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One of the many unexpected changes in the past few months has been the cancellation of sports due to COVID-19. That got us thinking … how are sports fans filling their time (and there’s quite an abundance of it right now)? We crowdsourced some answers and unsurprisingly, video games, Tiger King and work around the house or yard are tied as the most common time-fillers, but hidden in a sea of stress are some hilarious and creative solutions.

So, how are sports fans coping in a sports-less world? They’re making each other laugh. Take a look.

empty sports stadium

Although stadiums around the world are empty right now as sporting events are canceled for the foreseeable future, fans are finding new ways to fill their time.


The first and most obvious answer to this season’s lack of sports is to turn to video games. Not only have sports fans fostered a deeper addiction to eerily realistic games like “NBA 2K” and “Madden NFL,” but they’ve also clocked a new definition for the term “working the nightshift.” During times of quarantine, a “nightshift” now refers to the hours when spouses or partners go to sleep and sports fans grab a drink, get cozy in their favorite gaming chair and compete against friends and strangers into the night. Whatever brings happiness, right?

Networks and streaming services are also broadcasting video game tournaments between the league’s biggest stars in both the NBA and NFL. We’d be remiss not to mention that numerous professional athletes have donated money, supplies and time to aid in the fight against coronavirus, reminding us we are all in this together. To watch “NBA 2K” competitions, search “#NBA2KTourney” on YouTube — and see Kevin Durant vs. Derrick Jones Jr. below.

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Although classic games and iconic replays take up a good portion of ESPN and other sports network’s schedules, some sports fans have turned their pent up competitive energy to otherwise overlooked sports like chess or bowling. For a good laugh, see the video below.


Other sports fans are creating new sports, including “Window Tennis,” “Roomba Curling” and “Turtle Tic-Tac-Toe,” all of which are equally impressive and funny. For an ongoing list of all the genius new additions to the sports world during quarantine, click here.

And, a personal favorite of ours, sportscasters are doing play-by-plays of everyday “regular” moments to provide some laughter during this time. Watch the video below.


An all-too-hilarious “March Sadness” bracket has hit the world of sports featuring “Social Distancing,” “Working Remotely,” “No Sports” and “Actual Pandemic” divisions, each with eight relatable scenarios. Grab your social distancing partner and play this during your extra time at home. We’re sure it will give you both a laugh.

"March Sadness" bracket for sports fans

Made by McSweeney’s, this “March Sadness” bracket provides some laughter and fun while we’re all at home. Image: McSweeney’s


Comedian and huge sports fan, Gary Gulman, known for his brave and honest journey through depression and mental health spoke with 90.9 WBUR to share a quick 10-minute listen that provides tips on coping with anxiety during this time as well as commentary on a sports-less world. Regardless of your love — or lack of love — for sports, this interview gives advice on dealing with anxiety. “While you can’t watch sports, you can take the lessons from them,” Gary says.

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Amidst this storm, humor, goodness and creativity bloom all around us, and the lack of sports being played live certainly has not voided the sense of community they bring. Find some laughter today and share it with a friend who could use it. We are all in this together!


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