The three-dimensional beauty of this 12th– floor residence begins with a panoramic view of downtown and the Mississippi River. This distinctively Memphis setting in the Goodwyn Building is penthouse-style living within a tastefully restrained interior created by Greg Baudoin of Ray & Baudoin Interior Design.

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Instead of bold colors and patterns, which would subtract from dynamic scenes framed by every window, Greg preserved an outdoor focal point while creating interest inside with soothing combinations.

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“My goal was to reinterpret the style of this couple’s former family home for downtown living,” Greg explains. The homeowners were down-sizing, but they did not want to sacrifice the activity and warmth of their freestanding house.

Large rooms throughout this three-bedroom home and access to a rooftop deck welcome formal or casual gatherings. Greg’s straightforward arrangement of furnishings makes this urban dwelling equally ready for the quiet comforts of home.

One of many pluses to moving downtown for this couple: They have Arkansas connections, so their proximity to the Memphis-Arkansas bridge is convenient. Having recently become empty-nesters, their choices for location were no longer limited by the need to be near children’s schools and sports, so they decided to take advantage of Memphis’ best feature, the River. The secure full-floor unit is also ideal for worry-free travelling.

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The façade and common areas throughout this historic building are innately traditional, but the clean lines and openness of its interior do feel quite modern. Upon entering the 12th floor, black-and-white marble flooring in the foyer recalls the elegance of this building’s original style. Gestural woodcuts by Ted Faiers (1908 – 1985) welcome guests as the elevator doors open. (Faiers is represented by the David Lusk Gallery.) Because this home occupies the entire 12th floor, there are engaging views in all directions.

Memphis Penthouse Foyer_TreyClark_1079

Gestural woodcuts by Ted Faiers welcome guests as the elevator doors open to the 12th-floor.

“The main living area is a grand space divided into three zones: living room, dining room and media area,” Greg describes. Movement is achieved with textural variety, and fluid transitions are maintained with a cohesive palette.

One unifying element is an exquisite painting by Michael Crespo (1947 – 2010), also represented by David Lusk, hanging over the fireplace. On the dining table, an arrangement of figs created by the Garden District was inspired by the bold simplicity of permanent features. The bar area and kitchen are conveniently located alongside this primary space.

Memphis Penthouse 2_TreyClark_1034

The painting over the fireplace is by Michael Crespo. On the dining table, an arrangement of figs created by the Garden District was inspired by the bold simplicity of permanent features.

Main features in the media area are a Niermann Weeks console and a pair of modern, masculine lounge chairs. Greg created the illusion of a hallway with a curtain next to this casual space.

Memphis Penthouse media area 2_Trey Clark

Memphis Penthouse Media Area_TreyClark_1150

The console in their media seating area is a Niermann Weeks piece.

Interesting textures and subtle patterns in the formal seating area include the mohair fabric frame around a custom mirror with antiqued glass, Nancy Corzine silk material on couch pillows, and cube-shaped ottomans covered in a celadon green silk Nancy Corzine with antiqued brass nail heads in a Greek key design. Antiqued nail heads used around the ottomans are repeated from the custom mirror frame.

Memphis Penthouse Custom Mirror_TreyClark_1015

Mohair fabric frame around a custom mirror with antiqued glass.

Memphis Penthouse Ottomans_TreyClark_1145

Cube-shaped ottomans covered in a celadon green silk Nancy Corzine with antiqued brass nail heads in a Greek key design.

Lighting is an essential component of this interior’s success. The main room as well as subsequent areas are flooded with soft, reflective sunlight; strategically placed track lights use LED bulbs only to reduce heat; the fixture over their dining table, central to the main room, was designed in London; and, because the homeowners are avid collectors, the proper lighting of artwork took precedence, as well.

Memphis Penthouse Chandelier_TreyClark_1135

The fixture over their dining table, central to the main room, was designed in London.

The master bedroom incorporates multiple textures and genres with traditional velvet and silk for upholstered items; a modern, uncluttered arrangement; and a subtly retrospective vanity design (created from a previously undefined nook in the wall). With curtains open, this room’s high ceilings and minimal color accentuate the recurring outdoor, airy sensation felt throughout the home.

Memphis Penthouse Master_TreyClark_1103

Memphis Penthouse Master Chair 2_TreyClark_1123

Memphis Penthouse Vanity_TreyClark_1121

In Greg’s words, the pivotal elements of this home are “a soothing palette, rich textures and lighting,” but these are merely the tools. Taken a step further, Greg knows that “the design of a home should reflect the owners’ personal interests.” It is clear that Greg’s design choices were guided by this family’s transition to not only a new home, but also into a new stage of life, post-young children.

Memphis Penthouse Hall_TreyClark_1089

One area in this new urban dwelling that reflects the joy and comfort of their former home is a hallway leading to the master bedroom that is now a gallery of family photographs.

Whether they are entertaining, cooking a healthy dinner for two, travelling or spending the weekend with their two boys (who still visit often!) these new-to-downtown residents are able to focus on the pleasures in their daily lives without distractions brought about by unnecessary clutter and excessive ornamentation. They now have a home base that allows them to enjoy the amenities of an exciting location and a less demanding interior.

Memphis Penthouse Master Chair_TreyClark_1126

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Greg Baudoin, Ray & Baudoin Interior Design:

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And thank you to Trey Clark for today’s wonderful images!

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