Whether or not you have school-age children under your roof, the end of summer usually signals a return to a more scheduled routine at home. Vacations are over, cooler weather is on the horizon and we begin to think about spending more time inside. For me, what this means is frantic searching to find backpacks and school gear, all of which have been packed away since May, but instead, finding heaps of things I really don’t need stuffed in closets and cabinets around the house. Just last week, I opened the door to a closet in search of sports gear and had to wade through tons of junk my children had piled inside when they “cleaned out their rooms” the last time. (Picture Mrs. Potato Head wearing her angry eyes here.) After thirty futile minutes looking for one lone lacrosse stick, I decided it was time for the annual end-of-summer shakedown. Thankfully, I remembered some SB posts that ran awhile back on this very topic, which helped me manage the chaos, not to mention avoid going to jail (added bonus). I also realized my kids are packrats because, well … Let’s just say I might need to reduce my budget for beauty products just a tad.

Many garbage bags and a few trips to the recycling center later, order has been (somewhat) restored at home. Keep reading if this sounds like familiar territory:

Hair Products Hoarder

Are you an impulse buyer at the hair salon? Do you have teenage girls living under your roof? This post is definitely for you! Note: You can also apply this thought process to the men in your life who have a golf equipment or fishing gear problem: styleblueprint.com/everyday/hair-products-hoarder.

hair products hoarder

Hair product hoarder? Read more here.

Too Much St*ff

To some degree, we all live by the ketchup rule: You go to the store without a list and try to remember what you need. Thinking you’re out of ketchup, you buy some. When you get home, you find 3 bottles in the pantry. (I know. Happens to me all the time, too.)

We all have to much stuff. Here are some guidelines to lighten the load: styleblueprint.com/everyday/9-things-much.

Hair-Product-Hoarder 2

Too much stuff? Read more here.

School Daze

If the expression “saved by the bell” at your house is actually code for, “You’d better be glad school starts tomorrow, ’cause I’m about ready to strangle somebody,” you’re in luck with this post. It’s full of tips and strategies for getting your house and your family back into the swing of things with school routines: styleblueprint.com/atlanta/everyday/get-organized-before-school-starts.

We all know this moment. Read more here to get organized for school.

We all know this moment. Read more here to get organized for school.

Ahhh, feel better? Me, too!


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