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TikTok. You’re either on it or know someone who has been showing their best moves, simple recipes or life hacks. Either way, the app has made its stake in the social media sphere, and it is especially popular with the Generation Z crowd.

If you’re looking to get in the world of TikTok or just want to learn how to navigate it, here’s an easy guide to becoming a sensational “TikTok-er” or — at the very least — get some laughs in while scrolling through the app. And we could likely all use a few laughs right about now.

Getting Started

If you’re completely new to the TikTok sphere, first things first, download the app! It is free on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be welcomed by the home screen (which is a full video taking up the majority of your screen). To get started, click the “Me” tab in the bottom right corner and sign up. Choose your method of signing up, and change your username (if you’d like). Once signed in, you can pick what type of content you’re interested in, including music, DIY, sports and more!

TikTok app on phone

Once you’ve downloaded the TikTok app, get ready for endless laughs, life hacks and pure entertainment.

Navigating the App

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to make your first TikTok or surf through the endless content. To understand the app, the main screen is divided into two main feeds, ‘For You’ and ‘Following.’ The default feed is the For You page, which is created by an algorithm in the app that pulls content that it thinks you will enjoy, similar to the Instagram explore page. Swipe left on the main screen, and you’ll find the Following feed, which is a collection of people you choose to follow. To continue to the next video, just swipe up.

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We suggest following @madmax_fluffyroad or @tastemadehome to get started (click the discover icon at the bottom to search for these two accounts, hashtags or any topics you’d like to find).


HOW YOU FEELIN? ##signingday ##full180 ##fyp ##petsoftiktok

♬ Good as Hell – Lizzo

Saving Soundtracks to Your Favorites

If you stumble across a video and get inspired to learn the dance or want to create your own dub to the track, just click the circle rotating in the bottom right corner of the video by the music icon. Once you click on the song, there’s an option at the very top that says “Add to Favorites.” All of the soundtracks you save will be on your profile — just click the bookmark icon on the far right of your profile page to find your saved songs or dubs.

Ready to Make Your Own TikTok?

Now you’re ready to tackle your own TikTok. At the bottom of your screen, you will see an icon that looks like a plus sign. Click on it. The screen will be on you, or you can flip it to face the other direction by clicking “Flip” at the top right-hand corner. Next, you have to add a sound (reference some of your favorites you may have already saved). Click the top where it says “Sounds.” You can scroll through the genres, what’s trending, etc. Once you have decided on a sound, click it and hit the checkmark beside it. Next, choose your time at the bottom. There’s 15 seconds and 60 seconds. Once you’re ready, hit the red button to start recording.

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@jessiesayheyCooped up at home and want some Focaccia Pizza? Here ya go! ##yummy ##food ##forus ##perfectmeal ##dinner ##cook ##yum ##pizza ##recipe♬ original sound – jessiesayhey

How to Publish Your Masterpiece

Once you make your video and are ready to share it with the world, click the checkmark on the right. Write in your description and voilà! You just made a TikTok!

Fancy Things & Tips

When you’re making your masterpiece, you’ll notice there are lots of icons on the side. Before you start recording, the speed icon controls how fast you want your video to go, the beauty effect can make you look amazing even without makeup, a timer lets you select how many seconds you want before the app starts recording, and the “Effects” and “Filters” buttons lets you add funny filters, strobe lights, etc. Once you’re done recording your video, the “Adjust clips” button lets you shorten your video if you don’t like the beginning or end.

And there you have it! Happy TikTok-ing!


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