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Graduation season is right around the corner, and after a trying year, the graduates in your life deserve a little extra celebration. Here, we’ve pulled gifts personalized for her or for him, meaningful jewelry pieces, items to make their dorm room feel warm and welcoming, and a few of last year’s best-sellers. Best of all, every item on this list is made by a Southern small business. Take a look and shop the entire collection here.

Personalized For Her

Gingham Travel Bag

This clear gingham travel bag from Atlanta-based South of Hampton is the ultimate travel companion. The set includes a clear outer bag and an interior monogrammed bag that measures 9-by-6-by-3-inch. The inner bag is a coated material (super easy to clean!) while the outer bag offers extra room for cosmetics, tech chargers, or whatever they need to carry with them on a daily basis. Find it on SB Shop for $59, here.

Clear gingham monogrammed travel bag in red

Clear gingham travel bag, $59, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Jewelry Rounds

A jewelry round is the kind of gift they’ll thank you for every time they use it. SB Shop offers three designs, each measuring 6-by-4-inch, that will keep their precious pieces safe and untangled. The lightweight and water-resistant case is lined with small pockets sized perfectly for rings or a pair of earrings and a spacious interior for bracelets. Find it on SB Shop for $42, here.

White jewelry case with bracelets

Jewelry rounds, $42, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Garment Bag Gift Set

Similar to the jewelry rounds above, this garment bag set is unexpected, yet incredibly useful. This South of Hampton set includes one large linen garment bag (enough room for 3-4 items) with one pleated cosmetic bag (also great for carrying safety pins, body tape or other essentials) and one larger monogram bag for cosmetics or accessories. Find it on SB Shop for $130, here.

Monogrammed linen garment bag

Garment bag gift set, $130, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Monogrammed cosmetic bag

The garment bag gift set includes one pleated cosmetic bag and one larger monogrammed bag (pictured above). | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Buffalo Check Blanket

Keep them warm and cozy and add a touch of color to their new home away from home with this monogrammed buffalo check throw from South of Hampton. The made-in-Italy fabric is an uber-soft mix of cotton and acrylic and the throw measures 51-by-67-inch. Find it on SB Shop for $108, here.

Monogrammed blue and white buffalo check throw

Buffalo check throw, $108, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

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Saint Christopher

Nashville-based Carden Avenue explains, “Legend holds Saint Christopher carried the disguised Christ-child across a river to safety. As a result, the name Christopher means ‘Christ-bearer,’ and Saint Christopher became known as the patron saint of travelers.” With this in mind, the delicate Saint Christopher necklace is a truly special gift for any graduate traveling to a new state for school. The 14K gold-filled petite charm hangs on an 18-inch 14K gold-filled chain. Find it on SB Shop for $88, here.

Saint Christopher necklace

Saint Christopher necklace, $88, here | Image: Carden Avenue

The Sainte Studs & Petite Pave Cross Necklace

Brand new to SB Shop and just in time for graduation gift season, Carden Avenue has introduced this Petite Pave Cross necklace and Sainte Studs. Both of these pieces can be purchased separately or as a set. The studs are 14K gold-filled, and the necklace measures 16-18 inches with a beautiful petite pave diamond cross on a 14K gold chain. Find them on SB Shop for $42 to $128, respectively, here.

Pave Diamond Cross Necklace

Carden Avenue Petite Pave Diamond Cross Necklace, $128, here. Or shop the Petite Pave Diamond Cross Necklace & Sainte Studs Set, $170, here. | Image: Carden Avenue

Sainte studs

Carden Avenue Sainte Studs, $42, here. Or shop the Petite Pave Diamond Cross Necklace & Sainte Studs Set, $170, here. | Image: Carden Avenue 

Personalized For Him

Dopp Kits

Every guy needs a Dopp kit for carrying all of his essentials off to college and beyond. SB Shop offers four different South of Hampton Dopp kits that offer different features, including two-way zippers, outside pockets, easy-to-clean canvas material and more. Find them on SB Shop for $40 to $105, here.

Red and blue dopp kits

The Classic Dopp Kit, $40, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Leather Key Strap

Now that he’ll be carrying his dorm key, dining hall entry pass and more, a monogrammed key strap is a great gift that’s both durable and practical. This leather key strap from Kentucky-based Clayton & Crume measures 5 inches in length and is handmade with full-grain leather in Kentucky. Find it on SB Shop for $32, here.

Monogrammed leather key strap

Monogrammed key strap, $32, here | Image: Clayton & Crume

For The Dorm Room

Caitlin Shirock Artwork

Nashville artist Caitlin Shirock’s collection of ‘Hand Sign’ prints are a fantastic way to add something special to an otherwise often boring dorm room. Peace Sign, Heart Hands, ASL I Love You or Shakka prints are available, and each is offered in five different sizes from 8-by-10-inch to 24-by-36-inch. Find them on SB Shop for $25 to $80, here.

Peace sign hand print

Caitlin Shirock ‘Hand Sign’ prints, $25 to $80, here | Image: Caitlin Shirock

Acrylic Trash Can

Another simple way to spruce up her dorm room is with this South of Hampton monogrammed acrylic trash bin. This measures 11.25-by-8-by-10-inches and features a hot pink three-letter monogram. Find it on SB Shop for $44, here.

Monogrammed acrylic trash can

Acrylic trash can, $44, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Covered In Cotton Throw

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a soft throw from someone you love. Covered In Cotton makes beautiful blankets from locally grown upland cotton harvested from the family farm in South Carolina. Each blanket is dye-free and 100% cotton. Find them on SB Shop for $90. here.

Cotton throw

Covered In Cotton throw, $90, here | Image: Covered In Cotton

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Last Year’s Best-Sellers

Personalized Laundry Tote

Every college student needs a laundry tote. This one from South of Hampton is extra spacious and can be folded flat for packing up or storing in smaller spaces. Find it on SB Shop for $55, here.

Personalized laundry tote, a graduation gift

Personalized laundry tote, $55, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Roll Up Fix It Tool Kit

An unexpected, yet extremely practical graduation gift is this easy-to-travel-with tool kit from South of Hampton. This comes complete with everything they need, including an LED flashlight and can be folded up for convenient storage. Find this on SB Shop for $70, here.

Roll up tool kit, a graduation gift

Roll up tool kit, $70, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Roll up monogrammed tool kit

The tool kit comes monogrammed and conveniently folds up. | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Customized Luggage Tag

Another great graduation gift for him is a customized luggage tag to keep his belongings safe as he takes on his new city. This tag, made by Kentucky-based Bluegrass Provisions Co., is made with saddle leather and brass and features his full name and phone number. Find this on SB Shop for $110, here.

Customized luggage tag

Customized luggage tag, $110, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

City Coasters

If they’re headed to a new city, these marble coaster sets are a great graduation gift. Made by a sister-run brand, ARCHd, these sets feature beautiful image-transferred photos highlighting the graduate’s new home. Show them you’re thinking of them while supporting a Memphis-based brand with this purchase. Get a set of four for $38 on SB Shop, here.

Memphis city marble coaster set

City coaster sets, $38 for four, here | Image: Caroline Sharpnack


To shop the entire Graduation Collection on SB Shop, click HERE.

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