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The world is scary right now, but we’re offering some light through positive messaging and content that promotes happiness and small businesses. One of the many sad changes during the pandemic is the cancellation of graduation ceremonies. Although students may not walk across the stage this year, they still deserve something for their hard work and dedication.

SB Shop is a hub for small businesses and Southern makers, many of whom have been added in the past few days as a way to stay afloat during this time. There you’ll find beautiful, one-of-a-kind products to spread happiness during a time when we all need something good. All shopping can be done online to ensure social distancing, and proceeds go directly to the pockets of small business owners.

Here are 10 personalized graduation gifts that will hopefully give graduates a brief break from the worries of the world. Just like the rest of us, these young kids are feeling scared, unsure and anxious. We hope these gifts offer them some happiness and hope.

10 Personalized Graduation Gifts to Send Without Leaving the House

Personalized Satin Pillowcase

A personalized satin pillowcase will give graduates an added dose of comfort in their home away from home. This high-quality item also helps keep hair untangled and skin clear. Find this on SB Shop for $62, here.

Personalized satin pillowcase, a graduation gift

Satin pillowcase, $62, here

City Coasters

If they’re headed to a new city, these marble coaster sets are a great graduation gift. Made by sister duo, ARCHd, these sets feature beautiful image-transferred photos highlighting the graduate’s new home. Show them you’re thinking of them while supporting a Memphis-based brand with this purchase. Get a set of four for $35 on SB Shop, here.

Memphis city marble coaster set

City coaster sets, $35 for four, here

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Personalized Laundry Tote

Every college student needs a laundry tote to make it through dorm living and beyond. This one is spacious, sturdy and personalized just for them. Find it on SB Shop for $55, here.

Personalized laundry tote, a graduation gift

Personalized laundry tote, $55, here

Customized Sunglass Straps

If you’re looking for a gift for him, these customized sunglass straps are the accessory he didn’t know he needed. Just like all the products on this list, this purchase supports a small business, so you can feel good about gifting something he’ll love while helping a small company. Find this on SB Shop for $45, here.

Customized sunglass straps

Customized sunglass straps, $45, here.

Roll Up Fix It Tool Kit

An unexpected, yet extremely practical graduation gift is an easy-to-travel-with tool kit complete with everything they need, including an LED flashlight. Find this on SB Shop for $38, here.

Roll up tool kit, a graduation gift

Roll up tool kit, $38, here.

Roll up monogrammed tool kit

The tool kit comes monogrammed and is conveniently foldable.

Oversized Microfleece Throw

A gift of added comfort is always welcome, and for many, it is much-needed. This microfleece throw is the softest blanket we’ve ever felt … just trust us. Find it on SB Shop for $45, here.

Oversized microfleece throw, a graduation gift

Microfleece throw, $45, here

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Customized Luggage Tag

Another great graduation gift for him is a customized luggage tag to keep his belongings safe once he (and the world) is ready to get going. Find this on SB Shop for $75, here.

Customized luggage tag

Customized luggage tag, $75, here

White Pique Husband Pillow

Another unexpected graduation gift they’ll fall in love with is this personalized wedge pillow. It’s comfy, cozy, a great topper to their bed and ideal for studying or relaxing in the dorm. Find it on SB Shop for $130, here.

White pique husband pillow, a graduation gift

White pique husband pillow, $130, here

Waffle Weave Robe

A robe is a must in the dorms, and they’ll love this one far beyond their first year of school. Warm, yet light enough to stay comfortable, personalized and comfy, this is a fantastic gift. Find it on SB Shop for $48, here.

Monogrammed waffle weave robe

Waffle weave robe$48, here

Cosmetic Bag

And because they’ll need a way to organize all their essentials in the tight dorm quarters, these waffle weave cosmetic bags are sturdy, spacious and equally practical and sweet. Find them on SB Shop for $40 each, here.

Personalized waffle weave cosmetic bag, a graduation gift

Personalized cosmetic bags, $40 each, here

We hope you consider purchasing from a small business right now and helping them when they need it most. Together, we will make it through this!


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