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I’ve been to antiques shows before, but I’d never seen anything like the Scott Show.

There I was, standing in a warehouse somewhere in north Atlanta, way too early in the morning, with my longtime friend and decorator, Roger Higgins. At the center of the huge cavernous warehouse was a large truck with a crowd of people hurrying and scurrying around it. Two men would begin to uncover an item from the blankets, and someone from the crowd would yell “I’ll take it!”
“Take what?” I wondered. “There could be a pygmy under that blanket! It could be anything!”
Roger, a Scott Show expert of sorts, explained it all to me. Apparently, this well-tanned dealer – with gold chains – had exquisite taste.  And price was of no concern, because if this guy from Florida’s got it, you want it.  This was a perfect introduction to the circus that is the Scott Show.

The Scott Show occurs the second week of the month — every month. For more than 25 years, the Scott Antique Markets have been promoters of top quality antique shows. Their Atlanta show is called the world’s largest indoor antique show. The three huge buildings at the Atlanta Exposition Center make for one-stop shopping at its best: antique furniture, rugs, lighting, linen, art, yard stuff and jewelry. If you are a serious shopper with a checklist of things you need, put the September show on your calendar. I encourage you to enlist the help of a good decorator or savvy friend to go with you. This one’s not for the faint of heart; it can be overwhelming for even a seasoned shopper, and you will want to shop.
Antiques aren’t easy. How many authentic Chippendale chairs are there? You need to understand value, scale, and most important, how the piece fits in your overall decor. Good intentions aside, we all buy things impulsively for all the right reasons only to find they just don’t work in our home. In the long run, a professional decorator saves you money.
A quick story will illustrate my point:

I was sure I wanted a daybed for my new addition and was pretty sure it was waiting for me at the Scott Show. My friend and I met Roger bright and early the first day of the show. Our hands were full as we both were munching on decadent cinnamon rolls (more about the food later). We decided to split from Roger so we could cover more territory — or maybe he split from us once he saw our honey buns.
Of course, the very first daybed I found was perfect — really perfect. I lounged on it, my friend lounged on it, so I called Rog on my cell phone to zoom over for his final approval. He sauntered over and eyeballed the bed saying, “Wrong, all wrong.” Well, he was right: it was the wrong size and style for my house. I had avoided a $1,200 mistake.
Finally, I spied a daybed, disassembled on the floor. It was, in a word, gorgeous. I walked up to the handsome dealer expecting for him to quote me an exorbitant price. “I’ll let you have it for $400 since you look desperate,” he said. Once again, my jaw dropped.
I walked around it. “Looks good. Let me call my decorator.”
Incredulous, he said, “You’re calling your decorator for a $400 daybed?”
“Well, yeah,” I replied.
As it turned out, he and Roger were good buddies, and I got the daybed.

Roger is on the left and my daybed dealer is on the right.

The daybed is shown in its new home: mine! It’s lovely, isn’t it?

I always marvel at Roger’s knack for spying something delicious from across the room. These two pieces will be transformed into either headboards or wall decor. I might have zoomed past the simple, gorgeous antique panels since one was damaged — not Roger.

As you can see my buddy Betsy spied a great old refrigerator, which can be transformed into a wonderful wet bar for a den or family room. The dreamy color of green works as a neutral to complement most color palettes.

Finally, the food at the Scott Show is divine. We’re not talking hot dogs and hamburgers; we’re talking Greek salads, hummus, pasta, homemade cakes and pies. Shopping is hard work, and you’ll be rewarded (in calories) for your efforts.

If you want to see more of Roger’s finds from the Scott Show, stop by his showroom, The West Egg, at 2000 Blair Ave.  Tell him Betsy, Elizabeth and StyleBlueprint sent you!

The Scott Show Schedule.
September 10 – 12
October 8 – 10
November 12 – 14
December 10 – 12
January 7 – 9
February 11 – 13
March 11 – 13
April 8 – 10
May 13 – 15
June 10 – 12
July 8 – 10
August 12 – 14
September 9 – 11
October 7 – 9
November 11 – 13
December 9 – 11

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