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Fitness is on everyone’s minds these days, but a great fitness class with a motivating trainer doesn’t always fit into your schedule or budget. Why should that stop you from getting a good sweat? We tried out a few fitness apps to help us reach our fitness and budgeting goals for 2019. These three budget-friendly apps bring effective workouts and encouraging trainers to your own space and schedule — and they definitely can yield results!

No more excuses. With on-demand fitness classes, you can get a good sweat in anytime, anywhere.

3 Fitness Apps We Tried and Loved


Yearly membership: $99.99 + tax
Monthly membership: $14.99 + tax

About the app:

Launched in 2016 by CEO Ethan Agarwal, this audio-based workout app provides members unlimited on-demand access to more than 2,500 guided workouts all of kinds — from running, boxing and strength training to walking, stretching, yoga and meditation. Aaptiv‘s certified trainers are motivating, goal-focused and somehow always chime in at the perfect time during the workouts … like when I let my form go or wanted to take a breather.

After downloading the app, answer a few quick questions about your goals, preferences and music, and then, before gaining access to all classes, you’ll be required to do an entry-level workout. Once you’re in, the options are endless. Aaptiv’s audio-based workouts will have you feeling like you’re actually in a group workout class, with music set to the cadence of your workout and trainers directing and encouraging you every step of the way.

Classes are ranked either beginner, intermediate or advanced and outline the length of the class, the music genre played, estimated distance, maximum speed and calories that you’ll burn. Specially designed programs within the app help achieve specific goals such as staying fit pre- and post-natal, losing weight, running a marathon and strengthening your core. The “Collections” section is a bit more light-hearted with workout collections featuring playlists from your favorite artists like “Get Fit with Brit” and “Crush It with Christina,” travel-friendly workouts, classes that will help achieve a good night’s sleep and short workouts for those busy days. With more than 40 new classes added each week, Aaptiv keeps things fresh and will keep you in shape from head to toe.

My experience

I absolutely loved using Aaptiv, and I found myself much more excited to go my apartment gym and pick a workout class for the day. Trainers Ackeem and Candice, who are pre-recorded, were two of my favorites. They were easy to listen to and always encouraging and fun! Instead of spending too much time at the gym, I prefer a quick and higher intensity 30- to 40-minute workout, and the fact that I could easily access those classes through Aaptiv on my time was a huge bonus.

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Yearly membership: $99.99
Monthly membership: $14.99

About the app:

Founded in 2017 by Jason Baptiste and Nathaniel McNamara, Studio delivers treadmill, outdoor running and strength training classes at the touch of a button. The audio-based classes are lead by elite instructors from some of New York City’s top studios, and the classes are ranked either beginner, intermediate, advanced or universal, each set to energizing playlists that keep you going. Studio allows users to compete in real-time against other fitness fanatics and provides a leaderboard for some friendly (and motivating!) competition. With a heart rate monitor or Apple Watch, users enhance their experience by collecting biometric data and distance, which can lead to a higher ranking on the leaderboard.

Each workout with Studio earns participants “fitcoin,” which is redeemable for fitness apparel, goods and unique experiences all curated by Studio. Most of the classes are built into programs for specific goals like toning specific areas, training for a half-marathon and enhancing endurance. With three new classes per day, Studio is perfect for a killer sweat sesh anytime, anywhere.

My experience

Studio definitely kicked my rear end. The competitive aspect motivated me to keep going even when I thought I couldn’t. I also really enjoyed the number of programs Studio has curated. There were endless combinations for almost any fitness goal you might have. Some classes had poor audio quality, and the organization of the classes within curated programs was not the easiest to navigate if you started the program soon after its original release. Overall, though, Studio provided incredible workouts and a level of determination that I have yet to experience with any other fitness app.

SB TIP: If you’re digging for specific types of workouts like I was, click into the “Most Recent” category, and you’ll be able to filter by equipment, difficulty, length, instructor and more!

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Unlimited workouts: $14.99 per month
Five workout sessions: $4.99 per month

About the app:

In January 2018, SweatWorking CEO and co-founder Jeana Anderson Cohen along with co-founders Justin Cohen, Kathy Lai and Nikki Desai launched the app to empower people to step out of the box when it comes to fitness. A branch of, SweatWorking is a video- and audio-based archive of fitness classes from real boutique fitness studios and certified trainers around the country.

Partnering with The Barre Code, CrossTown Fitness, BRICK and more, SweatWorking brings some of your favorite gym and studio classes to you when and where you need them. From barre and yoga classes to HIIT and strength training, they provide a wide array of options to make sure you break a sweat no matter where you are or what your schedule is. In addition to fitness classes, SweatWorking also offers meal plans from registered dietitians to enhance your fitness goals.

My experience

I really enjoyed the video-based classes with SweatWorking. I have been working out on my own for years, and come to find out, I have forgotten what some of these gym terms mean. The videos provided quick refreshers for me. With audio-based classes, I found myself Googling moves that I couldn’t remember exactly how to do, which was frustrating, but I appreciated the option to choose my own music. Worth noting: If you are watching a recorded class from one of the studios, I wouldn’t suggest choosing your own music, as you will also have the music from the recorded class playing in the background. Overall, the fact that SweatWorking partners with real boutique fitness studios to bring users on-demand and from-anywhere options for a great sweat session is so exciting and was my favorite part of this app!


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