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Discovering new brands and businesses is a thrill — especially when they’re both practical and tasteful. As it turns out, we’ve come across two new Southern companies for you to check out. And even more bonus points? They both have great stories behind them. Check out these two new Southern lifestyle companies — and prepare to be thrilled!

Regatta Reserve

“Some of our best memories are of times shared on or near the water, and we created Regatta Reserve as a fun and fashionable way for us and others to show our love for the sea,” says Justin Spickard, of Regatta Reserve. The founders began their business after receiving compliments on hats they made for their children. With a spark of inspiration, their signature “maritime monogram,” which uses the maritime flag alphabet, quickly grew into an official business. “We’ve learned that there are others out there just like us who love the water and cherish life’s enjoyable moments, whether they are by the sea or miles away,” Justin adds.

The company began with hats and has since grown to include totes and T-shirts. The “maritime monogram” on the hats and totes are perfect gifts for your family and friends, as they can have their custom monogram embroidered onto them. The white 100% cotton T-shirts feature the company’s logo. Their experience with starting their company? “We’ve learned that creating a brand and a business doesn’t happen overnight … it’s rewarding to create something and be met with a warm response.” Be on the lookout for new Regatta Reserve products set to roll out soon.

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Sport your maritime monogram on your new everyday tote. Image: Mary Craven Photography


Support this new Southern brand by using these koozies at happy hour. Image: Mary Craven Photography


The hat that started it all … available in kid and adult sizes. Image: Mary Craven Photography

Honey + Hank

Jenny Smiley wanted to reflect the places and stories her family loved within her home decor. The former creative director of Barrington decided to draw up designs herself, and HONEY + HANK was born. The Southern company’s “design with a wink” mantra comes from the “aha!” moment when you realize the floral or geometric patterns are made up of little states or nursery rhyme characters. “It’s just been so much fun to see people react so passionately when a pillow triggers fond memories,” says Jenny. “We want everyone to experience that feeling in their home.”

Jenny says she creates her designs with family in mind. This explains why the company is named after her parents, Honey and Hank. The Southern company’s collection includes 100% linen pillows in two sizes as well as printed napkins. Additionally, HONEY + HANK plans on releasing wallpaper, fabric, and other tabletop items.

HONEY + HANK roots their designs in family, which has helped the company grow to what it is today. So what has Jenny learned about starting her own business? “I walked into this adventure knowing it would be intense and time-consuming, and it has been,” she says, adding, “But it can be more selfish to refuse help and do everything yourself because you are pushing away those people who believe in you and want to be a part of your journey.”

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Everyone loves a good crawfish boil! These Louisiana Crawfish Printed Napkins celebrate the Southern state’s delicacy. See how the crawfish are made up of little tiny Louisianna state images? SO FUN! Image: Honey + Hank


Florals are always in — but look closely. Tiny images of all 50 states are included in the floral design of the Fifty State Blue Hydrangea Pillow. Image: Honey + Hank


Bluegrass and country music characterize Tennessee. Fittingly, these Tennessee Guitars Printed Napkins are patterned with guitars made from the shape of the musical state. That’s right, look closely … see the Tennessee state in the image? Image: Honey + Hank

Check out these new Southern companies for stand-out pieces!

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