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While we can always lean on perennial favorites like mums, mini pumpkins, and bittersweet this time of year, it’s okay to admit you get a kick out of incorporating a few brand-new items to welcome the season. These are some great ways to update your fall decor for 2023, including a couple of picks we love for each category, all readily available online.

Seasonal wreaths

If your reusable holiday wreaths have passed their prime, you’re in luck. There’s a wide variety of beautiful preserved and faux options to choose from these days. A faux pampas grass wreath like this one from Lulu and Georgia ($68) is a stylish choice that will see you through fall and into the winter months. (To dress it up for the winter holidays, simply decorate it with miniature ornaments!)

pampas grass wreath
Faux pampas grass wreath, $68 at Lulu and Georgia | Image: Lulu and Georgia

For an option that’s more colorful (but just as well suited to see you through winter), opt for a preserved wreath with various greenery, blooms, and berries. This design from Terrain ($148) features real preserved quail brush twigs, pinto berries, oregano, globe amaranth, silver dollar eucalyptus, nigella, and seed eucalyptus.

preserved wreath on green door
Preserved wreath, $148 at Terrain | Image: Terrain


Whether you prefer large vases that make a statement or an array of smaller bud vases, it’s a good time to swap in some on-theme vessels to make your seasonal arrangements really stand out. These Autumn bud vases from Anthropologie (on sale for $12.80-$16) are a fun choice that would look lovely lining an entryway buffet, a window sill, or a dining table.

Glass vases resembling fruit and gourds
Bud vases, $12.80-$16 at Anthropologie | Image: Anthropologie

If you tend to favor larger arrangements, an amber glass vase is perfect for fall arrangements. The one pictured here offers a simple, modern design, allowing your stems to speak for themselves. It’s available on Wayfair for $38. (They also offer a taller, slimmer design for $37.)

amber glass vase white flowers
Amber vase, $38 at Wayfair | Image: Wayfair

Scented candles and sets

It’s all about the details! You can give your kitchen sink and bathroom vanities the seasonal treatment with limited-edition products like this pumpkin spice three-piece sink set from Williams-Sonoma ($37.95). The caddy is available in gold, white, and silver finishes.

pumpkin spice hand soap and lotion
Pumpkin sink set, $37.95 at Williams-Sonoma | Image: Williams-Sonoma

Scent sets the scene, so it’s crucial that you find long-lasting fragrances you won’t tire of. If you don’t fall into the “all pumpkin everything” camp, opt for an earthy autumnal scent like this one from Votivo’s holiday line, available on Amazon for $38. Their soy wax blend and cotton-and-paper wicks make for a long, clean burn.

scented candle
Votivo candle, $38 on Amazon | Image: Amazon

Pillows and throw blankets

You can incorporate orange, green, brown, and plum hues into your existing decor in a dozen different ways, but these velvet pumpkin pillows from Pottery Barn ($39.50-$59.50, depending on the size) are almost too cute to be true!

velvet pumpkin shaped pillows on white couch
Velvet pumpkin pillows, $39.50-$59.50 at Pottery Barn | Image: Pottery Barn

Cooler temps mean more cozy nights spent at home, and the more throw blankets you have on hand, the better. This ultra-soft chenille option from West Elm is available in a whopping 14 shades. These are available for $100-$130 each — except for the “dark olive” shade, which is currently on sale for $69.99!

Chenille blankets, $69.99-$130 at West Elm | Image: West Elm

Vase filler

If you’re not one for keeping up fresh arrangements, stock up on a variety of vase fillers instead! They’re great for filling vases, decorative bowls, and even baskets. All three of the options pictured here — dried fruit slices, mini green pumpkins, and mini orange pumpkins — are available on Amazon ($13.99-$17.99).

bags of fall vase filler
Vase filler, $13.99-$17.99 on Amazon | Images: Amazon

Table linens

Whether for daily table settings or strictly for special occasions, table linens are a great way to help set the mood. Prints are a fun choice, but solids are even more versatile if you can find a shade you love. These gauze napkins ($29.90 for a set of four) and placemats ($49.90 for a set of four) from Quince are available in four shades, including the cozy burnt orange pictured here.

autumn place setting with terracotta gauze placemats
Gauze placemat set, $49.90 at Quince | Image: Quince

Colored glassware

From breakfast juice glasses to wine glasses, you can easily find colored glass options to suit any occasion and decor scheme. It’s a great way to make your day-to-day a little more festive! Available in seven colors, this set of six glasses is available on Amazon for $36.99.

amber glasses
Amber glasses, $36.99 on Amazon (set of six) | Image: Amazon

These amber glass mugs each come with a stirring spoon and wooden cover to help keep your hot drinks hot! While they’re an ideal size for a cappuccino or cup of tea, they’re just as well suited for serving cocktails or party punch throughout the season. You can snag a set of two on Amazon for $16.99.

amber glass coffee mugs product shot
Coffee mug set with spoons and lids, $16.99 on Amazon (set of two) | Image: Amazon


Copper is by no means relegated only to fall and winter, but there’s something undeniably cozy about it. If scented candles aren’t your thing, consider a set of three “everlasting” candlesticks from Everlasting Candle Co. ($75), complete with a vase and a bottle of their fragrance-free, clean-burning oil. The candles are available in various metallic finishes, and the vase is available in four finishes, too — clear, white, black, and green.

copper candlesticks
Everlasting Candles, $75 at Everlasting Candle Co. (set of three) | Image: Everlasting Candle Co.

Another timeless addition that works beautifully for this time of year is a high-shine copper bowl! Display it on your kitchen table full of fresh seasonal produce or in an entryway, hallway, or coffee table full of mini pumpkins, pine cones, and whatever else you like. This option, available on Amazon for $36, has great reviews.

copper bowl
Copper bowl, $36 on Amazon | Image: Amazon

Happy decorating!


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