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Gigi’s Cupcakes was started 6 years ago when Gina Butler opened her first cupcake shop on Broadway in Nashville, TN. She had $33 left in her bank account and was hoping her cupcake dreams would transition her from her from housekeeper to bakery owner. Now, with over 90 locations and the distinction of owning the largest cupcake company in America, we think she’s done it! Each Gigi’s location offers unique cupcakes the highlight the local flavors of the community.

We are assuming that you may have tried a Gigi’s cupcake or two along the way. But, did you know each location sells individually sized cheesecakes as well? Seeing both these offerings as perfect for assembling dessert for a crowd (when your time is too tight to bake anything yourself), we picked up 6 cupcakes and 19 cheesecakes to make this easy, fresh and perfectly fabulous 4th of July dessert.

Let the fireworks begin!

American Flag Gigis Cupcake and Cheesecakes

Gigi’s Wedding Cupcakes are the base to which we added blueberries. For the stripes, we ordered cheesecakes without toppings and added coconut for white and strawberries for red. Pretty irresistible, huh?

American Flag Gigis Cupcakes Cheesecakes 4th of July

Happy Birthday, America!



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