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Today’s post is from StyleBlueprint Atlanta Editor Katherine Snell:


It has been a little over a year since BB creams entered our makeup bags and drawers. Some of us have sworn the creams changed their makeup routine forever. Others are still trying to figure out what the buzz is about. Now, one year later, it is time for BBs little sister to take over the buzzword and advertisements. Ladies, let me introduce you to CC creams.

CC creams. Just hitting the market and sure to create a big buzz!

Though the acronym is a little annoying, the explanation of the benefits of the cream is in it’s name, CC creams. CC stands for Color Correct or Color Care (BB stands for Beauty Balm, Blemish Balm, or Blemish Base). The main job of CC creams is to correct any discoloration issues in your skin. CC creams were originally developed in Korea to address skin discoloration. But, like BB creams, CC creams offer more bang for your buck. They also hydrate and prime your skin for makeup and offer protection from the sun if an spf is added (most do).

Good for covering up dark spots, sun spots, and acne spots. Smashbox Camera Ready CC cream. $42 at Sephora

Some differences between CC and BB: CC creams are lighter in texture than BB creams. This makes for a more natural application. It also makes them perfect to use during the summer months.

A great option for dry skin. It is also oil free. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream. $35 at Sephora


Great for firming skin. This version of CC creams has an added dose of vitamin C. Peter Thomas Roth CC cream. $48 at Sephora

Because CC creams are all-in-one products, you can cut out a few steps of your beauty routine. CC creams can take the place of your tinted primer, moisturizer or foundation.

A natural option that is paraben, sulfate, and phthalates free. Amore Pacific CC Cream $60 at Sephora

But, you can also add to your CC cream. If your skin is on the drier side you can add a dollop of your daily moisturizer to the CC cream of your choice. Or, if you want to provide more coverage you can add a bit of liquid foundation.

A good drugstore brand. Olay Total Effects CC Cream. $17 at

And, before you think that this alphabet trend can’t go on any longer, there is already a DD cream on it’s way. The makeup company, Julep, is releasing a DD cream this summer that targets signs of aging. I guess it’s only a matter of time before we work our way through the whole alphabet!

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