What started as a casual conversation turned into the most pleasant of surprises when Madelyn Herbert, of RD Herbert & Sons, forwarded me some photos from a recent project: a kitchen remodel for Jackie Daniel, owner of The Food Company and The Greenhouse. After working in a commercial kitchen for years, Jackie wanted all the conveniences from work blended with her family’s needs, as well. The results are gorgeous.

The kitchen aesthetics are based on the photo below from VIPP; Jackie wanted a kitchen that recreated the same feel.


Photo courtesy of Vipp.com

In order to make her dream kitchen come to life, Jackie contacted RD Herbert & Sons, known in Nashville as the gold standard for all roofing matters. Who knew that this Nashville company did high-end custom sheet metal jobs, including making counter tops, sinks, custom range hoods and so much more? I certainly didn’t. But now my imagination is running wild! This kitchen is amazing.

(Note: All images in today’s post are courtesy of RD Herbert & Sons.)

JD Shelf

Check out this modern cupboard–it’s made of black iron and is all ONE piece, something RD Herbert & Sons can accomplish as they make everything for custom order. Notice the bins for utensils and wire baskets for the dish rags. One thing about commercial kitchens: everything is easy and quick to access. This is not always the case in a home kitchen.

Daniels Kitchen-1

Notice the metal bench, which is made of 1/4 inch-thick black iron. It curves up ever so slightly, which helps cushions stay in place. And the wood with metal table? That is the table Jackie’s husband grew up eating on, made modern with the help of a metal sheet across the top. The clear chairs (called “ghost chairs”) disappear as you take in this modern kitchen warmly accented with elements of family life.

JD Tabletop_Bench

Another view of the dining area.

Daniels Kitchen-2

Greg Decker art provides the perfect backdrop to this space. And, did you notice the light?

Daniels Kitchen-5

Looking into the kitchen, be sure to notice the water faucet, ice machine and the open areas in the counter top, which allow for areas to chill wine and ice down beer.

Daniels Kitchen-9

There is so much to take in here. But, note that the oven is not stainless, which provides a nice contrast to the rest of the space. There is also a hole in the counter top that leads directly to the trashcan below–nice. And, even better? That metal disc that is in the front right corner of the photo above? It leads to a composting bin!

Daniels Kitchen-7

Ovens, warming drawers and yes, even a pass through. Note the overhead lighting and magnetic wall holding spices. And, the counter tops, back splash and bar top are obviously all stainless, but it’s really amazing that they are made from one piece.

Daniels Kitchen-8

Here, check out the ceiling. Sheet metal work is everywhere! And, the bar area for family and friends to sit brings new meaning to the notion of an open kitchen–perfect for watching the chef! The colored enamel cookware and the slip-covered bar stools soften the overall look.

Jackie Kitchen

Look to the right of this photo and see where the knives are stored: close at hand, but high enough to avoid easy access for kiddos.

Daniels Kitchen-10

These hooks come in handy for jackets and handbags. They are made from stainless steel pipes and welded rivet heads. And, do notice the steps …

Daniels Kitchen-11

No kitchen is complete without a family photo or two or three or … you can never have too many! The shelf mimics the kitchen table bench beautifully.


Notice the exposed brick? One last photo to show you the view from the kitchen sink.

If this kitchen is what you have in mind, or you have other sheet metal jobs you want accomplished, you just may need to call a roofing company. Who knew?!

Check out RD Herbert & Sons Facebook page for many other projects and fun ideas: www.facebook.com/RDHerbertandSonsCo.

For more information on the company see: www.rdherbert.com.

Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your kitchen with us today!