Women all around us are making a statement with bangs, which happen to be all the rage right now. Bangs offer a fresh look and those who rock them look effortlessly cool, but many of us are afraid to take the plunge. Stylists from a few of our favorite Southern salons convince us that everyone can pull off bangs; it just takes a little bravery and a lot of confidence. Once you’ve committed to the cut, it also takes maintenance. Today, these hair pros walk us through different styles of bangs, share pointers for how to style and care for bangs and, for those ready to grow them out, what to do next.

Bangs are for everyone. (Yes, even you!)

If you are contemplating a new cut, you must first consider what is suitable for your face shape and hair texture or style. If you are contemplating bangs, fear not. Rosa Abernathy from Nashville’s Escape Day Spa and Salon assures us that, “Bangs are universal.” She promises that bangs are flattering, no matter the length or style of your hair. “If you prefer your hair longer, they add movement for a more modern look. If you are going the shorter route, they are a go-to for more of a bold move. No matter the length, all you need is a little confidence to rock them!”

Frame your features with bangs! Image: Amy Johnson/Escape Day Spa and Salon

Not all bangs are created equal.

Because bang styles vary based on your hair’s length and texture, it is essential to go for bangs that complement your current style. Escape Day Spa & Salon stylists Corrie White and Holly Heim offer tips on how to select the shape of bangs for you. If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for wispy, thick, side-swept bangs. If you are hair is long and straight, you can pull off a straight-across heavy bang. Those with a square face will want brow-grazing bangs, and for those with an oval face, anything goes.

“We always recommend consulting with your stylist to make sure they showcase your best features and complement your appearance,” Corrie urges.

“You can incorporate bangs into any hairstyle as long as your stylist takes your texture and hair type into consideration,” Holly adds. “For instance, if you have a thin texture, you would want to cut your bangs further back to create the illusion you have a heavy, thick bang! If you have super thick hair, a thin bang would be more appropriate to even things out around your face.”

A stylist can recommend the ideal bang style for your face shape and hair texture. Just ask! Image: Amy Johnson/Escape Day Spa and Salon

Bangs beg to be styled.

“Honestly, bangs can be a little high maintenance,” Diedre Heid of The Blowout Co. of Nashville tells us. “If you aren’t someone who has the time to style them daily, then bangs probably aren’t for you. Depending on how you sleep, there will be days you have to wet them down and re-style them in the morning. However, if they are a little longer side bang, you can always twist them off to the side and secure with a bobby pin if you don’t feel like dealing with them one day!”

Diedre believes the most important thing to remember when styling your bangs is “to make sure you start blowdrying them when your hair is very wet because once they start to air dry, it can be difficult to get them to lay right, especially if you’re someone with cowlicks in the front.”

“Bangs can a great way to update your style without making a drastic change! Many women like them because they hide pesky forehead wrinkles and create a younger look,” Diedre shares. Image: The Blowout Co. of Nashville

“Bangs are a commitment,” says Scot Robinson, stylist and co-owner of Pavo Salon Spa out of Memphis. He recommends a simple mist of Aveda’s rinse-less refresh followed by blow drying them back and forth in a natural motion to give them a more tousled look. He also recommends that all bang-wearers invest in Aveda Dry Shampoo and Rinse-less Refresh, as well as a mini paddle brunch.

Bangs require a bit of maintenance, but once you master the routine styling is a breeze. Image: Pavo Salon Spa

Paige Simmons Salon stylist Kimberly Brown advises you to blow the air straight down while brushing the bangs back and forth (side to side) with a flat brush until they are dry. “For many women, this will be enough, but some may need to finish with a round brush or flatiron. And always fix your bangs first! Don’t let them dry on their own,” Kimberly tells us.

A little trim goes a long way.

Style House Salon stylist Samantha Dick does not recommend trimming your own bangs (yes, we asked), especially since the Nashville salon offers complimentary bang trims. They suggest a trimming schedule of every two weeks.

Be nice to your bangs.

Bangs will take the heat of regular styling. The one product everyone should own is a good heat protectant, according to The Blowout Co. of Nashville’s Deidre. “When you have bangs, don’t forget to get a light spritz up front on that hair since you will be using heat to style them,” she tells us. “I recommend the Melu Hair Shield by Davines. It’s super light and won’t weigh your hair down. Besides that, you’ll definitely need a good dry shampoo to avoid re-washing your bangs constantly. My favorite dry shampoo ever is Fresh Hair by Kevin Murphy.”

Growing out your bangs isn’t all that bad.

When you’ve lived with bangs for long enough, take the time to consider how they will grow out (which they will). Style House Salon master stylist Abbie Addotta suggests taking longer breaks between trims as the first step to growing out your bangs. “Depending on what type of bangs you have, your stylist will discuss your goals and adjust your trim to account for that. Usually, less is more with adjusting bangs as they grow out,” she explains.

Bangs bring a distinct style to your look. Take the plunge; we promise you can pull them off. Image: Style House Salon

Are you ready to commit to bangs? Get in touch with your favorite stylist to learn what bang style is best for you!


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