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The Sweaty Moms – Jennifer Andress, Julie Croushorn, Mary Ben Fitts, Jen Jackson and
Marian Dill.

Here at SB, we are all about celebrating women, so when we heard about the Sweaty Moms Running Club (SMRC), we knew we had to feature them.

It all started when a group of women decided to get together on the track with the aim of increasing their speed for the upcoming Vulcan Run. These busy ladies made it a point to get their workout in, which meant they sometimes had to forego the post-workout shower, as they fit in a workout in between other obligations. So when one of the women overheard a non-workout mom saying “she’s always so sweaty” in a decidedly disapproving tone, a revolution was sparked! 

Rather than being offended or embarrassed, these gals saw an opportunity and “ran” with it! They decided to create t-shirts that embraced and celebrated their active lifestyle. They wanted “to establish a forum that would inspire like-minded, multi-tasking, fitness-seeking folks.”

These are a few of the women’s shirt styles available at SMRC. They offer tanks and tees with a fashion fit and an anti-microbial and wicking tech fabric.

 Their motto: “We run. We sweat. Then we do a million other things. Join the club. Be a part of the revolution.”
And as the mission statement suggests, Sweaty Moms Running Club is less about being a “mom” or being a “runner,” and more about a supportive community. It’s about pushing beyond your physical limits, about doing something you thought was impossible, about replacing “I can’t” with “look what I just did.”
What have you done today? The phrase is meant to inspire, as every accomplishment begins with a goal and a step in the right direction.

These women are excited to see that their concept really resonates with women from all paths. “What we love about what is happening with Sweaty Moms Running Club is that it is quickly becoming a community of movers and doers, not just runners. ‘What have YOU done today?’ is a rhetorical question not meant to be answered, it’s meant to inspire. But hey, it sure does feel great when you CAN answer it” (SMRC blog).

Sweaty Moms Running Club participates in several race expos each year in Birmingham and surrounding cities. They will have a booth at the Mercedes 1/2 Marathon & Marathon expo on February 15th and 16th, with the races taking place on Sunday the 17th in Birmingham, as well as an expo booth at the Seaside 1/2 Marathon in Seaside, FL, the first weekend in March. They will also be at the Rump Shaker at the end March.

For more information about this great organization, visit their website:


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