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With January’s arrival, so too come the resolutions. And if you’re like me, most of them have something to do with food (or the lack thereof). This constant state of being hangry, in the pursuit of better health and a smaller waistline, is what served as the impetus for today’s article — food-inspired fashion.

It could be my diet talking, but I feel like I’ve spotted more and more food-centric fashion pieces lately. At first I thought I was having a hunger-related lapse, but upon lots of time perusing magazines, it seems that fast food and sweet treats have left the mall food court and gone straight to the shops.


Searching for the perfect accessory for date night? What about popcorn on a chain, thanks to Rommy de Bommy’s fantastical designs. Image: Rommy de Bommy


Not only do these tasty accessories from Tiny Hands look delicious, they actually smell delicious, too! Each necklace, ring and earring gives off the scent of what it looks like! Image: Tiny Hands

Food has always served as a muse for creative types (perhaps it’s that whole “starving artists” thing) — it doesn’t get more iconic than Andy Warhol’s take on soup. Think about it — food is a constant for everyone, regardless of background, culture, aesthetic … it’s something we can all connect to. And though it’s not new for fashion designers to be inspired by the vibrancy and warm feelings connected to food, in the last few years some of these people have taken the idea quite literally. Recently, some fashion houses and designers combined quirky pop art with a quite literal tongue-in-cheek sensibility.

We can’t talk about food-inspired fashion from the last few years without hitting up Jeremy Scott’s creations for Moschino. The label has always played with pop art, but when Jeremy Scott took the reins, the look became McDonald’s realness a few years ago. The fast food giant was never specifically mentioned, but Moschino played with the brand’s iconic golden arches — instead of serving cheeseburgers and French fries, the models served runway realness.


We’re not sure how much fast food these models actually eat, but they sure can strut the heck out of a Happy Meal-inspired purse. Food-inspired fashion erupted across Moschino’s runways during their Fall 2014 show. Image: Vogue


Don’t cry over spilled … ice cream. That’s because this Jaded London high-leg swimsuit only looks like melted ice cream with sprinkles. Wear this while grabbing a scoop at your next pool party. Image: Jaded London

More recently, the food-as-fashion theme ran rampant at fashion week for the upcoming season. Simultaneously satisfy your craving for good fashion and good food by taking a look at some of the yummy looks that were featured. Dolce & Gabbana’s Italian roots were put on display at their Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show, with designs celebrating their culinary background in a make-believe place called Italian Tropic.

styleblueprint atlanta dolce & gabanna food

Anyone craving Italian food after seeing some of the looks from Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show? Who knew fashion could be cute and Paleo friendly?! Image: Dolce & Gabbana


Cherries and pineapples were an ongoing theme at this season’s Altuzarra show. Image: Altuzarra

While not as in your face, other labels showed off their love of food as fun fashion this year. Altuzarra used cherries as their ingredient of choice for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection — a common thread in their dresses, shirts, even tights. Interested in diversity? The show offered a fruit salad of bright, cheery colors and patterns, adding pineapples to the bowl … I mean ensemble. Stella McCartney’s Spring 2017 ready-to-wear show played around with delicious design, adding pops of pop art in the form of graphic ice cream cones.

styleblueprint atlanta hamburger socks

When folded up, these tasty Firebox socks look like tasty burgers! Image: Firebox

styleblueprint atlanta stella mccartney ice cream dress

Slogan T-shirts and dresses were on full display at Stella McCartney’s Spring 2017 ready-to-wear show. Positive messaging and sweet designs created a cool graphic element to the show. Image: Vogue

And when it comes to accessories, there are even tastier pieces to show off — both the literal and figurative use of jewelry as icing. Shoe Bakery, an online shoe and bag company, sells “confectionery footwear” that look EXACTLY like their dessert counterparts. Heels with soles that look like spongy cake and a point that seems to be a real cherry, flats showcasing a waffle print pattern that you’d swear was a real ice cream cone, and dainty red velvet heels made from, of course, red velvet.


Judith Leiber is known for elegant crystal minaudieres (decorative handbags minus the straps), including this strawberry twist ice cream cone design. The clever purse is a great way to poke a little fun for a formal event. Image: Judith Leiber


Shoe Bakery‘s whimsical designs include the Premium Ice Cream Flats (left), Teal and Pink Cake Wedges (top) and Red Velvet Mary Janes (bottom right). Image: Shoe Bakery

Delicious jewelry from brands like Swatch, Judith Lieber and Betsey Johnson could definitely make a gorge addition to your closet … or kitchen, wherever you prefer to store it. But taking the food-centric accessories one step further is Tiny Hands, where the jewelry not only looks exactly like food, it smells like it, too! The scented necklaces, which include buttered waffle, cinnamon roll cream, s’mores and other items like cherry chocolate truffle earrings, look and smell exactly like the foods that inspired their designs. These quirky pieces have your neck and wrist wafting bedazzled goodness.

The key to “delectable dressing” is to have a sense of humor with the look and carefully choose one food-centric piece per ensemble. Don’t wear your waffle earrings with the ice cream dress with the cotton candy heels — it’s overkill and will either look juvenile or arts-and-craftsy.

styleblueprint atlanta rommy de bommy bowtie

Don’t forget to include the hubs in your quest for delectable dressing. Rommy de Bommy makes bow ties in shapes like apple cores, sushi rolls and farfalle noodles. Image: Rommy de Bommy


Of course we’re going to end this article with Moschino’s nutrition facts wedding dress! Image: Vogue

This latest iteration of culinary chic can be worn by in-the-know fashionistas, risk-taking foodies and anyone who knows fashion is supposed to be deliciously fun. Bon appetit!


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