In the spirit of the new year, we’re happily jumping on the “new year, new/improved you” bandwagon. As such, we’ve dug through our archives to bring you the very best of healthy eating, fitness, beauty and all around happy content to ensure that you have a stockpile of inspiration at the ready for whenever you need it. The goal? Make this your best year yet!

Your Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life in 2018

Wanna get fit?

Whether you’re wanting to try a new kind of workout at the local studio or simply need a great at-home workout for when the temps drop below freezing, there are endless options. Try one of our illustrated workouts — Pilatesbarre or our quick + easy 15-minute total body workout. If you’re wanting to get a little more adventurous? We have you covered there too! Try a yoga retreat. Or goat yogaTake your fitness routine to new heights, knock off some bucket list items, or simply get outdoors and check out some amazing Southern waterfalls! If you’re simply looking for some fitness inspiration to get started, check out these “get fit” must-haves, and definitely stop listening to these fitness myths! They’re killing your workouts!

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Let’s eat! Healthy, of course!

Whether you’re diving head first into a new diet or simply want to clean up your consumption habits, educating yourself is key. For example, if you’re looking to try Whole 30, read this first! Can’t decide which health food trends are worth trying? Here are three to incorporate into your diet. And if you’re questioning whether or not to take vitamins and supplements, read up! If you’re convinced that sugar really is bad and you need to cut back, here’s how to do it without going crazy. And by the way, how’s your gut health? Lastly, at the foundation of it all, you must have healthy foods at the ready in your own home — it makes grabbing for a healthy snack much easier. And guess what — healthy food and affordable groceries are NOT mutually exclusive! Here’s how to navigate the grocery and score healthy — and affordable — food!

Feel beautiful, inside AND out!

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you’re more beautiful than ever! If your beauty routine needs a little overhaul for the new year, here are some expert beauty routines to use as your blueprint. If you want to get ahead of the aging issues that undoubtedly arrive in time, here are the most treatable ones and how to head them off at the curve. Avoid common skincare myths, buy what you can afford (cheap or luxe) and tackle things at home if you’d like — here are our reviews of at-home products that work (and don’t) and our 5 DIY beauty treatments found in your kitchen.

Live happy, be happy!

Most importantly, live a happy, healthy life by simply taking thoughtful steps in your daily routine. Whether that’s getting a life coach, kicking a bad habitpracticing gratitudetaking a break from your iPhone or getting more sleep, we have the resources that can help! Oh! And advice — we have LOTS of advice from our inspiring Southern FACES! If nothing else, quit believing these health myths! Doctor’s orders!

Cheers to you — and to your happiest, healthiest year yet!