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You still have a few things to purchase? We get it. This writer has more than a few things left … so I wrote this to help you, but to help me, too (just being honest!). If you are looking for Southern-made goodness to send to a loved one, here are the top 14 that I’ve found, and, yes, that I’ve personally been shopping from. I hope this helps. (Hang on, December is halfway over! You’ve got this!)

Southern Food Gifts

Gourmet Pizza Night Kit from Belle Chevre

Elkmont, AL

Belle Chevre delivers a kit sure to please. Send someone a reason to invite friends over, as this kit arrives with three 8-inch pizza crusts, Tuscan chevre, fresh herbs and a Belle Chevre pizza recipe card! $25

To purchase:

Great Southern Food Gifts: A Belle Chevre Pizza Kit is sure to be a hit! $25
A Belle Chevre Pizza Kit is sure to be a hit! $25

Chubby Butter Almond Toffee and Texas Sweet Cream Fudge

Montgomery, TX

While this confection comes in either a 12-piece and 24-piece container, splurge for the 24-piece, as it’s sure to be eaten … I mean almond toffee with fudge? Texas sweet cream? Hello, heaven! $33.90

To purchase:

Chubby Butter Nut Almond Toffee
Are you salivating just looking at this photo of the Chubby Butter Almond Toffee and Sweet Cream Fudge?!!! $33.90

Sampler Pack of 8 Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Bars

Nashville, TN

Olive & Sinclair doesn’t just create amazing chocolate bars, they actually import the beans, grind them and make their chocolate. It’s only impressive if the results are outstanding, and believe us, they are! “Tennessee’s bean-to-bar chocolate maker” is what Olive & Sinclair touts, but what we know is that each flavor is amazing. So to get all eight flavors in this special edition Merry Christmas box is sure to be a chocolate lover’s dream. Happy Holidays and Congrats! gift boxes are also available. $60

To purchase:

Olive & Sinclair 8 bars for Christmas
For a gift that showcases that American, Southern-made is the best, send this box of eight Olive & Sinclair bars.

Notti Cheese Bits

Glade Valley, NC

Cheese straws, wafers and balls are a welcome companion to the abundance of sweets December brings. Send these zesty treats to anyone on your list — they’re preservative-free and made with 100 percent natural ingredients. Guaranteed to hit the spot! They arrive in a clear paint pail to make the cuteness factor high.

To purchase:

As a welcome companion to the season's sweet, send these zesty cheese, 100% natural, crackers!
As a welcome companion to the season’s sweet masses, send these zesty cheese, 100 percent natural, wafers.

Oliver Pluff & Company Tea

Charleston, SC

Leave it to one of America’s oldest cities, with strong English ties, to have such inviting teas. While there are plenty of flavors to choose from, the Masala Chai stands out. That said, with flavors like traditional black teas, greens teas, oolong teas and more, there is plenty to choose from for even the pickiest on your list! $13.95

To purchase:

Masala Chai Oliver & Pluff Co
Send some soothing tea from Oliver Pluff & Co. $13.95

Flavored Salts

Savannah, GA

One of my favorite shops in Savannah is The Salt Table. Their flavored salts end up taking many a meal from pretty good to WOW with a little pinch of salty yumminess. This flavored salt gift bag includes Espresso Brava Sea Salt (perfect for chocolates and cocktails), Jalapeno Sea Salt (which I’ve personally used to make the world’s best guacamole), Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt (perfect on pastas and salads), Roasted Garlic Sea Salt (what would this not be great for?!) and Lime Fresco Sea Salt (margaritas and Mexican food). $23.95

To purchase:

salt sampler
Salt sampler gift package from The Salted Table in Savannah, GA $23.95

Sucre Gift Box

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is just flat-out known for good food, and Sucre is known as the place to eat sweets in this foodie town. This gift box is filled with New Orleans-inspired treats, including 15-piece New Orleans Chocolate Collection, 8-piece New Orleans Macaroon Collection, Tin of Southern Candied Pecans, 8 ounces of Sucre Whole Bean Coffee and a Southern Pecan Loaf. You may want to gift this to someone local so that you can casually drop by for a cup of coffee … and some treats to go with it! $79

To purchase:

