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This week’s wellness diary comes from Lori Zabka, a professional singer turned certified nutrition coach, professional personal trainer and wellness advocate.

Like many women, I wear a lot of hats. I’m a proud wife, mom, nutrition and fitness coach, owner of my wellness company, Life by Lori Z, writer, meal-prepper, kid-taxi driver … and the list goes on. My #1 goal is to stay physically and emotionally healthy and live each day to the fullest, all while in the life “flow” with whatever comes my way. I’m striving to become the best version of myself, while helping other women do the same. Although, there is really no “typical” in a moving, hustle-bustle life, here is a glimpse of the “Life of Lori Z.”

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Sunday is “prepare for the week” day — I like to prep my life and meals today. There are six of us in this house, each with different schedules and preferences. While my goal is to sit down to a meal together at least 3 times each week, we are in baseball season, and that’s getting tougher. Tonight, we are grilling, so I’m adding extra meat to the grill that can be used all week. I’m also stocking the fridge with veggies, an enormous kale salad and a crockpot dish that will be easy to re-heat later. I refuse to be at the mercy of a drive-thru when life gets nutty, so the hour that I spend prepping tonight is worth my effort.


I’m up at 5:15 a.m. (I know, early!) to take advantage of some quiet before this house explodes like “Grand Central!” Upon waking, I name a few things I’m thankful for, then head to the kitchen and drink my lemon water to help my body “flush.” I brew coffee and sit on the couch for about 15 minutes with my husband. We read Scripture, or listen to part of a podcast, or just talk and connect before we each go separate ways for the day. (My soul needs this time!) I do some form of high-intensity workout for 30 minutes and get the kids off to school.


As a nutrition coach, I have client calls everyday. I do these calls standing up because prolonged sitting is now considered the “new smoking.” It’s just awful for our health. Even though I did my HIIT workout early this morning, I’m going on a 30-minute walk after wrapping up my calls. I’m at my most creative when I walk, so I use this time to brainstorm and to create content for my blog and website. I LOVE getting outside. I speak notes into my phone while I walk. Today’s lunch is a huge salad from those veggies I prepped on Sunday and leftover grilled meat.


My green smoothie and I drive to the Allergy Center of Franklin. I’m the nutrition coach there, and I create meal plans for patients who have tested positive for food allergies or intolerances. I love this work — I’ve seen patients’ lives changed dramatically from removing foods that are not jiving with their body chemistry … amazing! I’ve packed a kale salad for lunch and will grab a walk in between clients. I’ve learned two main keys to maintaining my weight: LOTS of movement, and meal planning.


I’m on my way to train clients this morning, and we’re working outside. With nature as my gym, I create challenging workouts using the landscape. One of my clients wanted to use part of her workout session to go over some nutrition goals, so we sit in the grass and come up with a plan. I’m teaching a class tomorrow on inflammation and promoting my online program, The Anti-Diet, so I head to Herban Market to plan my talk and devour an amazing lunch special.


We’ve had activities every night this week, and I’m listening to my body, which is telling me it needs rest. I’m going to honor that by fasting until noon. I will have a light lunch, then meet with my business partner to get some planning done. I wrap up more client calls, and then off to my inflammation class … what a joy to share what I know to help others live healthier lives! I’m looking forward to a family dinner tonight. I’m thinking: a big Swiss Chard salad with sourdough croutons and grilled steak! My muscles are aching from a week of non-stop movement, so I will be in the tub with Epsom salts by 9 p.m.


I will hit the Farmer’s Market this morning. My 9-year-old is coming along for the donuts. Life is about being flexible, even when you are a health coach. I’m in my element, and so is he. I won’t look at my phone today, and whatever didn’t get done this week will have to wait. I’ve learned that frequent breaks are needed, and the weekend is my time. The sun is shining, my son’s hand is in mine, and these donuts look pretty darn good. Don’t mind if I do …

Lori Zabka is the founder of “Life by Lori Z” and a is a Certified Nutritious Life Nutrition Coach. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Her passion is empowering busy women to lead their healthiest lives. Visit her at


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