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This spring, there are plenty of new trends worth adding to your wardrobe rotation. From lucite heels and pastel pieces to fanny packs and bamboo accessories, each trend offers its own unique flair and is definitely making a splash on and off the runway. Today, we’re spotlighting a trend that, like many styles, harkens back to fads of the past: the silk scarf.

Silk Scarves: How to Style Them

We consider silk scarves to be an iconic accessory made exquisitely enviable by style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The accessory exudes glamour and those “Parisian chic” vibes we love. In the past, women tied scarves around their hair and at the neck, adding an elegant, ritzy feel to their attire.

silk scarves

Silk scarves were made an iconic accessory by fabulous women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Images: Pinterest (Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly)

Today, silk scarves have made their way back into the fashion world by way of the retro wear trend. They are styled a bit differently, though. Although silk scarves are still tied at the neck, modern “it girls” are also tying scarves around their ponytails or the handles of their purses and totes. This gives a nod to the trend without looking like you’re wearing a costume.

silk scarves

Here’s how the modern girl rocks the silk scarf trend. Images: Where To Get It | Pinterest

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Silk Scarves: A Few of Our Favorite Options

Although the silk scarf trend is desirable to women with all types of personal style preferences, it can be difficult to know where to find them and which ones won’t end up sitting in your closet. When shopping for a silk scarf, it’s important to keep two things in mind.

First, decipher what hue you’re most comfortable in — would you rather find an understated option that can match with everything or a colorful scarf that makes a statement? Secondly, make sure you style the scarf on your body prior to purchase. This way, you’ll know whether the length works for you, if it feels right on your neck and if you’re buying something that will really become a go-to accessory. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up three neutral options, three bright and playful scarves, and three indulgent designer buys.

Understated & neutral

These ultra-versatile silk scarves are the easiest to wear. We suggest donning a white blouse paired with classic blue jeans, black denim or a midi skirt, and tying one of these around your neck or hair. You’ll be surprised how easily it dresses up a casual look while adding an effortless allure to an otherwise simple ensemble.

This Rebecca Minkoff scarf ($34.90) is the perfect mix of neutral and bold. It features an interesting striped pattern, yet remains understated through its black and white color scheme. The polka dot scarf ($35) is slightly different than the rest on this list as it is more like a tie than a scarf. The longer length allows for more versatility in tying around the neck and makes this one ideal for around the ponytail. And this navy scarf ($39) is a classic, timeless choice.

silk scarves

Here are three understated silk scarves we’re loving. This striped scarf is $34.99, the polka dot scarf is $35, and the navy scarf is $39. Images: Nordstrom

Bright & playful

To add a splash of color to your look without going for the typical choice, like a bold lip or bright shoe, these vibrant silk scarves are a fantastic option. Similar to the above scarves, we suggest pairing these with a simple, clean outfit to ensure you’re not wearing too much at once. Additionally, since these scarves are colorful and pattern-filled, forgo the statement-making earrings, and try to find a top with a lower cut to make your scarf shine.

We love this pink and red scarf ($55) for its bold colors and unique striped pattern. The multicolor polka dot scarf ($48) is a funky way to bring color into your look while successfully styling the polka dot trend of the season, and this fun, feminine blue floral scarf ($49) is dainty and looks fabulous with a simple blouse.

silk scarves

Here are three bright and playful silk scarves we’re loving. The pink and red scarf is $55, this multicolor polka dot scarf is $48 and this blue floral scarf is $49. Images: Nordstrom

Designer buys

If you’re looking to indulge in a luxury silk scarf that feels amazing and looks even better, you’re in luck. Plenty of designers offer this accessory in on-trend color combinations and patterns. Here are three of our favorite designer scarves that define cosmopolitan chic.

These designer silk scarves have us swooning. The Gucci scarf ($495) features a gorgeous pink stripe and floral detailing, while the Salvatore Ferragamo scarf ($380) depicts a tropical, jungle scene. And the Versace scarf ($425) is iconic Versace with its gold and black accents.

silk scarves

Here are three designer silk scarves we’re loving. The Gucci scarf is $495, the Salvatore Ferragamo scarf is $380, and the Versace scarf is $425. Images: Nordstrom

Now, go out and rock this year’s silk scarf trend!


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