If you’re familiar with Lucchese boots, you know how incredible they are. If you aren’t, I can vouch for the claim they make on their website — that their boots are made of the finest grade of leathers. I also agree with the description of Lucchese as being the Manolos of boots. Although these high-end kickers are more expensive than most other cowboy boots, you can get your hands on pair for far less than a pair of said Manolos — and you might even pass them down to your daughter or granddaughter.

I first heard of Lucchese boots through the men in my life. Men I know tend to buy fewer shoes, but of greater quality. Lucchese boots are found on many a man’s foot in my family. Why? They are nationally recognized for comfort, fit and enduring quality. In virtually every step of the boot making process, Lucchese has human hands involved doing the sewing, inspecting and ensuring the most perfect boot possible. Strong statements. Don’t you just love when a company aims for perfection?

Ladies, it’s not just the men who are winners here. Check out these incredibly well-crafted Lucchese boots for women:


Lucchese boots — brown leather with embroidered florals



Lucchese Boots — red with embroidered roses



Lucchese Boots



Lucchese Boots — short

$400. My favorites here.


Now, as summer approaches, I am still wearing my boots. I happen to love the whole white-jeans-with-light-colored-cowboy-boots “look.” And, as far as pairing your boots with skirts and dresses in these warmer months? I like the look, if it is YOU. The best way to pull it off is with a dress that falls above the knee. Also, keep the dress simple, as loud dresses with cowboy boots look theatrical.

More tips on wearing cowboy boots:

  • Don’t pair your boots with a fringe-trimmed bag or anything else that seems “western.”  You are not an extra in a movie, you are living your life. Don’t look like a character.
  • Boots that “V” in the front and back are flattering to your calves.
  • Cowboy boots generally work best with more classic and neutral outfits. Rule of thumb.
  • A white dress and cowboy boots definitely work well on many women.
  • Don’t wear cowboy boots every day or people will think of you as “that gal who is always in cowboy boots.” Being known as stylish, funny, witty, smart …  those are all better things to be known for.

I bring all this up to say that a great pair of cowboy boots really can be a year-long investment for some, while a fall/winter accessory for others. But, either way, if you are longing for a splurge, the Lucchese boot may be just the ticket. Lucchese boots can be found at Levy’s, Nashville Boot Co. or online at lucchese.com.


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