A past post we love is this one from July 7, 2009 featuring Claridge + King. We will have two more re-posts and three new posts for next week as so many people roll out of town.  But, our re-posts and new posts will be good:-)

I had dinner with one of my BFFs a few weeks ago.  As we drank mojitos and watched the lightening roll in, we lamented nightwear. Her husband hates her Roberta Freymann pj pants with long-sleeved tee that she is forever pairing at bedtime.  He claims it sends a certain vibe which screams, “This is MY side of the bed which I will only share with my CATS.”  meeoooooow!  For the record, they have no cats.

These come in 3 lengths. Each is made out of 65% bamboo, 27% cotton and 8% spandex. Super soft. The shortest is basically a long tank for $42; The mid-length is $72; This long length (my favorite, but I’m really tall) is $92

But, let’s be honest, don’t we all have this same outfit that we reach for most nights?  Mine is a pair of long and comfy yoga pants, a cotton cami, and sometimes my husband’s long sleeved tee on top of that.  I do have a “His is Hers” nightshirt from Claridge + King and it is honestly the first PJ thing that has gotten an equal thumbs up from both my husband and myself.  So, the point I’m getting to is that what HE wants and what SHE wants is well divided in the nighttime wardrobe dept.  I’m not about to don anything with lace, ruffles, garters or bows.  And, I want to be able to pop out of bed in the morning with my kids in the room and cook breakfast in what I slept in.  Novel, I know.

Since my only luck has been Claridge + King, I decided see what else they had to offer.  Jamie, one our favorite shops in Nashville, is now carrying the line and it’s apparently doing quite well there.  From the new additions to their collection, I have found my new favorite PJ’s that once again gets an equal thumbs up from my hubby.  Here is a picture of my newest find.  Do you think with a wind machine I could look as good in mine?  Inside scoop: they run a little small.  I ordered a size medium and I’m a 6/8 –  but it is a teeny bit snug.  Mine is black and I promise with a pair of spanx I might be tempted to wear it to dinner!  It is super soft and runs long.  It may be too long on someone under 5’4″.  In that case, order the mid-length.

So, now you, too, can send a good vibe that is neither “come hither” nor “go-away”.  It’s just a strong woman vibe…and that’s always a good thing.  For the record, I have a cat and he sleeps in the bed with us:-)

Head to Jamie or Rebekka Vaughn and check out the new collection.  OR, order online here.

Liz King, half of the designing duo Claridge & King, lives in Nashville, so you are supporting all sorts of local when you buy this brand at one of these stores!  To read our interview with Liz, click here.