This is the last of our 2015 series ‘Wednesday Weddings.’ We’ll be back with more each February and July. However, we do feature weddings one-two times a month in our Southern Edition, so you can get your fix there! 

If a chance meeting, whirlwind courtship, and Central Park proposal mark Jordan and Ryan’s love as one for the books, then their beautiful wedding at Ashton Gardens must be the stuff of fairy tales.

Jordan and Ryan met in March of 2013 while out with friends one night in Savannah, GA. Jordan had moved to the city less than two weeks before and took a chance going out to explore the city with her roommate and new friends. Ryan settled in Savannah three years prior and happened to be out with friends that same night when Jordan walked through the door. Her smile (according to Ryan) gave him the courage to introduce himself and strike up a conversation. The connection was immediate – the two went on their first date the following day.

Precious shot of the couple during the ceremony

The chemistry between these two is palpable. That is clearly the smile that Ryan fell for!

Fast forward to February of the following year. Ryan had planned a trip to New York as a Christmas present to Jordan. Certain oddities – solo trips to Atlanta (where many of Jordan’s family and friends live) for “work” in January and some relentless texting once they arrived – had Jordan somewhat miffed, but she let them go in her excitement at being in the city.

At Ryan’s suggestion, before seeing The Lion King on Broadway, the couple went for a walk in snow-covered Central Park. After listening to what Jordan shared as “everything a girl dreams of hearing,” Ryan got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. After an excited “Yes!,” Ryan turned Jordan around to see Ryan’s cousin, whom he had been texting so voraciously, taking pictures and video of the entire proposal. Jordan recalls, “Seriously – best night of my life.” (As for the “work” trips in January – one was to ask for Jordan’s family’s permission to marry her and another was to get her mother’s help ring shopping. We can see why Jordan decided to let those go!)

Smiles and laughter before the ceremony begins.

Jordan and Ryan shared a private moment on the dock before the ceremony began. Always fun to see smiles and laughter before the big “I do’s!”

With an April 2014 wedding date set, the couple began sorting out all the intricate details that make a wedding special and unique. Ashton Gardens, a wedding venue and chapel just outside Atlanta appealed to Jordan after a few glances at their website. One tour later, Jordan was sold on the location. The chapel and ballroom’s expansive open windows would create the feeling of an outdoor wedding without having to worry about the likely April showers. Ashton Gardens also provided a wedding coordinator to help with all the moving parts of the celebration and would additionally cater the event. Jordan’s mom and sister worked with the specialists to keep track of all the wedding details and make sure Jordan and Ryan’s day was absolutely perfect.

Ashton Gardens exterior

The exterior of the Ashton Gardens chapel reveals its simplicity and clean lines – a perfect backdrop that allows each bride to find ways of making her wedding unique within the rentable space.

Ashton Gardens Chapel interior

The large windows at the altar let in ample light, filling the space with a glow that almost matches that of the one on Jordan’s face.

Admittedly more of an appreciator of creativity than a creative person herself, Jordan sought a ceremony and celebration that would be classic, elegant, simple and chic. She wanted hers and Ryan’s love and faith to be the focal point of the wedding. Simple white linens, and abundant greenery and white hydrangeas came together to make the celebration expressive both of the couple’s tastes as well as their personality and love for one another.

Cute picture of the bride and her best girlfriends!

Beautiful bridesmaids enjoy a special moment celebrating Jordan’s big day.

Tuxedoed groomsmen looking dapper.

The groomsmen look dashing in their tuxes. Ryan’s white jacket was a last minute decision, but Jordan was thrilled with the risk. “It was honestly one of my favorite details, and he looked so incredibly handsome!”

Inside of the Ashton Gardens ballroom reception area

The Ashton Gardens ballroom was perfect for the cloudy April weather. The windows let in ample light and views of the gorgeous gardens, but Jordan didn’t have to worry about anyone getting wet in the rain!

With all the planning complete, Jordan, Ryan, and their families and friends happily began the celebration of the couple’s love. Jordan and Ryan wanted their wedding ceremony to highlight the depth of affection they felt for one another as well as how their faith complemented that love. After sharing letters to one another at their first look, the couple exchanged traditional vows. The ceremony included singing and music by family members, thus surrounding the couple with the love of their newly joined families.

Picturesque first look.

Jordan and Ryan did their first look on a dock at Lake Lanier (where the wedding party had stayed in cabins the night before), which made for such a fun photo!

The giving of the bride always gets us choked up!

A sweet moment between the bride and her dad before he gives her away.

Weddings truly are a union of families!

Ryan and Jordan with their newly joined families.

Following the ceremony, the party moved to one of the Ashton Gardens ballrooms for a night full of food and fun. Elegant southern comfort foods abounded, catered by the Ashton Gardens staff. Jordan said this was a “HUGE pro” as it cut down on the number of moving parts for the big day and was one piece of the puzzle they didn’t even have to worry about it. Southwestern Caesar salad, oven roasted wild salmon, five peppercorn and herb crusted strip loin, and roasted yukon gold potatoes made for a filling dinner before everyone hit the dance floor.

Jalapeno and cheese shrimp poppers were passed around the party before the buffet dinner opened - yum!

Jalapeno and cheese shrimp poppers were passed around the party before the buffet dinner opened – yum!

Buttercream cake! Love the rough icing contrasted with the flowers.

A classic white cake with buttercream frosting and medley of cupcakes from The Baking Grounds suited everyone’s sweet tooth after dinner.

SB Wedding-Poole-cupcakes

Beautiful cupcakes, also from The Baking Grounds, served as Ryan’s groom’s cake.

First dance photos

Ryan and Jordan shared their first dance to “Feels Like Home,” which Jordan described to us as “cheesy, but so true” to the couple’s love for one another.

Livin’ Large from PrimeSource Entertainment played late into the night and had everyone on their feet. Jordan recalls, “There was actually one point in the night when Ryan looked at me and said, ‘Jordan look around! EVERYONE is on the dance floor!’ This is exactly what we wanted so we were thrilled!”

Bride and groom having a blast on the dance floor.

Bride and groom having a blast on the dance floor.

Groomsmen does splits to please the crowd.

Clearly, Jordan and Ryan weren’t the only ones having a large time!

Everyone getting down at the Poole wedding

Everyone at the Poole celebration was all smiles and singing on the dance floor – a true sign of a great party.

The big moment!

What a kiss to end the beautiful day!

Congratulations to Jordan and Ryan – we wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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