Stories matter. Words matter. Core values matter.

It was from this understanding that StyleBlueprint started a collection of positive-messaging t-shirts. We value being a positive impact on our community and supporting women. We also support well-made, quality items, and when it comes to clothing, we gravitate towards those pieces that we can wear again and again. And if they are made in America, well, we do a happy dance and shout a little louder!

Today, we are adding to our previous t-shirts screen-printed with ‘SINCE 1920’ and ‘Be Kind Do Good’ with a t-shirt line patterned, cut and sewn in Tennessee by Omega Apparel, an American-owned company that has been in business since 1989. The fabric is woven in North Carolina.

Two of our new t-shirts are 100% cotton, and our long-sleeve lightweight sweatshirt is made from a French terry cloth. The grey, raglan t-shirt is a soft tri-blend with side slits for the perfect fit. Each is extraordinarily soft and sewn with pride. The white and cream t-shirts were patterned specifically for us. You should have seen us in our offices continually tweaking this t-shirt to be the perfect fit! We wanted a modern crew cut, but not so boxy … but not too fitted either. And, we certainly did not want those “women’s” sizes that make you order two sizes up! No one wants that. And, all tags are on the lower inside seam, not at your neck. So much better!

The shirts are embroidered with positive and empowering statements. Our embroidered collection has options for “be kind do good” and “roar.”

Embroidered SB T-Shirt Collection


ROAR is our newest statement t-shirt. These t-shirts are for women, and they embrace speaking up and supporting each other. When we do this, speak up and support each other, the collective roar of our voices can’t be ignored. Our ‘roar’ t-shirts come in two styles: We have a cream crewneck t-shirt with white embroidery for a subtle design that once noticed, speaks volumes. Easily worn beneath a blazer or tucked into a skirt, this t-shirt is fashionable enough for many offices or pairs easily with your weekend shorts and jeans. Or, choose the grey heathered style, with a scoop neckline, raglan sleeve and side slits. It is embroidered with mustard lettering to show off your own unique roar. More casual, you will be grabbing for this super soft tee time and again. The ‘roar’ is in script embroidery on both t-shirts.

Tove models our raglan sleeve, scoop-neck t-shirt that is a heathered grey tri-blend with mustard embroidery on the top left that says “roar.” Patterned, designed, cut and sewn in Tennessee with fabric from North Carolina, find it for $38; available for pre-order here.

Get a closeup of the “roar” script on this super soft tri-blend t-shirt. Pre-order it here.

Here, Megan models the cream crewneck with a white embroidered “roar” worn over her dress and knotted. This t-shirt is 100% cotton. It was patterned, cut and sewn in Tennessee with fabric woven in North Carolina. Find it for $38; pre-order it here.

Here’s another view of the cream t-shirt with the white embroidered “roar” modeled by Lauren. Pre-order it here.

be kind do good

We continue the statement “be kind do good” in our newest collection. In a world that can be so divisive, we honor the actions of “be kind” and “do good.” And 10% of the profits of this line will be sent to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) through August 31, 2018. AFSP is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. Choose the white crewneck style with red embroidered letters or the navy French terry super lightweight sweatshirt (think the softness of a sweatshirt, but the weight perfect for a night out at the beach) with white embroidered lettering.

Annie models this white crewneck, which, like the cream crewneck, was designed by the SB team to be the perfect crew — not too boxy, not too tight and made true to size. We added red embroidery saying “be kind do good” and love the result! Wear this 100% cotton t-shirt with jeans, shorts, skirts or even knotted over a dress. Like our other embroidered t-shirts, this one is designed, patterned, cut and sewn in Tennessee with fabric from North Carolina. Available for $38; pre-order it here.

A “be kind do good” close-up — pre-order it here.

Alex is modeling the navy French terry super lightweight sweatshirt (think the lightest sweatshirt imaginable, but still sooo soft). The sleeves are extra long (note that they are folded over in this photo) and it has a curved hemline in the front and back. The shoulders have a dropped seam which matches up with a seam across the chest and back. This slightly oversized look is an ideal option for cool summer nights or cozy mornings. Designed, patterned, cut and sewn in Tennesee with fabric woven in North Carolina. Available for $58; pre-order it here.

A closeup of the French terry lightweight sweatshirt; pre-order it here.

The embroidered collection is available, as of today, for pre-order. Please order by midnight May 17, 2018, for orders to ship on or before June 5, 2018. All orders placed after this will be fulfilled on or by June 13, 2018. SB TIP: We have a precious few embroidered shirts already in stock and ready to ship — the sooner you order, the sooner yours arrives!

Original Screen-Printed SB Collection T-Shirts

be kind do good

We continue to sell our signature “be kind do good” black t-shirt, made in unisex sizes and screen-printed with eco-friendly inks. These t-shirts are made by Bella + Canvas with StyleBlueprint’s original design. As these are not part of our Omega Apparel collection, the prices are a little bit less. These are available in sizes XS-XXL.

Andrea models this “be kind do good” t-shirt, which is part of our original collection and proven to be the most popular t-shirt in that collection. It’s printed on a Bella + Canvas unisex t-shirt with eco-friendly dyes, and 10% of profits from this collection support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention through August 2018. Find it for $32. Shop it here.

SINCE 1920

And, the t-shirt that started it all continues to be a bestseller. Our SINCE 1920 t-shirt collection was launched in August 2016 as a non-partisan nod to the power of women’s voices through their votes. Yes, it’s been less than 100 years since women could legally vote in America. We celebrate the 19th Amendment as a significant victory that was fought for with determination for over 70 years, to constitutionally grant women the right to vote in 1920. It took longer for every state to allow women of all races — particularly Asian-American, Native American and African-American women — this right. The Voting Rights Act of 1964 ensured that both the 14th and 15th Amendments were upheld enforced. However, without the 19th Amendment, this would not have applied to women. With all the flaws that still needed to be addressed, the 19th Amendment and the year 1920 was a singularly huge milestone for all women as it set the legal pathway for citizens, regardless of gender, to be able to vote and allowed women’s voices to be heard in a much louder way than ever before. We celebrate this milestone with the SINCE 1920 t-shirt as a reminder to women everywhere that long, hard-fought battles are worth the effort and are building blocks for greater goods. These t-shirts come in two colors/styles: a grey crewneck (XS-XXXL) and a soft red v-neck (XS-XXL). Both t-shirts are made by Bella + Canvas with a StyleBlueprint-original design. As these are not part of our Omega Apparel collection, the prices are a little bit less.

Our screen-printed t-shirts are available for sale without pre-order.

Annie and Lauren model both styles of the “SINCE 1920” t-shirt collection in a grey crewneck and a red v-neck. Available for $32; shop it here.

Liza models the grey “SINCE 1920” t-shirt. We love pairing this t-shirt with a blazer for a more professional look that still makes the statement known – we embrace our right to vote, and we don’t take it for granted. Available for $32. Shop it here.

Spread empowering, positive messages with any of our StyleBlueprint t-shirts. They are available now to shop or pre-order in our SB Shop.

Life is short. Make sure your words align with your core values. This is the basis for the story behind why we launched this t-shirt collection. Thank you for your support and spreading the message!

And, yes, for anyone interested wholesale pricing to sell these positive-impact t-shirts in your store, please contact us as we would love to work with you.

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