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With all the romance in the air during the month of February it’s hard not to think about bits and baubles of sparkly jewelry every now and again! And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel all sparkly?! We sure do — so we’ve put together a list of beautiful jewels with a wide range of prices and styles that you can find right here in Charlotte.

Those of you in relationships may even want to give your significant other a hint or two about the pieces you’ve been admiring — and by hint, we mean forwarding him this article immediately. Heck, you could even print it out and boldly circle a few items with permanent marker … if your guy can’t take a hint. We’ve already done all the work, so you can go ahead and send him on his merry way to get the goods. And to all the single, independent ladies out there (YOU GO GIRLS!), head out to a store and treat yourself to exactly what YOU want this Valentine’s Day — you deserve it. So go ahead and take a look!

Under $50

Erimish stackables  

Mix and match your favorite colors with these Erimish stackable bracelets from Clair De Lune. At $29 a piece you can buy several different colors to stack without breaking the bank. We like mixing and matching the colors to match our alma mater and favorite sports teams!

Erimish bracelets |

Erimish bracelets, $29 at Clair De Lune Boutique

Drop earrings

The pink stones and intricate gold details that make up these drop earrings caught our attention immediately when we walked into 32 Flavors Boutique. We think they’d add a great pop or color and look absolutely stunning with a classic white tee or button down. Purchase a pair for $49.

CJ Gray Earrings|

Pink drop earrings, $49 at 32 Flavors Boutique

Semi earrings

These lightweight 14k gold filled-wire earrings from Ash Jewelry Studio are simple, versatile and sure to become an everyday staple in your wardrobe. Whether you’re heading to work or out on the town, consider these a go-to for any outfit. Purchase a pair for $38.

Ash Jewelry Studio|

Gold wire earrings, $38 from Ash Jewelry Studio

Inspirational cuff

Show a loved one just how much you care with this beautifully engraved gold cuff from Fashion & Compassion. We love how simple and elegant it is and think it’s the perfect gift for any lovely lady in your life. Get one for your Valentine for $32.

Fashion & Compassion|

Loved cuff, $32 from Fashion & Compassion

Heart necklace

This necklace screams all things love and Valentine’s Day! The rose gold heart pendant reminds us of the popular Tiffany Co. heart necklaces — but with a much lower price tag at $44. You can find this one at 32 Flavors Boutique.

Rose gold heart necklace|

Rose gold heart necklace, $44 at 32 Flavors Boutique

Under $100

Layering necklace

Not only is blush the perfect color for Valentine’s Day, but this layering necklace from Fashion & Compassion also adds a feminine touch to any outfit for $68. It’s made from recycled Ethiopian bullets, seed beads and Czech crystals — making it even more interesting and special.

Fashion & Compassion |

Blush layering necklace, $68 from Fashion & Compassion

Brazilian Oco earrings

Dazzle in these Brazilian Oco geode earrings from Paper Skyscraper for $56.95. The gold outline is the perfect contrast to the darker stone and glitzy middle. We liked them even more when we realized they weren’t too heavy and wouldn’t pull down on your lobe — ladies you know what we’re talking about!

Brazilian Oco earrings|

Brazilian Oco earrings, $56.95 at Paper Skyscraper

Deco necklace

This handcrafted porcelain and gold necklace from Ash Jewelry Studio will add a dainty touch to your outfit without being too girly. Plus, the simple and classic color combination makes it extremely versatile. Add the 32′ necklace to your jewelry box for $98.

Ash Jewelry Studio|

Gold deco necklace, $98 from Ash Jewelry Studio

Coco Hill cuff

For the artsy lady in your life consider a Coco Hill cuff — a piece of wearable art made right from artist Kiki Slaughter‘s splattered paint cloths. Every cuff is one of a kind, full of color and a sure conversation starter. You can purchase one for $98.