Sucre New Orleans Gift Box
A taste of New Orleans in this gift box from Sucre! $79

Callie’s Biscuit Bender

Charleston, SC

Callie’s Biscuits is known for so much more than just biscuits (but their biscuits, ready to bake from the freezer, are scrumptious). This mac-daddy gift basket, perfect to make a big splash, will keep tummies full for many days and weeks! From biscuits to bacon, pecans to grits, pimento cheese and so much more, this is a Southern food box sure to please! $249.95

To purchase:

For a gift sure to impress and last for awhile, it's hard to beat this Callie's Biscuit Bender!
For a gift sure to impress and last for awhile, it’s hard to beat this Callie’s Biscuit Bender!

Artisan Confections Chocolate Bonbons

Arlington, VA

There may be no prettier chocolate in the universe! Each bonbon is an art piece unto itself. A visual treat, in addition to a flavorful masterpiece, these will surely bring smiles to whoever receives them! A 15-piece box is $27. The 30-piece box is $50.

To purchase:

Aren't they gorgeous? The 30 piece box has two of each. From Artisan Confections in Arlington, VA.
Aren’t they gorgeous? The 30-piece box has two of each. From Artisan Confections in Arlington, VA | Image:

Red Velvet White Chocolate Cookies from Chucklet and Honey

Flowood, MS

We first found out about Chucklet and Honey when they were Tennessee-based, but now they’ve moved to Mississippi and the product is as good as ever. For all the red velvet fans out there, these cookies are a nice alternative to cake and still give you that red velvet goodness you expect. Order eight large cookies, each a full two ounces, delivered in a tin for $29. This is a holiday-only flavor, so order fast!

To purchase:

These red velvet cookies from Chucket and Honey are only available during the holidays! Tin of eight large cookies is $29.
These red velvet cookies from Chucket and Honey are only available during the holidays! A tin of eight large cookies is $29.

Honey Sampler Gift Set

Charlotte, NC

All different types of honey are found in this fabulous sampler gift set! Who knows, maybe your honey came from one of Cloister’s hives atop the Charlotte Ritz Carlton (yes, some of their hives really are found on a rooftop in Charlotte, NC). This innovative company makes some delicious honey, and this set includes varieties of whipped, infused and traditional honeys alike, packaged in an adorable jute bag. $35

To purchase:

Cloister Honey Sampler set
This set of nine 1-ounce bottles will make all honey lovers happy! $35

Seersucker Candy Sampler

Nashville, TN

We tried these, and they are insanely good. They used to be sold under the Olive & Sinclair label, but they are now under their own confections label, Seersucker Candy. These little balls of flavor are Southern classics, reinvented. Three flavors include Seersucker Original (sea salted dark chocolate ganache), Muzzle Loaders (chocolate spheres filled with liquid, salted, bourbon caramel) and Cherry Bombs (pickled maraschino cherries coated in buttermilk fondant and finished with dark chocolate). $18 for a package of eight

To purchase:

$18 for a container of eight chocolate treats from Seersucker Candy.
A container of eight chocolate treats from Seersucker Candy is $18.

Pappy’s Homemade Bourbon Balls

Louisville, KY

A bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon will make grown men cry — it’s that hard to come by. But the new generation of Pappy has created an entire lifestyle line, including T-shirts, caps and more. One of those new items is the bourbon ball! Chocolate + bourbon + pecans. Nothing else needed! Get a package of four for $12.

To order:

$12 for a package of four Bourbon Balls from Pappy & Co.
The weather is perfect to order these bourbon balls! They are $12 for a package of four from Pappy & Co.

Batch USA: Outdoorsman Box

Austin, TX

Curated for the outdoorsman who is hard to shop for, this box includes some favorites from the capital city, Austin, TX. The box includes Latika Charcoal Bar of Soap (5 ounces), Latika Charcoal Body Wash (8 ounces), Charlie Vergos Rendezvous BBQ Popcorn (3 ounces), New Primal Grass-fed Beef Jerky (2 ounces) and Emil’s Granola (8 ounces) $39

To order:

Austin Gift Box
The outdoorsman gift box is a winner! $39 from Batch USA

I hope this helps you wrap up your gift shopping. Just make sure you order ASAP! Happy December, everyone!

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