HollyBeth Anderson answered her wake-up call. After years of exciting (and exhausting) international business ventures, she took a break, returning home to Atlanta to care for an infirm parent. Such a labor of love, and eventually loss, inspired long periods of peaceful reflection. Positive reflection— the kind that taps into the spiritual core and strengthens the soul; the kind that unfolds a life quilt before us, encouraging the appreciation for each stitch and square pieced together. She discovered that comforting patterns repeated in her memories of her grandmother and the simple solace of nature. HollyBeth Organics followed along, letting her past guide her into an exciting new future.

Joyfully living her dream, HollyBeth Anderson built her business on a personal passion.

HollyBeth told us, “I started thinking about all the walks in the woods with my grandmother, up on her farm in North Georgia. She could identify everything by name and purpose and taught me to do the same. I loved being with her. We’d work in the garden, then create things in the kitchen.” Remembering those creations she made with her beloved grandmother, HollyBeth started playing around in her own kitchen, trying out old recipes for herbal concoctions and remedies. Her mother, too, had preferred old-fashioned beauty routines, scrubbing her face with cornmeal as an exfoliant and teaching HollyBeth the technique. Her years of living abroad spoiled her with the purity and simplicity of European skin care products, and she admits to becoming “addicted to eye cream” in Spain when a dear friend introduced her to a particularly sumptuous blend. She combined all her knowledge and curiosity, stirring up hobby batches for holiday gifts that garnered overwhelming praise. HollyBeth realized that she’d fallen in love with what she was doing, and decided to develop her business so she could  keep doing it!

Only the finest, natural ingredients go into HollyBeth Organics, earning her a sticker as USDA Certified Organic.

HollyBeth recently invited us up to her gorgeous,sun-filled studio to learn about her creations. Housed on the top floor of an old cotton warehouse, the studio whispers a reassuring history from its very walls — a history that HollyBeth says makes her feel grounded and purposeful each day when she enters. “It’s a beautiful setting for working. You see the way this place was put together and sense the many that have been here before. I feel so lucky to be part of that.” She guided us over to the kitchen (“Where the magic happens,” she excitedly proclaims), serving tea and cakes — because that’s exactly who Holly Beth is, the warm and inviting girlfriend, genuinely thrilled to show you what she’s mixing up and chat about skincare.

The sun-filled studio, housed in an old cotton warehouse, inspires HollyBeth from the history within the very walls.

Oh the smells of that studio. Aromatherapy bliss. Each corner wafted a gentle note of an essential oil or fresh herb, all the finest natural ingredients coming together to nourish the skin. HollyBeth’s passion lies in producing these glorious skin products from premier organic materials and combining them in such a way that maintains their authenticity. In fact, HollyBeth has earned the hard-won status of USDA Certified Organic Products, earning the right to mark her packaging with the sticker that proves to consumers she’s met the gold standard. She educated us that not all “natural or “organic” items are as “pure” as they’re marketed to be. Reaching certification requires observing rigorous guidelines in order to meet with compliance regulations. She must show, step-by-step, the origin of her final product, verifying that there’s no co-mingling of non-certified products along the way. This means that HollyBeth confirms where each herb and bloom has been grown, and the route it’s traveled before getting to her.

Aromatherapy Bliss! An afternoon in HollyBeth’s studio left us feeling spa-drunk, so relaxed with the heady scents swirling around us were we.

Those heartfelt efforts bring luxuriously simple treasures straight to our hands … and feet … and faces. Her first, and still best-selling product, the Eye Cream, hydrates with camellia oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E. Grits & Honey Scrub, inspired by her mother’s cornmeal routine, exfoliates gently and moisturizes with tupelo honey, the only honey that doesn’t crystallize. Her citrus lotions lift a divine scent into the air, hinting at the bergamot, orange, lemon and tea tree oils within, which also repel insects! Castile soap-based cleansers, refreshing toners, lightweight dry oils, and little pots of shea butter creams — each boasting carefully-balanced blends designed to nourish the skin. HollyBeth has achieved a hand-crafted triumph and we are applauding!

The original and still her bestseller, HollyBeth’s Eye Cream delicately hydrates with her all-natural blend of camellia, jojoba, almond, and Vitamin E oils.

Tell all those chemical potions, “Kiss my grits, honey!”
Tried this, loved it. Two words — Baby Butt.

The latest debut product, Nourishing Body Oil, combines sunflower, pumpkin, pomegranate, palmarosa, and petit grain oils to pack an anti-aging whollop.

Thank you for spending the afternoon with us, HollyBeth. We can’t wait for our next visit. Find HollyBeth Organics online at hollybethorganics.com, or at local retailers Atlanta Made and Woo Skincare + Cosmetics.

Special thanks to photographer Ashby Webber for her shots of HollyBeth and her studio. www.ashbywebberphotography.com


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