When I worked for a rock ‘n’ roll radio station in Denver, our bumper sticker said simply, Too Hip.  Back in the day when a handful of radio stations dominated the dial, everyone in town knew Too Hip meant KBPI Rocks the Rockies.  After lunching at Nashville’s new Hutton Hotel last month, I think I’ve found a new establishment deserving of the bumper sticker  “Too Hip.”

The Hutton Hotel is what the industry calls a boutique hotel: it has only 248 guest suites and touts intimacy, excellent customer service and eco-consciousness.  Many of you may remember the building before it was renovated – not something to write home about as far as “hipness” is concerned.  It’s as if the green-faced witch in Wicked waved her magic wand and poof, the Hutton Hotel appeared.

I checked Trip Advisor for a quick view of the hotel’s customer service record and the reviews were incredible.  Of course, the Hutton is already the darling of Music Row with its proximity to Midtown and its understanding of how to treat celebrities.

When you walk in the lobby, you immediately notice the sleek leather ecru chairs, a large metal sculpture and some local art gracing the large expansive shelves.  Dana Lee, with her LA roots, has done a marvelous job creating interiors with contemporary lines and contrasting themes.  For instance, in the restaurant called the 1808 Grill, there are booths in subtle earth-colored tones, beams of reclaimed wood and shelves filled with white ironstone, blending a modern theme with texture and balance.

The gorgeous Hutton Hotel lobby

The gorgeous Hutton Hotel lobby

I had lunch with Amanda Bledsoe, the Hutton’s super-friendly special event diva, and my friend Leigh;  we lunched on a menu featuring local organic produce and seafood.  The gazpacho and heirloom tomato salad I ordered was lovely with just enough seasonings and exactly the right amount of food.  The gazpacho arrived in a small pitcher and was poured over a succulent shrimp and scallop.  High marks on presentation!  At the writing of this post, the Hutton has switched to its fall menu, one I plan to sample in the near future.  The 1808 Grill allows a unique experience for anniversaries, important job interviews or lunch out with the girls.

If you click on the Hutton’s website  www.huttonhotel.com, the following quote catches your eye,

“the newest hotel in Nashville is also the greenest.”-Conde Nast [email protected]

The Hutton Hotel is serious about BEING GREEN.  Some of the room features-besides being absolutely GORGEOUS on the inside-are key card light switches with overhead timed light turn offs; dispensed soap, shampoo and conditioner to reduce plastic waste; bamboo furniture in appointed guest rooms (since bamboo is the most sustainable resource to replace traditional wood); dual flush commodes to reduce water waste, and the list goes on.  They continue their energy reduction initiative by using Hybrid cars for short runs around town, waterless urinals in the lobby, bamboo flooring and a recycling program on-site.  Is it possible to have hip and green consciousness all under one roof?  The Hutton Hotel unequivocally says, “YES, it’s not only possible, it’s required.”

Amanda’s area of expertise is to help with business meetings, weddings and star management.  She escorted us up to one of the penthouse rooms which she considers an absolute deal-maker when negotiating against other hotels. The view is fantastic and every amenity you can imagine is offered from private access to your floor, a roaring fireplace and a private balcony.  I asked her to tell me the most famous person who has resided in the penthouse and she kept mum except to say he was a very famous rock n’ roller.  Too hip!

Hutton Hotel Presidential Suite

Hutton Hotel Presidential Suite

I wanted to let you know about the Hutton Hotel NOW because the holidays are right around the corner.  Lots of us will be entertaining out-of-town guests and celebrating with friends before and after all those great parties.  The Hutton Hotel, once a fading office building on West End Avenue, has been renovated and rejuvenated into one of the coolest hotels in the South.

The Hutton's cozy and intmate bar

The Hutton’s cozy and intimate bar

The Hutton Hotel
1808 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615.712.2307