As winter’s cold, gray days set in, we’re allowing ourselves the guilty pleasure of warming our souls and bodies with the colorful candies that fill the walls of these Southern candy stores. The juxtaposition of the dreadful weather to the bright, cheerful atmosphere of a candy shop can lift your spirits and make you revert back to your younger self. Allow your jaw to drop and your eyes to open wide; enter a state of utter fascination, fully overcome by temptation. Today, you ARE the proverbial kid in a candy store. If your holiday travels lead you to any of these Southern cities, make sure you check out these candy stores.


Dive into a sugar rush at these sweet Southern spots.

Big Top Candy Shop | Austin, TX

Under the big top is where the magic happens. Step inside Big Top Candy Shop and be dazzled and amazed by candies that are not only visually pleasing, but are tasty enough to curb your sweet tooth. From sour and tart to savory and salty, the options are endless. As we all know, everything is bigger in Texas, and Big Top Candy Shop is no exception.

Candy Girl Confections | Charlotte, NC

Only a few years old, Candy Girl Confections invites you to explore the 700+ varieties of candy on their Charlotte, NC, shelves. The assortment and quality is something to behold, and the selection of bulk, gourmet and novelty candy is sure to satisfy kids from any generation.

Funny candy tins at Big Top Candy Shop in Texas

If you like your candy with a side of humor, swing by the Big Top Candy Shop in Austin, TX. Image: Facebook

Holli’s Sweet Tooth | Oxford, MS and Starkville, MS

Whether you are looking for sweet, sour, chewy, soft, sticky or chocolate-coated candy, Holli’s Sweet Tooth has something to offer you. With two locations in Mississippi, this candy shop sells an assortment of sweets. They are also known for throwing a great party, so if you are looking to host a sweet soiree, give them a ring.

Laughing Mask Candies | Asheville, NC

We’re willing to bet you’ve never considered eating bacon-flavored Pig Boogers or unicorn poop … until now. While Laughing Mask Candies, located in Asheville, NC, offers nostalgic sweets, such as Mary Janes and Lemonheads, their novelty items are sure to elicit giggles. Step inside this playful candy shop and choose from more than 400 candies.

Muth’s Candies | Louisville, KY

The aura of family tradition welcomes you to the sweets hub of Louisville, KY: Muth’s Candies. Four generations have been crafting candies on Market Street since the founder, Rudy, returned to the city from WWI back in 1921. Rudy’s recipes are still used today to make the finest candies, and you must try the taffy that comes in every flavor from orange to licorice.

Options from Candy Girl Confections in Charlotte, NC

Candy Girl Confections in Charlotte, NC, has a little something for everyone. Image: Instagram

Nandy’s Candy | Jackson, MS

Nandy’s Candy made its name as a sweets destination through their chocolates, but the jars of candies are equally enticing. The bright Red Hot doors welcome you to Jackson, MS’ first premium handmade candy store. Step inside, embrace your inner child and indulge in the sugary goodness that is made — with love — in copper pots.

Popalop’s Candy Shop | Raleigh, NC

We’ve all seen mall candy shops, but this one stands out above the rest. Raleigh, NC’s Popalop’s Candy Shop sells gummy bears that are large enough to last you a lifetime … or at least a week. In addition to being home to the World’s Largest Gummy Bear, Popalop’s has a selection of sweets that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Roman Candy Company | New Orleans, LA

The Roman Candy Company has been selling gourmet taffy from a mule-drawn wagon on the streets of New Orleans since 1915. Although the price for taffy has been raised above 5 cents (which was the going rate until 1970), the timeless flavors — vanilla, strawberry and chocolate — keep locals and tourists coming back for more.

Holli's Sweet Tooth jars

Jars filled with candy just waiting to be grabbed … Image: Holli’s Sweet Tooth

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen | Savannah, GA

Stan “The Candy Man” Strickland opened the original Savannah’s Candy Kitchen location on historic River Street in Savannah, GA, and the brand has since grown to include locations in Charleston, SC; Nashville, TN, and the Atlanta, GA, airport. Stan learned his sweet Southern secrets in his mom’s kitchen in Woodbine, GA, and he brought the family recipes to Savannah. We have a soft spot for the taffy, but the pralines, brittle and candied nuts make for great holiday gifts!

Sugar | Birmingham, AL

As its name suggests, Sugar is the sweetest place in Birmingham, AL. Grab a bucket and load it up with retro, novelty and well-known treats. The assortment of candies changes seasonally, which keeps us coming back. Inside this candy paradise, the rows of traditional candies are offset by decor that is both ’60s-mod and simplistic. Jelly Belly fans will revel in the sea of colors and flavors.

Rock candy at Sugar in Birmingham

The big rock candy mountain at Sugar in Birmingham, AL | Image: Facebook

Sugar Dive | Nashville, TN

Sugar Dive’s decor is as colorful as the sweet treats they offer. Located in Nashville, TN, this sweet spot mirrors an old-school candy shop and ice cream parlor. Bulk candy, walls of jelly beans, yards of bubble gum and scoops of ice cream are your stairway to sugar heaven. Come for the candy; stay for the family-friendly, cozy environment.

The Sugar Shak | Rosemary Beach, FL

As if sandy beaches and crashing waves aren’t sweet enough, Rosemary Beach, FL, delights vacationers with sugary treats at The Sugar Shak. Tucked in this tiny beach town, The Sugar Shak has become a well-known favorite among travelers. Don’t wait until spring break to hit this spot; sneak out in the gray months of January for a bit of rest, relaxation and sugar.

Sweet Noshings | Memphis, TN

A newer addition to Memphis, TN’s Overton Square, Sweet Noshings is a quintessential, old-fashioned candy store. You can get lost in the endless options of sweets, but if the sea of candy wears you out, just hit up their coffee bar for a jolt of caffeine. The colorful treats are not limited to gummy bears, jelly beans and malted milk balls; you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with the gourmet popcorn, which comes in flavors like toffee, honey and vanilla and savory flavors including cheesy jalapeño, dill and BBQ.

Candy jars at Sweet Noshings

Candy as far as the eye can see at Sweet Noshings | Image: Facebook

Sweeten up your day and visit these candy shops!