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The days of Atlanta’s frizz-inducing humidity have ended, replaced with crisp, cool, fall weather. And though autumn is surely more forgiving when it comes to summer’s unrelenting body consciousness, it’s not time to totally forgo protein bars for pumpkin spice lattes.

Keep some green in your diet and get proactive with produce. Juicing, blending, cleansing—whatever you want to call it, this fruity fad is here to stay. The fight to whittle your waistband now comes in a 16-ounce glass brimming with colorful concoctions chock full o’ nature’s finest ingredients. Here are some of our favorite Atlanta juice bars that detox your body, clear out the junk food junk and teach your taste buds that kale really can be tasty.

Atlanta fruits and vegies

All this healthy stuff gets turned into some fantastic juice!

Atlanta Juice Bars

Arden’s Garden

1985 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta • (404) 709-2655

Additional locations throughout Atlanta

Arden’s Garden is the mecca of Atlanta juice bars. With more than 10 stores in the Atlanta region, Arden’s Garden has put its fruity stamp on the city for around a decade. And besides these tasty juice bars and retail shops, the company has expanded its reach and sells delicious bottles at places like Publix, Star Provisions, Highland Bakery and many other local spots.

Arden's Garden Multimax juice

Arden’s Garden Multimax juice is the “ultimate green juice.”

Besides the easy availability, Arden’s Garden ranks high on our list for its various cleanses and restorative brews. You can follow their 2 Day Detox, 21-Day Turnaround or perhaps the Love Your Liver Cleanse to rejuvenate your body, or just stick with good old fashioned juices, like Beet It Better or Yoga 1.

Cards on the table, we have yet to complete a full-on Arden’s Garden cleanse. However, we can’t get enough of their Spinach Slam juice after a workout … or in place of a workout.

Kale Me Crazy

300 North Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta • (404) 600-5048

Additional location in Decatur and others opening soon

Kale Me Crazy is much more than a clever name. It’s a paradise of produce that comes in cold-pressed, liquid form. Besides all the delicious bottles and shot glasses of healthy drinks with tongue-in-cheek names like Kale Yeah! and Beet’l Juice, Kale Me Crazy serves food. Food you can chew. Your teeth will feel needed once again when you order a salad, wrap or bowl to accompany your nutritious juice blend. And if you need to hit the reset button on your digestive system and various internal organs, pick up one of their four cleansing packages. The packages can be expensive, but can you really put a price on cleaning your bod from the inside out?

Take a trip to Inman Park or Decatur to pick up a bottle of your favorite Kale Me Crazy flavor. And keep a lookout, since there are a few more storefronts opening up in other Atlanta neighborhoods soon.

Kale Me Crazy's Beet Up juice

We’re crazy for Kale Me Crazy’s Beet Up—super refreshing with a gorgeous purple hue.

Juicy Jenny

56 E. Andrews Drive, Ste. 25A, Atlanta • (404) 848-1480

Juicy Jenny sure is Souper! The makers who brought you the delicious, high-quality fare of Souper Jenny now offer organic, healthy beverages that put the “s(o)uper” in “superfoods.” This charming juice spot in East Andrews, a few doors down from the flagship Souper Jenny that started it all, serves the best in cold-pressed juice and smoothies. Juicy Jenny is made for the everywoman, dipping her toes in the juice pond for the first time. This inviting establishment focuses less on the cleanse and more on the push to add fruits and veggies to your diet.

Something that sets this Atlanta juice bar apart is that it’s not just a juice bar. Stop by during lunchtime to grab the vegan daily special, and you can pair a nutritional blend, like Bodacious Buzz, with a nutritional meal. (Just be aware that the food is first come, first served, so a late lunch at Juicy Jenny may consist of just, well, juice.)

Juicy Jenny's Bodacious Buzz juice

The Bodacious Buzz from Juicy Jenny blends carrots, ginger…and delicious brain and memory tonic!


102 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta • (855) 981-3869

Additional locations in Atlanta

Juicing can be fun, inside and out—at least that’s what Dtox promotes. The juice spot, with two locations in Buckhead and a new one right near Piedmont Park, promotes the health benefits of yummy fruits and veggies in the form of serious juices, elixirs and even milks. But when it comes to cleansing, Dtox is as serious as a stalk of celery (a new saying we’re trying to popularize a la “cool as a cucumber”). They have cleanses that last days, weeks, even a month, focusing on everything from weight loss to skin care to liver health. Dtox offers a cleanse for your outsides, too! Pick up a ginger eucalyptus bath packet along with a Dandelion Elixir—you’ll soak in a therapeutic tub while you purge lots of nasty toxins.

dTox Pineapple H2O juice

The Pineapple H2O from Dtox is a blend of few ingredients that make one tasty juice.

There are many more great juice establishments in and around Atlanta (Lottafrutta, Roots Juices, etc.), so check to find a fruity oasis in your neighborhood.

Empty Atlanta juice bottles

We have whatever the juice equivalent of brain freeze is. Worth it!

As you continue to maintain the slim, trim body you painstakingly created earlier this year, remember that looking good involves so much more than a nice body. In the spirit of this article, think of the banana. It may be bruised, soft, wrinkled on the outside, but open the peel, and it’s just as sweet and tasty as that younger, firmer, yellow banana sitting nearby.

Be strong, my little bananas, and keep juicing on! And make sure to subscribe to our daily StyleBlueprint emails to read more about all the juicy news happening in Atlanta.

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