3 fabulous new chili recipes

Need some new chili recipes? Pumpkin chili, Kentucky bourbon chili and Indian chili.

Nothing satisfies like a bowl of warm soup as the temperatures drop and no other soup satisfies quite like chili. It’s no coincidence that chili and chilly are pronounced the same! (okay, maybe it is coincidence, but let’s pretend it was simply meant to be … )

We challenged ourselves to find three new takes on chili which are outside the typical meat + beans + tomatoes version. An exotic spice, an unexpected ingredient or a magical marriage of flavors. We have it all today! Each is well worth the time spent to make. But, feel free to use each recipe as a guide to inspire your own creative kitchen.

Indian Chili

This recipe makes your house smell oh-so-good. But, the smell casts a spell, just in time for Halloween. The spell makes you crave this chili time and time again … really! Allow this exotic twist to delight your family or a crowd.

Indian Chili Recipe

Kentucky Bourbon Chili

Colder temps call for bourbon in the glass and chili in the bowl, right? Well, someone wised up and paired them together for a blissful and perfect combination. Try this dish and embrace the fireplace, perhaps with a little more bourbon on the side!

Kentucky Bourbon Chili Recipe

3 Fabulous Chili Recipes: Pumpkin Chili, Kentucky Bourbon Chili and Indian Chili

View the Kentucky Bourbon Chili recipe at styleblueprint.com/louisville/everyday/kentucky-bourbon-chili/

Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkins can be added to almost anything for a delightful fall touch: granola, lattes and more. But, while we may roll our eyes at the abundance of pumpkin pairings, some of them actually work extraordinarily well. This pumpkin chili proves that point while adding some extra nutrition that pumpkin has in spades.

Pumpkin Chili Recipe

Meaty Pumpkin Chili by Leslie Schilling, Your Supper Solution

View the recipe for Meaty Pumpkin Chili at styleblueprint.com/memphis/everyday/meaty-pumpkin-chili-halloween-supper-solution. Photo credit: Leslie Schilling. T


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