message.”

Simplyput, Atlanta

Seasonal items currently found at Simplyput

Gifts and sundry items at Simplyput, Atlanta

Gifts and sundry items at Simplyput

Ashley is a trained graphic designer and UGA graduate. Having worked with a graphic design firm for eight years and gaining extensive knowledge in the field, in 1999, while pregnant with her first child, she launched her own line of modern stationery, Simplyput by Ashley Woodman. Ashley explains, “At the time, it seemed like a good idea since there were very few cutting-edge stationery companies out there. Obviously, today is a different story. There are a TON of creative paper companies doing great work now.”

After 12 years of running her independent brand, Ashley expanded and, in 2011, opened her flagship location of Simplyput Paper and Gift. The new store was created as a stationery company within a stationery store: a place with no rules or boundaries. In fact, this model is what makes Simplyput so successful today.

A current display at Simplyput, Atlanta

A current display at Simplyput

Fun, decorative items abound at Simplyput, Atlanta

Fun, decorative items abound at Simplyput

Simplyput works with clients to develop everything from hand-lettered seating charts to chalkboard installations. “A customer’s process when working on invitations can be as easy as ordering directly from a book or printed sample, or as challenging as developing a comprehensive package for their special event or weekend by starting with just an idea and blank sheet of paper. We custom design about 80 percent of our projects,” Ashley notes.

This start-to-finish customization is exactly what makes Simplyput such a unique part of the Atlanta stationery scene: a bride-to-be could work with Simplyput on all aspects of her wedding, but continue to return to the shop for subsequent events and parties. There really is no limit to what Simplyput can do.

Simplyput, Atlanta

Simplyput, Atlanta

Beyond stationery, Simplyput’s extensive gift collection is not to be glossed over. Shelves are beautifully styled with products ranging from beach necessities to creative Father’s Day tchotchkes. The rotating and well-curated selection allows customers the opportunity to pick up a gift (and the perfect card) for just about any occasion. Ashley has selected the best assortment for her small shop, and the craftsmanship and eye for style shows in every item.

Spice things up with some help from Simplyput.

Spice things up with some help from Simplyput.

Papers at Simplyput, Atlanta

Lest we forget the stationery selection …

Even though Atlanta’s Simplyput is currently the only location, when asked about her vision for the future, Ashley has lofty goals. “Plans for Simplyput? More Simplyputs! We’ll see … ” In the meantime, we’re happy to continue visiting the current location for Rifle Paper Co. cards, Belle & Union tea towels, Sun Bum sunscreen and, of course, Simplyput by Ashley Woodman stationery!

Simplyput is located at 1170 Howell Mill Road, #104, in Atlanta. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Learn more at

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