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SB Shop spotlight!

There are a handful of small businesses thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 times. For example, plexiglass manufacturers, wine store owners, portable sink manufacturers, boutique cleaning supply companies … but, for most of us, StyleBlueprint included, it’s been rough.

So, what are companies doing survive and hold on as we all wait to come out on the other side of this pandemic? Evolving, innovating, streamlining. Those are the three big things that companies are looking to do.

Nashville business Dwell & Good is no different. They had recently evolved as a company to start offering stylish wallcoverings and vinyl rugs in addition to their Impact Banners & Signs business. With a team of in-house seamstresses, printers and designers, and a knack for thinking outside the box, within a few weeks, a new face coverings division was born.

American Flag mask

Masks are $15.95 and available on SB Shop HERE

Funny Mask

$15.95. Shop HERE.

As big fans of all of their products, including their face coverings, we caught up with Drew Trotman, President and Owner, in hopes of giving inspiration to other small business owners and letting future customers know about these great masks.

(As a quick sidenote, all of their inks for all of their products are green inks, with the environment in mind. We love that!)

What was your inspiration behind these fun designs?

The goal of the Dwell & Good brand is to bring fun and style into people’s lives and homes. What a better way to do this than to provide some fun and fashionable personal protective face masks for our customers. We see a great need for the masks and an even greater need for a little light fun and frivolity during this time.

Do these fit kids and adults?

We have three sizes: small for school-age kids, medium for small-builds, and large. Face masks are not recommended for children under 2-years old. On our site, there are detailed instructions on sizing and how to measure your face and choose the size that will give you the best fit.

How many people does your business employ?

We have 25 employees that work either full or part-time.

Nashville Strong face mask

$15.95. Shop HERE.

Hope face mask

$15.95. Shop HERE.

What is the turn around for expected shipments for these masks?

At the moment 5-7 days.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

Yes, we have pricing on our site for 50+ at $4.00 off per unit. For larger quantities, we ask the customer to call for a quote. (Update: while SB Shop is still selling Dwell & Good masks, they are not available on their site. BUT, they will still produce large orders. See the Dwell & Good’s website, here, and talk to customer service for large orders.)

Your masks are really fun, which is a nice relief.

Yes, our general messaging is to put some fun and style into protecting yourself and those around you with a personal protective cloth face mask from Although this mask is designed to offer a fabric barrier between you and air-born particles, it is not a substitute for medical-grade n95 masks.

What differentiates your masks from some others on the market?

Special Features of our masks include:

  • Unique hand-created designs created using a high-quality printing process for crisp graphics and vibrant colors
  • Non-medical Masks are washable and reusable
  • 3 size options to fit securely over the mouth and nose of most adult faces
  • Made of 100% tight-weave cotton jersey for comfort
  • Features comfortable cloth bands to easily and safely secure mask to face
  • Includes a pocket sewn into the mask to insert a filter, such as a paper towel, a coffee filter, a dry hand wipe, or a vacuum bag filter. When replacing filters, remove carefully while wearing gloves. Replace filters frequently, depending on how often you use the mask.
Lion cartoon face mask

$15.95. Shop HERE.

Fox face mask

$15.95. Shop HERE.

Update: Customized masks are also available!

design your own face mask

You can now design your own face mask, with all of the unique features available on all Dwell & Good masks! $20.95, order HERE.


And, as always, Dwell & Good continues to sell beautiful wall coverings, vinyl rugs, placemats, coasters, and more. See their full selection on their website, and a curated selection on SB Shop, here.

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