It’s that time of year when jewelry is on everyone’s mind. We’re not quite sure why … oh, yeah. That little day you either love or hate, Valentine’s Day! We’ve been sure to include items to long for, ones to splurge on, ones to buy yourself and even one in particular which makes the whole “Yes!” answer that much more fun! Sit back and enjoy as we’ve gathered jewelry finds from all over the South!

Southern Jewelry Finds

Lika Behar earrings

These Lika Behar earrings are made with black rhodium sterling silver and white topaz. We love the delicate sparkly details on these earrings that make them a bold statement to add to your collection. Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry has these pretties for $380.

at Cinid Earl

Lika Bahar earrings, $380 at Cindi Earl Fine Jewelry

Myrna Halpern necklace

Myrna Halpern is known for her signature “laid back luxury” look, and we think this beautiful beaded tassel necklace epitomizes that notion. Leather cordage is bound by beads and features a beautifully colorful tassel that hangs freely. Find this stunner for $365 at Kittie Kyle.

Myrna Halpern beaded tassel necklace, $365 at Kittie Kyle

Elizabeth Locke necklace

This exquisite necklace is by Elizabeth Locke. The 19-karat gold chain showcases seven gorgeous pendants, which feature precious stones and Venetian glass, each different in color and design. The chain, $15,225, and pendants, which range from $2,275 to $4,500, are available at Mednikow.

Elizabeth Locke necklace — chain, $15,225, and pendants, $2,275 to $4,500, — from Mednikow

Margaret Ellis Jewelry cuff

This new spring Cubist Cuff at Margaret Ellis Jewelry is bold — making it a wonderful piece to add to your collection. It is definitely an accessory that you will love showing off! We adore all of the geometric shapes and patterns put into this cuff, as well as knowing that it’s handmade right at the studio! $815

Margaret Ellis

Cubist cuff, $815 at Margaret Ellis Jewelry

Hammered hoops

We were told these matte gold hoops are a bestseller at Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry Design, and we can see why! Having the stone at the top of the hoop is a unique design that we absolutely love — and there’s a variety of stone toppers to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits your Valentine the best. Hammered hoops are $129.

Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry|

Matte gold hoops, $120 from Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry

Nori necklace

This Nori necklace, found at Ever Alice Studio for $185, is composed of faceted labradorite, gold-brushed beads, oxbow horn and a gold filled clasp.We love the blues and golds in this necklace that make us feel like we should be at the beach on a spring day (we sure wish)! Wrap this necklace, layer it or wear it long — it will be your new go-to accessory.

Our favorite jewelry finds for February!

Beaded necklace, $185 at Ever Alice Studio

Three Laurie Kaiser necklaces

We adore Laurie Kaiser’s beautiful pieces. These gold necklaces all have unique pendants and she’s crafted them all wonderfully. They go perfectly all together, so it may be tempting to get all three … We found these at Nashville’s well-known boutique, Jamie, which carries this and several other Laurie Kaiser items as well.

Our favorite jewelry finds for February!

Laurie Kaiser necklaces, call for pricing at Jamie

Fun tassel necklace

Tassels are in and they are not going anywhere! Find this nomad tassel necklace from FASHIONABLE for $88 and add a pop of color and fun to any style. This necklace is available in four colors and was handmade in Cambodia with howlite beads and a brass clasp.

Our favorite jewelry finds for February!

Nomad tassel necklace, $88 at FASHIONABLE

Glamour earrings

To put it simply, we want these earrings. Badly. Between the gorgeous gold setting and attention-grabbing moonstone, these Hazel Smyth earrings from Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry will add some serious glamour to even the most boring of outfits. We’d even wear them with our yoga pants — that’s how serious we are about loving them. (If there are any secret admirers out there … keep this in mind. Wink, wink.) They could be ours — oops — we mean yours for $300.

Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry Design|

Hazel Smyth Earrings, $300 at Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry

Stunning engagement ring

If you’ve been waiting for V-day to pop the big question, the Elise engagement ring from Custom Jewelry Lab may be just the right rock for you! Custom told us it’s their most popular ring and it’s no wonder with such a unique design inspired by the Roaring 20s. It is $5,400 and you can choose from 14k yellow, white or rose gold bands.

Custom Jewelry Lab|

Elise engagement ring, $5,400 from Custom Jewelry Lab

Natalie K for Forevermark™ bracelet

Treat yourself like royalty and adorn your wrist with this 18-karat white gold Natalie K for Forevermark™ bracelet. Twenty-seven bright white diamonds sparkle surrounded by individual diamond halos for a total of 490 accent diamonds for a breathtaking piece of jewelry. Find it for $19,500 at Bromberg’s.

Natalie K for Forevermark™ bracelet, $19,500, at Bromberg’s

Silver medallion vignette pendant

This silver medallion pendant with tribal design has the mysterious air of civilizations lost in time. New Orleans-based jewelry line Sennod creates these striking pendant pieces, called vignettes, which interlock into a vignette chain, so that you easily can change out your pendant, if desired! The signature vignette pendant pieces range from pearls and crosses to turquoise and gemstones. Find this silver medallion pendant for $288 at Mulberry Heights Antiques.

Silver medallion pendant, $288, at Mulberry Heights Antiques

Orbit X ring

This gorgeous X-shaped ring, while delicate, makes a bold statement with its standout design. Part of jewelry designer Jordan Alexander’s Petite Collection, this ring combines 18-karat gold “orbit x” band with half pave diamonds for an unforgettable result. Find it for $3,045 at JA Collections.

Jordan Alexander’s Orbit X ring, $3,045, at JA Collections

These are all gorgeous and this research has left us yearning!


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