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As we embark on a new year, we reflect on the past one and look towards the future. We set our sights on new diet and fitness regimens, time better spent giving back and other goals we all have. The calendar turns and we hit the refresh button with the hope of positive, productive days ahead. But first, many of us will don our sparkly attire and let the champagne flow as we bid 2016 farewell. When the clock strikes midnight, we will have likely been over-served, and hours later, will crawl into bed only to wake and greet the new year … with a hangover.

Here at StyleBlueprint, we have all fallen victim to the dreaded hangover a time or two. Each one of us has spent time on the couch questioning the number of drinks we consumed and pleading with the big man upstairs to alleviate our pain. Since our prayers often go unanswered, we have established hangover routines we’ve come to rely on. With the midnight hour drawing near, we hope you will keep these in mind and put a few into practice as you dive head first into a glass of champagne — and 2017.



Caroline Morrison, SB Copy Editor

“If I have a terrible hangover, the first thing I want is sympathy. I’ll call my best friend repeatedly, no matter how early it is, and demand that she come over RIGHT NOW so that my moaning and groaning efforts aren’t wasted solely on my neighbors. Because let’s all be honest, complaining feels better when you get to do it face to face. Solidarity, sister.”

Sleep, burger and bubbly soda

Amy Trainum, SB Charlotte Editor

“I’m a big fan of really good bourbon, and sometimes it can go down a little too smoothly and a little too quickly — leaving me feeling less than great the next day. My mom (who is a nurse) says the remedy for everything is to ‘take two Advil and get over it,’ but sometimes it takes a little more than Advil to recover — so SLEEP is my #1 go-to, followed by an Adam Bomb burger from Savor Cafe here in Charlotte and lots of bubbly soda. It’s probably a really good thing I don’t live in Kentucky.”

There are few things that can cure a hangover better than an Adam Burger from Savor Cafe.

There are few things that can cure a hangover better than an Adam Burger from Charlotte’s Savor Cafe.

Run, eat Mexican food and take Aleve

Malise Culpepper, SB Memphis Account Executive 

“You have to take a long run and eat Mexican immediately following. Chase the food with two Aleve, not one as the bottle may instruct.”

Berocca and a grilled cheese

Beth Brooks, SB Digital Media Specialist

“When you wake up, drop one Berocca tablet into a large glass of water — drink it all. Since the water is meeting only last night’s liquid in your stomach, you will need to head to your favorite grilled cheese place (mine is Tom + Chee) and order a greasy sandwich (my favorite is Hot + Spicy). Eat the entire sandwich, but be sure not to touch anything. Your hands will be very greasy. Then, go back to bed. Wake up and workout to sweat off the stink. You’ll feel like new. And, try not to have back-to-back crazy nights!”

Cheesy spud and binge watching

Allison Ostrader, SB Louisville Account Executive

“After a night of entirely too much fun, I long for a homemade concoction. It consists of a potato, butter, cheese, bacon and a ton of salt. The taste is greatly improved if accompanied by the binge watching of any period piece.”

Avoidance followed by accepted defeat (and red wine)

Alex Hendrickson, SB Nashville Associate Editor & Lead Writer

“I am an early riser. No matter the hour I stumble into bed or the number of cocktails I consume, I rise with the sun. In these early hours of the day, I can usually convince myself I don’t have a hangover. Blissfully unaware of what’s to come, I head to Pilates with a pal. From there, I head straight for the focaccia bread at Proper Bagel or an Elvis smoothie at The Turnip Truck. At this point, I am full and tired and the hangover begins to set in.

“Filled with pride of giving avoidance the old college try, I head back to the couch to log the hours of sleep lost the night before. Waking up from my nap, I feel reenergized and convince myself that the Pilates classes burned enough calories to earn me a pizza with a glass bottle of red wine. ”

The fococcia bread at Proper Bagel in Nashville is just one way to fight off a hangover.

The focaccia bread at Proper Bagel in Nashville is just one way to fight off a hangover.

Find company in your misery

Cleo DeLaney, SB Business Coordinator

“Depends on the day of the week. If it is an ambitious type of Saturday, I like to round up the guilty parties from the night before and suffer in misery together, preferably around a large brunch including bloodies and egg dishes of all kinds — acceptable brunches can range from greasy spoon diners to posh spots with sassy brunch outfits.

“On Sundays, a more casual bowl of hot and nourishing pho tends to wipe away any Sunday scaries and shakes after a late night out, and then back to laze in bed for a movie marathon or two.”

Long term cure: Have kids

Ashley Haugen, SB Managing Editor

“I go for a real Coke and French fries or chips and queso.”

