Here’s an interesting statistic I heard recently: women talk more than men. (Duh.) On any given day, women typically use 20,000 words, where men only use about 7,000. Explains a lot, right? Perhaps this makes it easier to understand why shopping for the men in our lives can be fraught with such challenge — think of all the details we don’t have cached in our memory banks when we find ourselves panic-stricken on Saturday at five o’clock, realizing we’ve forgotten to buy gifts for Father’s Day on Sunday. Of course, gifts for our mothers are no problem: we have ample clues from the millions of conversations we’ve had with our women friends. Sorry, Husband, Dad and Granddad. It’s a swing and a miss for you on your special day, unless, of course we can run to our local bookshop before they close in an hour and swiftly select a book we know you’d love to read. Sadly, we don’t actually know what you’d love to read (all those missing details, remember?), but we do know smart people to ask who can help save the day. In this case, we’ve consulted Pulitzer-prize winning author Jon Meacham, who shares six of his favorite books, full of history and intrigue, that are sure to make great reads for all of our guys:

Jon Meacham’s Top 6 Books for Father’s Day:

The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made

Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas paint marvelous portraits of the Establishment figures who shaped the Cold War world.

the wise men

Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas paint marvelous portraits of the Establishment figures who shaped the Cold War world.

The Last Lion, Vol. I 

William Manchester’s dazzling portrait of Winston Churchill’s early years.

last lion

Parting the Waters 

Taylor Branch’s first of three volumes on Martin Luther King, Jr.

parting the waters

Nicholas and Alexandra

Robert Massie’s memorable account of the end of one world in Russia (and of one family) and the rise of another. 

nicholas and alexandra

The Crisis Years: Kennedy & Khruschchev 1960-1963

Michael Beschloss tells the story of JFK, Khrushchev and the deadliest brinksmanship in human history. 

Crisis Years

The Hemingses of Monticello

Annette Gordon-Reed on the Hemings family and Thomas Jefferson. A brilliant book about the most American of stories.

the hemmings of monticello

Whew. You saved the holiday for all the dads in our lives, Jon, with time to spare, even. Thanks! 

Here are a couple of our picks from his published works, as well:

American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House

american lion

Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power

thomas jefferson

Learn more about Jon and his books here: