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“Technology makes life easier, and I’m all for easy!” says Jessica McRae, co-founder of online interior design studio, SwatchPop! Like Jessica, we’re all for easy, too because let’s face it: day-to-day home upkeep can be overwhelming. There are lightbulbs to be changed, groceries to be purchased, bills to be paid and even some relaxation to be had. Why have your house work against you when it could work for you?

A few weeks ago, over four thousand technology companies convened in Las Vegas for CES, the Consumer Technology Association conference. That’s a lot of smart technology! How do you know which items you should add to your smart home wish list and which to skip? We’re here to help! Use our guide to some of today’s most covetable smart home trends to determine which are for you.

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning Robot

Imagine a Roomba but for your windows. That is what’s next in the world of self-cleaning robots. The Alfawise S60 makes cleaning windows a less daunting task, and one we’d venture to say you might even look forward to. Even the kids will get a kick out of this one. Watch as the Alfawise robot cleans your windows with ease. Suction married with microfiber pads clean while the robot works in three “cleaning routes.” Of course, this Rosie the Robot replacement is just as efficient on the ground. In no time at all, you’ll be cleaning at new heights!

new smart home products

The Alfawise S60 is like a Roomba but for the windows.

B-Hyve Faucet Timer

Spring will be here before we know it, and we’ll be back to the grind of watering our fescue and hydrangeas. Instead of waking at dawn to turn on your sprinklers, let your sprinkler wake up to its own alarm. B-Hyve offers a WiFi timer sprinkler system that lets you control your watering according to the needs of your yard and straight from your smartphone. The hose faucet timer is perhaps the most intriguing item from B-Hyve. It turns any standard hose into a smart watering system. Even better? For just $69, you can be well on your way to a smart yard, too!

new smart home products

B-Hyve is a WiFi water sprinkler system that makes keeping your lawn and garden hydrated a breeze.

JaxJox® KettlebellConnect™

Step aside Peloton, there’s a new piece of workout equipment in town. The KettlebellConnect™ by JaxJox®  is the latest in smart home workout equipment, and might score the spot of the most coveted item on this list. This smart kettlebell incorporates six weights in one and allows users to shift from 12 to 42 pounds in seconds, saving you time and space. Why have a whole set of kettlebells when you can just have one? Monitor your progress by connecting your KettlebellConnect™ to the JaxJox®  app to keep track of your sets, weight and progress. You’ll also find complete workout videos featuring the KettlebellConnect™ online. Welcome to the new wave of workouts.

new smart home products

Smart home technology takes on the world of fitness with the KettlebellConnect™ by JaxJox®.

KitchenAid Smart Display

A smart home hub that matches your favorite kitchen appliances? That’s something to get excited about. KitchenAid debuted their Smart Display at CES in January, which has caused quite a buzz. Not available until later this year, this item is definitely one for your wishlist. The water-resistant screen is built to withstand kitchen mishaps and respond to Google Assistant voice commands. It will also give you recipes, step-by-step cooking instructions from celebrity chefs, shopping lists, music and more – all in the name of hands-free culinary fun.

new smart home products

The KitchenAid Smart Display is not available to consumers until later this year, but it’s never too soon to start swooning.

Notion Home Monitoring System

Stop worrying about open doors, water leaks, unbalanced temperatures and other pesky house mishaps with the help of Notion, a wireless home monitoring system. The cookie-sized sensors can go near anything want to keep an eye on without actually having to pay attention. Jessica puts Notion high on her gadget list and says, “I love the flexibility of the app and all the different ways I can keep tabs on what’s going on in my home whether I’m home or away.” Of course the small, sleek design gets two thumbs-up from the interiors expert, too. “From a design perspective, I love that the sensors are simple, white, and small, so they’re really unobtrusive,” she explains.

new smart home products

Don’t worry anymore! Notion wireless home monitoring system has you covered!


New parents can get some coveted shut-eye courtesy of Raybaby, a non-contact sleep monitor. Owlet has been all the rage at baby showers for quite some time, but Raybaby offers something Owlet cannot: touch-free assurance. Raybaby is operated with radar technology and blends wellness tracking and video monitoring to create high-tech peace of mind. Raybaby is available in three primary colors for $269. However, in our opinion, a good night’s rest for everyone is truly priceless.

new smart home products

Raybaby is a non-contact sleep monitor that uses radar technology to provide peace of mind for parents.

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