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We all know children’s clothing is cute. The colorful patterns, the unnecessary, yet so necessary, ruffles, bows, buttons, etc.—just the sheer size of these tiny little ensembles on tiny little store mannequins is enough to get a weary window shopper in line for the register. But choosing adorable infants and children’s clothing from a place that designs its own pieces and puts thought into making eco-friendly, locally crafted items doesn’t get much better. And it doesn’t get much more perfect than Emerald August.

Emerald August girls clothing

The cuteness factor is pretty ridiculous at Emerald August. Here’s a look at the girls’ section, almost all of which was designed by owner Laura Hamilton.

Emerald August armoire

This armoire showcases adorable gifts, including a Little Giraffe robe, $59, as well as pajamas, blankets and other bedtime pieces from the same company.

Emerald August began as an environmentally conscious clothing line for girls based out of Atlanta. Laura Hamilton started designing adorable outfits for her two nieces in 2009, and her love for creating original pieces (and the love of other moms who saw her unique items) launched the Emerald August line. This marketing major, who once taught business English in Argentina, started on a totally new career path and began taking fashion-related classes at Atlanta’s Savannah College of Art and Design campus. She turned a hobby into a super successful children’s clothing line, selling wholesale to retailers in Atlanta, and eventually across the country, with exclusive collections for and She opened her first bricks-and-mortar store in East Andrews earlier this summer.

“It’s been incredible to see kids try on clothes in person, to see what sells and get feedback on colors, fit, etc.,” Laura says.

Emerald August designer and owner, Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton started Emerald August while designing for her two nieces. The brand has grown to support multiple retailers in Atlanta and across the country.

Emerald August storefront

Emerald August’s flagship store is located in East Andrews.

Much of what’s found in the Emerald August boutique is, of course, the Emerald August girls’ clothing line for sizes 2 to 10. There’s also coo-inducing cuteness in the form of a small layette selection and adorable boys’ tops, bottoms, accessories, even a formal bow tie line, from a variety of other designers. However, Laura may start trying her hand at designing for boys, since she’s about to have her own little blue bundle of joy (she was quickly approaching her due date as of press time).

“A lot goes into making a dress here,” she says. “I’m always at the factory, right outside the perimeter, and know everyone sewing my clothes. I’m choosy and the mindset is always: ‘Would I want that for my kid?'”

The supreme quality isn’t lost on anyone visiting the store. The whimsical boutique is a welcome spot for all ages—with a miniature tepee set up with toys for the kids and matching tunics and leggings (the signature Emerald August look), sweet dresses, bloomers and everything else to make the adults ooh and aah.

Emerald August dresses

Emerald August dresses from left to right: Cynthia, featuring a front pocket and tie, $58; Alanna, with a V-front waist and keyhole back, $58, and the most popular dress, Elise, with a Peter Pan collar and empire elastic waist, $62.

Almost all of the clothing is manufactured in the United States, most of it in Atlanta, which helps boost the local economy. That, combined with the fact that Laura uses sustainable and natural fibers, gives parents peace of mind about the merchandise they’re putting on their children. Emerald August makes apparent that fashion can leave a stylish, green footprint.

The focus on green, eco-friendly design is so important to Laura that that’s where the “Emerald” comes from in the business name (“August” is Laura’s birth month).

Emerald August ambience

Not only is it fun to shop in Emerald August, but it’s fun to play here, too!

Emerald August gifts

Cute gifts include Urban Sunday’s pretied bow ties and neckties in gingham and plaid. The “manly” accessories, $26, are available for ages 0-8. The store also carries InnoBaby’s stainless divided platters and lids, $22, and B.J. Novak’s The Book With No Pictures.

Laura wants to continue to grow Emerald August and hopefully one day soon, “it’ll be a staple in every girl’s closet across the country.”

Emerald August boutique is located at 56 E. Andrews Drive NW in Buckhead. The store is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It’s closed on Sunday. The Emerald August line is also found in many Atlanta stores, including Seed Factory in Westside Provisions District and The Children’s Shop in Buckhead, as well as across the country and online.

Emerald August signature look

The Missy skirt, $36, comes in four prints, and the graphic tee, a screen-printed American Apparel shirt, is $26. Complete the look with one of Emerald August’s signature woven necklaces, $16.

Find out more about the flagship store, the charming designs and the kind people who work at Emerald August by visiting or stopping by the East Andrews shop. And check out other great Atlanta boutiques on

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