Coco Hill |

Coco Hill cuff, $98

UNDER $250

Fiona cocktail ring

Win Valentine’s Day with this eye-catching amethyst and gold cocktail ring from Charlotte’s Mila Rose Jewelry for $128. We also love that the ring is handmade and has an adjustable band that will fit any size — so you won’t have to guess and worry about getting it wrong.

Mila Rose Jewelry|

Fiona Cocktail Ring, $128 from Mila Rose Jewelry

Sunflower necklace

Brighten someone’s day with this vibrant sunflower necklace from local jewelry designer Laura James for $129. The gold chain and sunflower pendant paired with the bright orange and sea-foam beads are a unique combination that will really stand out.

Laura James|

Vintage sunflower necklace, $129 from Laura James Jewelry

Hammered hoops

We were told these matte gold hoops are a bestseller at Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry Design, and we can see why! Having the stone at the top of the hoop is a unique design that we absolutely love — and there’s a variety of stone toppers to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits your Valentine the best. (The turquoise and green are personal favorites.) Hammered hoops are $129.

Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry|

Matte gold hoops, $120 from Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry

Sterling silver necklace 

You can’t go wrong with a classic piece of sterling silver jewelry for any occasion and we love this sterling mirror beaded necklace from Scott’s Karat Patch. Between the multi-layered strands and unique beading it’s anything but your average silver necklace — purchase it for $150. Want to upgrade your gift? Add the matching earrings for $65.

Scott's Karat Patch|

From Scott’s Karat Patch: Mirror beaded necklace, $150; earrings, $65

Bexley stone necklace

The Bexley is a beaded necklace with stalactite stone pendant from Mila Rose Jewelry that will transform any plain outfit to something more glamorous. We think it’s special all on its own, but can also see it as a really great layering piece. Upgrade your necklace game for $108.

Mila Rose Jewelry|

Bexley necklace, $108 from Mila Rose Jewelry

Vintage coin necklace

For something with lots character, pick this charming vintage coin necklace from Laura James Jewelry  for $229. It’s both fashionable and feminine as well as timeless. The blue lolite stones add just the right amount of color without being too over the top. (We actually think the stones look like they’re good ‘ol Carolina Blue — so keep your favorite UNC fan in mind for this one.)

Laura James Jewelry|

Vintage coin necklace, $229 from Laura James Jewelry

UNDER $500

Sunflower stackable

The intricate details of this hand-crafted sunflower ring from Custom Jewelry Lab are absolutely stunning. Wear it by itself or stack it with a few of your other favorite rings. It’s $325 and available in several different colors including 14k yellow, white, rose, or green gold.

Sunflower ring|

Gold sunflower ring, $325 at Custom Jewelry Lab

Hazel Smyth earrings

To put it simply, we want these earrings. Badly. Between the gorgeous gold setting and attention-grabbing moonstone, these Hazel Smyth earrings from Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry will add some serious glamour to even the most boring of outfits. We’d even wear them with our yoga pants — that’s how serious we are about loving them. (If there are any secret admirers out there … keep this in mind. Wink, wink.) They could be ours — oops — we mean yours for $300.

Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry Design|

Hazel Smyth Earrings, $300 at Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry

$1,000 and up

Elise engagement ring

If you’ve been waiting for V-day to pop the big question, the Elise engagement ring from Custom Jewelry Lab may be just the right rock for you! Custom told us it’s their most popular ring and it’s no wonder with such a unique design inspired by the Roaring 20s. It is $5,400 and you can choose from 14k yellow, white or rose gold bands.

Custom Jewelry Lab|

Elise engagement ring, $5,400 from Custom Jewelry Lab

White gold cushion sapphire 

We can’t all own a gem exactly like Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire engagement ring, but we can own something similar without being royal. This 18k white gold with 1.86 ct. sapphire ring from Donald Haack is a beautiful option for us non-royal folk at $12,075.

Sapphire engagement ring |

Sapphire ring, $12,075 at Donald Haack

We hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! 


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