For everyone who lived through the ’80s and ’90s, you are reading this with dread. The scrunchie, the most ubiquitous hair accessory trend of these decades, is making a come back. No, no, no, no, no. But, yes. It’s been trying for the past couple years (even showing up on runways), and it actually has some traction now. I speak the truth, however hard to believe. But if you have tween/teen girls, you know of which I speak.

If you are young enough to think kissy face selfies are publishable material, than by all means, the scrunchie is perfectly stylish!

If you are young enough to think kissy face selfies are publishable material, then by all means, the scrunchie is perfectly stylish! And, totally cute. Image: YouTube

You’ve heard the saying, “If you’re old enough to remember wearing it once, don’t wear it again.” I don’t think that’s always true. It usually just takes a different approach to how you first wore the trend. Neon? Flare pants? Rolled jeans? If you’re on round two of any of these, your best bet is to modify how you once wore them, as there are ways for teens and more mature adults to wear these trends. As my college roommate said, “I’ll never not tuck and roll!” when rolling her jeans in the morning … but of course she stopped, and she’s now rolling again.

That said, the scrunchie has no way to be modified. If you are older than say … 25, this look is a no-go. I’m sure there are many women, including this writer, who still have a few scrunchies around, in old bags from the days of yore. They are great for putting your hair up to wash your face. Besides that? This accessory has a time warp and stigma attached that you can’t shake. It’s from a time of high-waisted jeans, torn at the knee with tank tops and plaid flannel shirts worn with Doc Martens … oh wait. That’s today, too. If you lived through the ’80s and ’90s, the scrunchie look is dated, and it’s as simple as that! Leave it to those who haven’t had the chance to wear these before. Anyone born after 1990 … go for it (and do expect anyone older than you to smirk … we can’t help ourselves!).

Scrunchies are back

And, it must be noted, scrunchies have never, and likely will never, go out of fashion in the gymnastics and figure skating world. If you spend 100% of your time with your hair in a ponytail, it makes sense!

Some recent photos on Instagram showcasing scrunchie fashion — what separates most from their ’80s and ’90s counterparts? Most lack bangs.

fur scrunchie

Look closely … there is a fur scrunchie there! Image: @katherinelalancette

the scrunchie bun

Her hair is in a bun with one gigantic scrunchie. This is a VERY popular way to use a scrunchie. Image: @peaceful_direction

matching scrunchie and top

Oh, it matches! But, she still manages to pull it off. Image: @noukidesign

Scrunchie on Instagram

High-waisted jeans, old car, fringe jacket, scrunchie … oh wait, this one actually IS an image from a couple of decades ago that could totally fly now! Image: @vintage_runway_finds

dogs with scrunchies

Love this use of scrunchies! Image: @mandy.parks

This begs the question: are butterfly clips coming back, too?

Butterfly clips were once a part of all fashionable teens' hair accessory wardrobe!

Butterfly clips were once a part of all fashionable teens’ hair accessory wardrobe! Image: Etsy