Beat the dreaded hangover by sharing a coke with friends.

Beat the dreaded hangover by enjoying a Coke with friends.

Advil and a body of water

Elizabeth Fox, SB Cofounder

“If the hangover is slight, pop two Advil and drink copious amounts of water all day. If it is severe, BC powder and the nearest body of cold water (swimming pool, river or lake) to take the plunge. It works every time.”

Greasy food and Netflix

Bailey Torkelson, SB Birmingham Client Success Representative

“I wake up, take a shower, put on comfy pajamas, order food and lay in bed with The Office until I return to normalcy.”

Decide what kind of hangover it is

Megan Casey, SB Director of Marketing

“I have a three-pronged approach:

“If it’s a mild-medium hangover, I force myself to workout. While the person running next to me at OrangeTheory may not appreciate the alcohol vapors secreting from my pores, it’s the best way to flush the alcohol out of my system. I follow up with a green juice at The Juice Bar and then spend the rest of the day cozied up on the couch drinking lemon water.

“If it’s a major hangover, this is my cure: take two Ibuprofen, conduct rehydration therapy (at the very least, chug one liter of water) and then go back to sleep for a few hours. If you’re with it enough to slice up a lemon, add some slices to your water to help your body alkalinize the alcohol in your system from the night before.

“OR, you can just take RU21 throughout the evening while you’re drinking and you won’t even get the hangover in the first place. This is my most preferred method.*”

*Statements not meant to take the place of medical advice.


Instead of something greasy, opt for something green!

Banana + coconut water + Real Housewives

Anna Marchetti, SB Nashville Associate Editor and administrative support

“I suggest a banana and a coconut water enjoyed on the couch in front of a Real Housewives of NYC marathon.”

Eggs and cheese biscuit

Micki Martin, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

“I usually roll out of bed, grab a soda of some sort, then start to crave a scrambled egg and cheese on a fluffy biscuit. (If I am in Memphis I head to Bryant’s Breakfast, or if I’m out of town and a Bojangles is close by, I get an Egg Bo biscuit, individual mashed potato and sweet tea.) After all of this comfort food, I gravitate towards the couch and binge watch TV all day.”

Minimize the pain with pizza

Margaret McClintock, SB Nashville Client Success Representative

“There is no hangover cure. If you drink too much, you’re going to feel like [redacted]. So I minimize the pain with pizza. Order delivery as soon as you get home, drink water until it arrives, eat half and then tuck your sorry stumbling self in bed. When you awake, the uneaten half of your pizza will be waiting for you. I like mine at a nice room temperature made possible by my inability to fit a pizza box in the refrigerator, in addition to my general incompetence when reaching this state of revelry. It tastes just as good cold or reheated.”

Pizza the night of and the morning after is just the thing you need to soak up the alcohol.

Pizza the night of and the morning after is just the thing you need to soak up the alcohol.

Vitamin G

Connie Prince, SB Nashville Account Executive

“I reach for the bottle of Excedrin and, to quote Margaret, ‘a large dose of Vitamin G (grease)’ in the form of a hearty breakfast. Then, I retreat to the sofa to sleep it off.”

Take a punishment bath

Lauren Helmer, SB Birmingham Editor

“I like to take a hot bath, and I mean HOT — so hot it almost feels like punishment. I’ll work up a sweat and get red in the face and try to force myself to keep all limbs in the water, because the water should be so hot that there will be the urge to hang your legs out of the side of the tub. Sometimes I do have to step out and sit on the side of the tub. It reminds me a little of the Russian & Turkish Bath Houses in my old neighborhood in New York City’s East Village, an experience I’ll never forget! I guess this is like my homemade Russian bath house. It is essentially a ‘speed detox session,’ helping me to sweat out all the toxins. I also like to take a big cup of ice-cold water to aid in the detox process and provide a little respite from my ‘punishment bath’!”

Water and grease

Cindy Acuff, SB Nashville Account Executive

“Drink water — and lots of it — all day long. Eat a carb and grease-filled meal involving bacon or sausage (or both) and biscuits. Next, a Bloody Mary. Then, take a nap.”

Of course, there is always this advice: Don’t drink too much

Liza Graves, SB Cofounder

“I’ve had one hangover in my entire life. Ever since, I never drink enough to need more than lots of water in the middle of the night and a couple Advil. It was soooo bad and took a full day to recover (along with a bowl of Houston’s baked potato soup). Now, I watch what I drink which is easy as I’m not a big drinker anyway. Probably four to five drinks per month. And, I usually stick with tequila as I’ve found I just feel better.”

Here’s to a happy New Year’s Eve, a hangover-free New Year’s Day and a wonderful 2017! 


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