I often find myself paying bills at the kitchen table and writing emails while I sit on the sofa. And even though I feel organized in general, my papers and important documents are in different places all over the house. I realized I needed a dedicated space, one with a desk, a proper filing system, and storage bins. I searched around the internet (while sitting on my sofa!) for some inspiration and then spent my time looking around for tools to help me create an organized and calming space!

Nancy Duffey, of Scout for the Home, designed this gorgeous office for the 2011 Symphony Show House. Notice the open window (in addition to entry point from the hall) so you can monitor the going-ons in the kitchen.

Scout for the Home office, 2011 Symphony Show House. I love the calmness of the beige walls and all the storage space! And that light fixture is to die for!

This modern space is an example of how easy it is to carve out a small office area in your living room. The modern, clean lines keep the office from becoming a distraction. And the gallery wall helps designate the space.

Notice the yellow and red accents that pop against the white furniture and walls. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/


Setting up your office in a closet is the perfect way to have a dedicated office space without using a whole room. It is also great to be able to close the doors when not in use. Out of sight, out of mind!

Hanging a bulletin board and wall organizers on the closet doors will give you extra storage space for papers and such. http://smallplacestyle.blogspot.com/

Here are a few functional and decorative pieces we found that help keep your office space organized and clutter free… or at least hidden! Simply click on any product for more details.

Acrylic drawer organizer, set of 6, $19.99

The Container Store: Cable Drop-cord clips, pkg of 6, $9.99

The Container Store: Flexi Ties, pkg of 6, $7.99

The Container Store: Parker File Folders, pkg of 6, $5.99

The Container Store: Pivot Power Surge Protector, $29.99

The Container Store: Plug-In Charging Shelf, $14.99

The Container Store: Acrylic Tape Dispenser, $9.99

Martha Stewart: Aluminum Ticket Holder for office

The Container Store: Bristol Magazine File, $16.99

The Container Store: Brocade Wall File, $29.99

The Container Store: Clear Magazine File, $14.99

Etsy: clothespins from The Paper Crown, set of 10, $10

IKEA: Kvissle Wall Rack, $14.99

The Container Store: Semikolon Multimedia Box, $24.99 each

Wisteria: linen-lined wire baskets, medium size, set of 2, $19

We hope we have given you some inspiration clean the mountains of paper off your desk or carve out a little space of your own! If you want further ideas, check out this article by Southern Living: click here.

 Home page photo courtesy Houzz.com. Click picture below for details.