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We have added a few new health and beauty products to SB Shop, and we can’t stop raving about them. From concealers and balms to eyebrow pencils and more, we have some fabulous skin solutions. These SB Shop beauty picks from both new and beloved brands will make your daily wellness routine feel like a spa visit. Get to know these lines and explore their offerings. (SB TIP: 25% of profits from all SB Shop sales will be split between The Community Foundation of Middle Tennesee & Hands On Nashville to support those affected by the Tennesee tornado this week.)

Clary Collection

When Clary Collection owners Adriel Denae and Jen Auerbach transitioned into motherhood, it sparked a newfound interest in the value of clean skincare products for themselves and their families. Recognizing that the skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs environmental toxins, they set out to source safe, organic skincare. However, they continually came up short. The “organic” market is filled with claims of purity, but “clean” products often still contain irritants and harsh extracts.

Clary Collection’s handmade products use the traditional craft of oil infusion and cruelty-free, ethically sourced ingredients. The result is clean, safe skincare that is free of toxins or irritants. SB Shop offers its all-purpose balm, hair oil, face serum and bath and body oil, each worthy of adding to your daily wellness routine. Shop the entire selection here.

Clary Collection all-purpose balm, an SB Shop beauty pick

Clary Collection’s natural all-purpose balm (available in two sizes and pictured above), face serum, hair oil and bath and body oil are now available on SB Shop, here. Image: Clary Collection


Dermaflage is a one-of-a-kind cosmetic company using innovations and products from the beauty bags of Hollywood’s professional makeup artists and dermatologists, and its top-of-the-line concealing items bring out your inner confidence. If you want to conceal surgery scars, unwanted acne, blemish scars, fine lines, veins in your legs or color correct any part of your body, Dermaflage is the solution. SB Shop features a powder foundation offering the pigmentation and coverage of a liquid foundation with the light, airy feel of a powder (and it’s water-resistant!). A color-correcting palette, concealer brush set complete with brush cleaner, and a pro concealer palette round out the selection. Shop it all here.

Dermaflage Pro Concealer Palette, an SB Shop beauty pick

Dermaflage professional concealing products, including the powder foundation, pro concealer palette (in various shades and pictured above), concealer brush set and color-correcting palette, are available on SB Shop, here. Image: Dermaflage

Geri G. Beauty

We have already introduced you to Geri G. Beauty, but if you haven’t given its simplified beauty products a try yet, now is the time. We recommend opting for the M Brush ($19.99), which is designed to make your life easier and skin healthier. From the lipstick-styled handle for better control and maneuvering to the angled cut for precision around hard-to-reach areas (like contours of the face and eyes), the M brush replaces all the brushes you may need to apply your makeup. Or go for the Universal Brow Pencil ($24), a duel-ended pencil that matches every hair color while nourishing and shaping brows. Plus it comes complete with a spoolie on one end for even easier application. Shop the entire Geri G. Beauty selection here.

Geri G. Beauty Universal Brow Pencils

Geri G. Beauty’s dual-ended brow pencil is perfect for nourishing and filling in your brows, and it is available on SB Shop, here. Image: Geri G. Beauty

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We’ve been fans of Turkish-T‘s towels, throws, beach accessories and more for a while, but one of its most recent additions to SB Shop is the perfect practical accessory to add to your beauty bag. This reusable Ottoman Wink Towel ($15) is a soft 12-by-12-inch washcloth ideal for removing makeup effortlessly without causing skin damage. Did you know rubbing harshly around the eyes to remove makeup is a major cause of fine lines and wrinkles later in life? This cloth helps solve that issue. Plus, it’s a cute, useful gift for the upcoming graduate or makeup lover and a better-for-the-environment substitute to those wasteful makeup wipes. Shop this here.

The Turkish-T Ottoman Wink Towel with brush

The Turkish-T Ottoman Wink Towel, ideal for removing makeup, is available on SB Shop, here. Image: Turkish-T

Here’s to a new and improved self-care routine!


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