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When you were in college, what did you eat during your study breaks? The hardworking
UGA kids of Athens have gourmet crepes and sandwiches from Pauley’s Crepe Bar, and now, so do we. That’s because Pauley’s Crepe Bar has opened a second location in Atlanta, in the heart of Midtown. And guess what? You don’t have to be cramming for a test or surviving rush week to enjoy this delectable restaurant!

Located on Marietta Street right by other exciting establishments, like Le Fat and Bartaco, this little section of West Midtown is becoming a gourmet lover’s delight with fabulous food choices. Besides all the delicious food and massive bar options, a cool element of Pauley’s is that their late-night food menu is available from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. That’s right — nearby Georgia Tech students can continue Pauley’s academic legacy from Athens with late-night munchies, as well as the rest of us post-college folk who crave a Nutella-filled crepe as our midnight snack.


Pauley’s Crepe Bar, with a gorgeous patio for the summer, sits on Marietta Street in West Midtown.

Here’s the really cool/delicious thing about Pauley’s Crepe Bar — it’s not just the sweet combinations that many of us think of when we hear the word “crepe.” The restaurant, opened here last month, has ahhhh-mazing savory selections as well. And on top of that, there is a lot more on the menu besides crepes — sandwiches that include a stuffed shrimp roll and muffuletta, as well as salads like Pauley’s Niçoise (featuring the tastiest smoked trout I’ve had in quite some time) and appetizers up the yin yang.

I started my meal with a few choice appetizers, including the red bean hummus served with veggies and house flatbread crackers, $6.50, hush puppies (served with jalapeño peach butter), $6.50, and the smoked trout dip, $8.50, served with the same crackers and crispy skin. Out of the three, my favorite, as you can probably tell, was the trout dip. Besides the smoky, rich taste, the portion is significant. My table went crazy for the crackers as well, but I have to say, smearing the dip atop the crispy skin was like an explosion of trout flavor. Hands down, my favorite item of the night.


The red bean hummus, $6.50, is served with scallion pistou and wonderful flatbread crackers and veggies.


The smoked trout dip, $8.50, tastes fantastic on the crispy skin, crackers or pretty much anything else you can put it on.


Who’s hungry for some hush puppies?! These little puppies, $6.50, make a great appetizer.

The crepe menu, both sweet and savory, is extensive, so my table tried to order a bunch of different flavor profiles and share them among ourselves. I thought this was especially important since we had a few children at the table and no way are you going to get away eating a s’more crepe on your own without lots of tears being shed.

On the savory side, I enjoyed the red bean falafel crepe, $9.50, filled with cucumber, tomato, feta and covered with a lemon yogurt sauce. The falafel had some kick and made a nice complement to the soft, sweet crepe wrapper. The smoked ham and cheese crepe, $10, looks more like a Tetris piece than a traditional crepe, perhaps to properly stuff in smoked pork loin, an over-easy egg, cheddar and Swiss and served with greens on the side. The person who ordered this item specifically sought it out for its eggy, cheesy goodness. The spicy chicken crepe, $10.50, is sort of a cross between Southern fried chicken and Buffalo chicken, as you enjoy crispy chicken skin combined with house hot sauce, mozzarella and celery seed mayo, served with a blue cheese vinaigrette and greens.


You have the choice of adding a variety of different proteins on to the Caesar salad, $8, for an additional fee. We added the smoked trout to this giant salad.


This square-looking crepe is the smoked ham and cheese, $10. You can see a tiny hint of the perfectly cooked egg peeking through.


All you french fry buffs — this is the ultimate in super delicious fries. The Frites, $4, come with a side of peppercorn aioli and house hot sauce.


Pauley’s Crepe Bar really does have a serious bar, ready for regular mealtime hours, as well as the late-night crews looking to hang until 2 a.m.

Before I get to the sweet side of the menu, I’d be remiss not to mention the freaking amazing Frites, $4. These french fries doused in Parmesan and served with peppercorn aioli are like little slices of potato crack (OK, not really, but super tasty). Order at least one for every two people at your table or they will be gone before you can say “where’s the ketchup?”

So on to what you’ve really been waiting for, the sweet crepes. The current menu has five different kinds: s’mores (toasted marshmallow, Nutella, graham cracker, chocolate ganache), $8.50; bananas foster (with brandy caramel and vanilla crème), $8.50; strawberry and Nutella (with powdered sugar), $8; berries and cream (seasonal berry compote), $7.50; and caramel apple (pecan apple butter, fresh apples, brandy caramel and powdered sugar), $8.50. We went with the s’mores (obvi), berries and cream and the strawberry and Nutella crepes — all were delicious and all made every single person at the table completely and utterly blissful. In fact, those under the age of 10 seemed ready to riot in order to try one more but sadly, this isn’t Lord of the Flies, and none of them owns a wallet.


I wish I had a see-thru camera so you could check out what this delish red bean falafel crepe, $9.50, looked like from the inside as well as the outside. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to eat it anyway.


Here’s the before of the s’mores crepe, $8.50 (left) and the strawberry and Nutella crepe, $8 (right) …


… and here’s the after. This is the only photo I could get before all the animals at our table destroyed this sucker.

Besides the food, Pauley’s has a huge bar with lots of housemade cocktails on their drink menu. It’s a great place to visit when needing to unwind with a drink and a delectable treat.

Pauley’s Crepe Bar is located at 935 Marietta St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. Current kitchen hours are Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; late night food is available from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Bar hours are Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. For more information, visit or call (404) 549-2469.


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