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I know it barely feels like spring right now, but summer will be here before you know it and we all know what that means–baring more skin while donning shorts, tanks and… the dreaded bathing suit. So in addition to hitting the gym hard, it’s also time to revamp your skin. Just as we switch out our wardrobe to accommodate the seasons, we should also change up our skincare products. To find out the best summer skin prep products, I enlisted the help of one of my favorite local places, Village Dermatology. The staff there are super friendly and very knowledgeable! These are the products they recommend to nix a dull, pasty pallor, “chicken skin” bumps on arms and legs, unsightly spots, sun damage and other summer bummers.


Mia Clarisonic

This is the best invention since, well, since the spinning toothbrush was introduced by the same company! The Mia Clarisonic is a small, handheld rechargeable device with replaceable brush heads that cleans and exfoliates the skin, prepping it to allow your products to penetrate deeper and thus, work better. I have owned one of these for two years and am obsessed!

The Mia Clarisonic comes in lots of cute colors - $119

The Mia Clarisonic comes in lots of cute colors – $119

Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Facial Serum

This facial serum helps your skin recover from photo damage it has suffered from the sun. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots while improving the overall tone and clarity of the skin. The enzymes in the product repair and renew giving you fresh young skin cells and a slowing of the aging process.

Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Serum - $85

Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Serum – $85


Now this was a new one to me. Heliocare is an oral pill taken daily that delivers a powerful antioxidant formula that helps maintain your skin’s ability to protect against sun-related effects and aging. It’s like an internal sunscreen. Pretty cool, huh?

Heliocare oral antioxidant formula protects against sun damage - $40

Heliocare oral antioxidant formula protects against sun damage – $40

Tan Towels

Get your glow on with this easy to use and natural looking self tanner. Now I can’t vouch for their slogan Look Good Naked, but I will say the color is really nice. It comes in two different colors: Classic (fair to medium skin tones) and Plus (medium to dark skin tones).

Heliocare oral antioxidant formula protects against sun damage - $40

Get a natural looking tan without the sun damage – $17 to $24

Colorescience Illuminating Serum in Champagne Kiss

This serum gives a subtle glow to the skin making it appear fresh and slightly dewey. It’s almost like a super sheer tinted moisturizer with a hint of opalescence. It also contains many peptides, antioxidants and hydrating hyrulonic acid so it not only makes your skin look good, but it’s good for your skin, too.

This Illuminating serum will have you looking radiant! $65

This Illuminating serum will have you looking radiant! $65

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Products

Most people think of Vitamin C as a cold remedy, but in actuality, this vitamin plays a crucial role in skin health. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a key element in the production of collagen, which gives skin its firmness and elasticity. It is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage (aka those pesky little rascals that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles). What’s more, new research suggests that Vitamin C may also reduce sunburn caused by exposure to ultraviolet B radiation and prevent the consequences of long-term sun exposure, which can lead to skin cancer. (sources: University of Maryland Medical CenterBouchez)

Vitamin C for your skin

Vitamin C prevents damage and helps keep your skin healthy and supple. $155

SkinCeuticals Body Products

The Body Tightening Concentrate and Body Retexturing Treatment aim to give your skin new life. The tightening cream is for loose, sagging body zones that need a boost and the retexturizer is for dull, rough body zones or those little “chicken skin” bumps that need a little radiance and smoothness.

Prep your body with these products

Prep your body with these products – $60 to $75


Village Dermatology Sheer Physical Sunscreen

Sunscreen does not have a long shelf life, so every summer make sure you purchase a new one. Village Dermatology’s pure zinc formulation is a physical sun block that forms a shield on the skin that repels the sun’s rays. And gone are the days of white residue and thick sticky build up with zinc products. This sunscreen is light, sheer and dries clear!

Super light sheer sunscreen $

Super light sheer sunscreen won’t leave you with a white residue. $29


Colorescience Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Many of my fellow ball park friends, who are those more outdoorsy/runner types, swear by this mineral-based sunscreen which also provides a good light foundation coverage as their go to sunscreen. It comes in several shades to match your skin tone and provides an SPF of 30.

Great sunscreen plus light coverage foundation

Great sunscreen plus light coverage foundation – $50


San Diego Hats

These adorable sun hats come in bright yellow, red, coral, navy, black and white. Perfect for the pool, beach, ball field or while gardening, the hat has a SPF of 50 and a wide brim to keep the sun off your face.


Beth, Caroline and

The Village Dermatology front office staff, Beth, Caroline and Ashley, modeling these adorable sun hats. $30 – $40

No matter what your skin care issue, Village Dermatology has you covered. Stop by Monday through Friday to shop the retail or call (205) 877 – 9773 to schedule an appointment.

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