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From beauty products to healthy snacks, a binge-worthy TV show, and more, StyleBlueprint team members share their latest and greatest discoveries. Enjoy the July installment of the SB Hot List — and then check out each item for yourself!

SB Hot List: 7 of Our Newest Obsessions

“Glow & Get It” Brightening & Cooling Eye Balm

“I’m loving this ‘Glow & Get It’ Brightening & Cooling Eye Balm from TULA Skincare! It’s the quickest pick-me-up for tired eyes that I’ve found so far. The equivalent of a cold compress or jade roller — but way faster — and packed with beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, and probiotic extracts.” — Alissa Harb, Managing Editor

SB Hot List July 2021: Glow & Get It eye balm from TULA Skincare

The “Glow & Get It” Brightening & Cooling Eye Balm from TULA Skincare hydrates skin while also removing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Image: TULA Skincare

Outer Aisle

“Check out Outer Aisle! It’s all yummy, handy, and healthy food.” — Cameron Meek, Account Executive

Cauliflower Sandwich Thins with Onion Chive Cream Cheese from Outer Aisle

Outer Aisle offers keto-friendly, low-carb, grain-free, and gluten-free bread alternatives. Image: Instagram

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Harry’s Body Wash

“You know the old ’70s Secret deodorant tagline, “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman?” In my opinion, the same can be said for Harry’s body wash, despite the fact that it’s typically only marketed to those with testosterone. You can find it in the men’s toiletries section of your local one-stop, and as body washes go, it’s relatively inexpensive. All four signature scents are woodsy, earthy and wonderful, but I’m particularly fond of Shiso and Stone. If you’re someone who tends to be attracted to gender-neutral fragrances, this is worth a try!” — Jenna Bratcher, Lead Nashville Writer & Associate Editor

SB Hot List July 2021: Five bottles of Harry's body wash

Offering four signature scents — Redwood, Shiso, Fig, and Stone — Harry’s Body Wash includes gentle ingredients that leave your skin clean and hydrated. Image: Harry’s

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

“I love Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner. I’m a big fan of lavender and its calming effect. The clean lavender scent freshens your kitchen counters, and it works beautifully. You can find it at many stores, including Kroger or Target.” — Melissa Thompson, Account Executive & Travel Specialist

Lavender-scented multi-surface everyday cleaner from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner cleans your home and offers a garden-inspired scent. Image: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

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“Marriage or Mortgage”

“I’m a little late to this bandwagon, but I’ve been binging Netflix’s new show ‘Marriage or Mortgage.’ The series is based in Nashville and follows a real estate agent and wedding planner as they compete to win the affection of engaged couples. After touring their dream home and planning their dream wedding, couples have to pick whether they want to spend their budget on a home or wedding. It’s my new guilty pleasure!” — Brianna Goebel, Associate Editor & Staff Writer

"Marriage or Mortgage" Netflix TV show

If you need a new TV show to binge, look no further than “Marriage or Mortgage” on Netflix. Image: IMDb

Iron Flask

“I wanted a sleek new water bottle that was large enough to not have to refill every five minutes but small enough to throw in my everyday tote bag. This 40-ounce Iron Flask has 64,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon, and I see 64,000 reasons why! It’s so sturdy, does not leak or sweat, and stays so cold. It comes with three different lids and two straws for different liquids. Best $28 I have spent in a long time.” — Zoe Yarborough, Staff Writer

SB Hot List July 2021: Pink and teal Iron Flask

The Iron Flask holds 40 ounces of liquid, is sweat-free, and comes with three different lids and two straws. Image: Amazon

Dawn Powerwash

“I may be late to the game on this one, but if you are, too, RUN to buy Dawn Powerwash! It has almost 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. I was at my aunt’s house washing dishes and this was next to her sink. One foamy spray later, I was exclaiming, ‘I love this! How did I not know about it?!’ It cleans faster (dissolving grease five times faster), it covers the area faster, and it gets into all those hard-to-get areas on cheese graters, blenders, bottles, and such. You just spray, wipe, and rinse. It makes keeping up with dishes during cooking easier, as well as the ‘big’ clean-up at the end. Who knew dish soap needed an upgrade?! Game-changing product. Really.” — Liza Graves, CEO

A bottle of Dawn Powerwash

Step up your dishwashing game with Dawn Powerwash. Image: Amazon

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