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In the South, transition weather can be the trickiest time of year for getting dressed daily. It’s one of the number one things my clients and I tackle together when working together for the fall season. We focus on light layers, breathable fabrics in fall colors and lightweight, closed-toe shoes to ease into fall in the South.

No more struggling to figure out what to wear when it’s crisp and cool in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon — I’ve got you covered! There are three simple and easy-to-implement ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. If you follow these steps closely, then transition weather will soon become your favorite time of the year.

Style Coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth of Megan LaRussa

Style Coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth of Megan LaRussa

3 Easy Wardrobe Transition Tips

Collect “Third Pieces”

The first step is my personal favorite, as to me there’s nothing better than a strong third piece. This transition weather rule is all about having a nice variety of lightweight third pieces. A third piece is defined as anything that pulls together your look and tops it off. That can be a scarf, blazer, cardigan, vest, denim jacket or even a statement-making necklace.

Start your outfit daily with a standalone foundational piece, such as a short-sleeve tee, a silk shell or perhaps a short-sleeve poly-blend blouse. Then, determine what kind of third piece your top needs based on where you are going that day. An example would be if you are wearing a basic solid color casual tee, then you would opt for something to add some texture or print that also happens to be casual. I would invite you to try out a denim jacket, a cinched-waist vest or a fun beaded pendant necklace.

By having a layering piece that can be worn with or without the lightweight third piece allows you to go about your day feeling comfortable as the temperatures fluctuate — not to mention stylish and pulled together!

Style Tip: Start building your transition weather third piece collection now, as it is a curation process. To help you out, I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite light layering pieces in this complimentary guide.

Third pieces are those layers that you need in the morning but can remove when the afternoon heats up. Image: Nordstrom

A third piece in a fun color will brighten a neutral outfit. Image: Bloomingdale’s

This grey suede draped jacket will elevate your look! Image: Nordstrom

Incorporate Fall Colors

The second step towards dressing with ease during this weather rollercoaster (a.k.a. transition weather) is to infuse fall-specific colors into your wardrobe in lightweight materials.

Think of rich, autumnal colors like olive, navy, chartreuse, burgundy, crimson and charcoal in garments made of breathable materials like linen, cotton, chambray and various blends. I was recently working with a client on her transition weather wardrobe, and we paired a navy linen blend t-shirt under a lightweight mustard bomber jacket with some jeans. It looked so cute and also happened to be practical for this time of year weather-wise.

Also, it’s important to know that fuchsia is an important color for the season. While hot pink can appear more spring/summer in nature, it looks fresh and current this fall. Try rocking this hue with deep crimson tones or rust for an of-the-moment and gorgeous look.

Fall-colored basics are a simple way to ease into the season. Image: Everlane

We love olive for fall and winter! Image: Macy’s

Now is the time to add some fuschia into your wardrobe! Image: Banana Republic

Update Your Kicks

Finally, don’t forget to start transitioning your shoes from summer to fall. It’s important to slowly start switching out your sandals for a closed-toe sneaker, ballet flat, loafer or mule. By simply changing out your shoes, your look will speak more fall and less summer.

A pair of suede lace-up sneakers, a metallic loafer, a black mule or a peep-toe bootie all look seasonally appropriate and can even help take your white jeans into early fall.

An exception to this rule is wearing a sandal that happens to be in a fall color or material. An olive slide sandal can help a chambray dress, jeans and a sleeveless blouse or a pair of chinos and a tee transition right into fall without feeling hot and stifled.

Peep-toe booties are an ideal middle-ground for transition weather shoes. Easily paired with dresses, skirts and even your white jeans! Image: Nine West

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Metallic shoes are in for fall! Dress up your look while keeping it neutral. Image: Gap

Now it’s time to implement these three simple steps, so that you too can look and feel your best as we slowly transition from summer to fall. I always tell my clients to focus on building a wardrobe that you love and that serves you year-round. It is a marathon, not a sprint, so do not feel like you have to go shopping now for every single item that I’ve shared with you. Instead, take your time, make a shopping list and from there start the wardrobe curation process!

For many of my clients, shopping is not their favorite activity due to time, budget or stress. If you fall into this category, know that you are not alone! I created the Style Yourself Chic Society to help women like you create a wardrobe that you love with ease. And best yet, I just added a shoppable guide on transition weather outfits for every age to the SYC Society! You can snag this guide and all of my style how-to videos, shoppable guides and more on this stylish membership site.

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