Enjoy this list of fun options around Atlanta whether you have been married for years or are looking for your perfect first date. For me, it’s time to escape the three kiddos and put on a dress!

We gotta break out of the rut, Hun. (Image: Rocky Mountain News, Drew Litton)

Dear Hun:

We sweated through summer, plowed through the back-to-school slam and have settled into our routine. A hectic schedule, yes—hasty breakfasts, homework wars, and packed sports rosters—but, still, a schedule. We need to squeeze in time together. Alone time. Girlfriend/Boyfriend time. Translation: Take me out on a REAL date before I empty the DVR and find myself actually snickering along with kiddie sitcom laugh-tracks. We need some adult entertainment. (No, not that. Stop giggling, Beavis, and settle down.) Can you plan something, please? I deserve the full-on Romeo treatment. Tickets to concerts or shows in town always win, but there’s no reason to wait for headliners with so many options around Atlanta. Get creative, get romantic, get SILLY, whatever, just get planning! (And here are some suggestions, in case you get stuck!)


Cooking Classes

Let’s combine mutual interests and learn something we can bring back home with us. Maybe experiment with a new type of cuisine, then later plan a dinner party to share the menu with some friends. Both Cook’s Warehouse and the Viking Cooking School schedule regular “Date Night” cooking programs, in addition to their full range of assorted classes. cookswarehouse.com  and vikingtogo.com

Cooking classes combine mutual interests and teach us both a new skill. (Image: Viking Cooking School)

More Wine, Less Whine

Last fall, the Atlanta Wine School revamped to become Vino Venue, expanding their professional wine instruction into a self-styled “wine emporium.” Now, patrons enjoy a retail selection, a bistro, cooking demos and courses, sample pairings, and a full-service wine bar including Enomatic wine-dispensing machines.  atlantawineschool.com

The Atlanta Wine School opened VinoVenue as a full-service wine emporium — everything from classes and tastings, to a wine bar with Enomatic wine dispensers.

MicroBrew Tours

The Atlanta local beer industry continues to grow with many microbreweries hosting regular tours and tastings. How fun to get a group together and check them out!  We could try several of them all in the same day by reserving an Atlanta Brews Cruise. For about $50 and with a minimum of 4 passengers, the Brews Cruise loads up a van for the ultimate adult field trip — traveling around town, sampling the selections from the best breweries. brewscruise.com



Dinner and a Movie … with Flair

Coordinating the restaurant meal to align with movie theatre showtimes often overcomplicates an evening intended for relaxation. Dine-In theaters solve that problem by conveniently serving the food while the move plays. There are several such venues around the Metro area with varying levels of sophistication. Fork & Screen in Buckhead and Studio Movie Grill, in Duluth and Alpharetta, present casual dining experiences. CinéBistro in Brookhaven takes the whole concept up a notch with a gourmet menu, weekly specials and extensive wine list, as well as full bar. dinein.amctheatres.com, studiomoviegrill.com and cobbcinebistro.com/brookhaven

No more rushing through dinner to make a movie showtime. CineBistro elevates the dine-in theatre experience to a gourmet level.

Private Picnic (okay, maybe this one doesn’t fit the first date category…!)

Time and budget constraints may keep us at home, but we can still glam things up at bit. We just need to create atmosphere. Keep it simple, so that there’s no stress. What about our own little picnic … in our room, away from the kids, with a movie just for us? Don’t worry about a complicated menu, let’s relax—wine and cheese, fruits and nuts, olives, good bread, and some chocolate for dessert. (By the way, some great suggestions for cheese plates posted recently in SB Birmingham and SB Nashville.) I promise not to wear my ratty sweats.

Spread out a romantic picnic right at home — perhaps with a nice red from a North Georgia winery, like this one from Habersham Vineyards.

 So what do you say, Hun? Sounds fun, right? I thought so. I’m free this Friday.