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Holy Space Lunatic, Batman!

Wet, shiny, latex, lurex, liquid – all sound like material descriptions for costumes you might find on the latest Hollywood film set, but not so. Like a small scurrying Catwoman-like animal, I find all things bright and shiny to be utterly irresistible, and so today I am offering up this season’s metallic pant trend for discussion.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ground Control to Major Tom, Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong…” But, I’m here to convince you otherwise.

(Click photos for more information.)

Exhibit A:

Theyskens Theory at Neiman Marcus. $995

 While I admit the price may seem astronomical, I think these leather lovelies are out-of-this world dreamworthy.


Exhibit B:

Perfectly polished French Connection trousers on sale for $59.99.

Exhibit C:

Target is always on trend – gold denim $22.99

Exhibit D

Juicy Couture. $198

Exhibit E

7 For All Mankind at Saks. $198


Exhibit F

My personal faves: J Brand 901’s in coated sterling $202


Still not convinced?  Check out this evidence:










And, Elle takes the moon pie for her effortless, laid-back, ladylike look. I love how she paired these super shiny duds with an oversized burnout sweater and sky high stilettos. I think this look would also work well paired with some low key converse-like sneaks or casual flats.

I rest my case. Cosmohaute or Cosmo-NOT? What say you, ladies of the jury?


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