A seemingly modern-day yellow brick road, the lively Atlanta BeltLine offers a chance to experience all that is good in The Big Peach. Over the past few years, it has continued to grow, allowing countless opportunities for visitors to explore the city. Weaving across 22 miles of beloved in-town neighborhoods and green spaces, the Atlanta BeltLine connects friends and strangers, offers an appreciation of public art (countless murals, sculptures, and other creative expressions dot the trails), and leads to fantastic shops, restaurants, breweries, and more. It may be impossible to note every wonder along the Atlanta BeltLine, but here are a few suggestions for enjoying this urban Eden.

Atlanta BeltLine sign on concrete
The Atlanta BeltLine is a pedestrian-friendly paradise, full of multi-use urban trails and the South’s largest temporary outdoor public art exhibition. Image: Melanie Preis

Prep at Ponce City Market

Located across Historic Fourth Ward Park, Ponce City Market’s eastern border sits alongside the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail. Ponce City Market (PCM) is a mega-attraction of shops and food stalls, and the only way to start your day on the BeltLine is with a cup of coffee from Spiller Park Coffee or The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar and perhaps a sweet treat from Five Daughters Bakery or Honeysuckle Gelato. Whatever you choose, there’s an entire food hall to fuel you before hitting the shops and getting the proper supplies for your day on the BeltLine. Some of our favorite stops include Indian street food spot Bottiwalla, and H&F Burger Bar, which serves one of the most iconic burgers in Atlanta.

Cream-filled donut in front of food hall
Indulge before hitting the BeltLine! Image: Five Daughters Bakery
H&F Burger
H&F’s burger is a classic that is not to be missed. Image: H&F Burger

Lululemon has exercise gear for working out on the BeltLine, or you can shop the colorful West African fashions of The Bombchel Factory to complement the surrounding public art. If your kiddos come along, stop by Rhen’s Nest Toy Shop and grab a few activities for any of the neighborhood parks and playgrounds dotting the BeltLine. Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark, Atlanta’s first public skatepark, is also very close and features a fantastic playground for every age as well as a multi-use athletic field (more on that later).

Prefer to make your own art rather than view the BeltLine’s public works? The Splatter Studio offers an immersive, messy way to express yourself. Or, create a memorable adventure by visiting Skyline Park’s rooftop attraction for vintage amusement park rides, games, food, and drinks.

Splatter Studio
Release your inner Jackson Pollock at The Splatter Studio at Ponce City Market. Image: Splatter Studio
Ponce City's Skyline Park
Take home the grand prize at Skyline Park. Image: The Roof at Ponce City Market

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

PCM sits along the Eastside Trail, the first finished section of the Atlanta BeltLine, and it’s always popular with people who live in and visit Atlanta. Besides PCM, those who wish to shop and dine can also visit Krog Street Market, featuring one of the country’s best food halls. There are nearly 30 dining options — from Israeli laffa at Yalla to Japanese ramen at Suzy Siu’s Baos. The Eastside Trail that runs through Krog Street Market weaves in and out of Inman Park, Little Five Points, Sweet Auburn, and Cabbagetown — beloved neighborhoods full of their own personalities. Each of these sections of town has wonderful shops and restaurants to visit.

Sabich pita from Yalla, a restaurant on the Atlanta BeltLine
Yalla at Krog Street Market has delicious offerings like this pita with fried eggplant, hummus, and hard-boiled eggs. Image: Yalla
ramen from Suzy Sius Baos
Grab a mouthwatering bowl of ramen at Suzy Siu’s Baos. Image: Suzy Siu’s Baos

Cycling enthusiasts can rent a bike from Atlanta Bicycle Barn or easily pick one up at the many Relay Bike Share stations. Adjacent to the BeltLine is Historic Fourth Ward Park — a 17-acre urban oasis for kids of all ages. Besides the nearby skatepark, this park boasts wonderful amenities, including a two-acre lake, a splash pad in the summer, playground structures, and an outdoor amphitheater that has hosted many events, including Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.

The three-mile Eastside Trail, which connects Midtown to Reynoldstown, features the talented work of artists from Atlanta and the nearby region.

flowers on the Atlanta BeltLine
Walk the extensive Atlanta BeltLine to exercise, explore Atlanta’s neighborhoods and art scene, or simply spend time with friends and family. Image: Atlanta BeltLine
"Somos Boricanos" mural by ARRRTADDICT
The mural “Somos Boricanos” by ARRRTADDICT is part of the artist’s series that documents an all-female Taino tribe in La Isla de Borikén. The work is located on the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail on the Edgewood Avenue bridge. Image: The Sintoses, reprinted with permission from Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

After a park excursion, enjoy a glass of wine (or lemonade for the kids) on the patio at Bazati. This 7,000-square-foot space for shopping, lounging, and dining makes for some awesome people-watching on the BeltLine. The lower level features The Brasserie, a dining locale giving off French vibes, while the upper level features Estrella, a rooftop bar serving Mexican fare. Bazati is just one of many cool businesses located at the commercial facility Common Ground.

Westside, Bestside

There’s always something exciting going on both in and around Atlanta’s historic Westside, so it only makes sense this section of the BeltLine gets a lot of foot traffic, with three miles for walking, running, biking, and just good old hanging out. The Westside Trail, which runs from Washington Park to University Avenue, sits near MARTA stations and is easily accessible. The West End Trail, stretching 2.4 miles, connects to the Westside Trail and several neighborhoods, including West End, Mozley Park, and Westview.

“Coexistence” mural by Miguel Dominguez
“Coexistence,” by Miguel Dominguez, is a mural located on the Westside Trail at Murphy Avenue and recalls the relationship between humanity and earth. Image: Melanie Preis

After getting a cardio workout in, head to the Westview neighborhood and stop by Slutty Vegan for some of the best-tasting, nastiest-named vegan burgers (One Night Stand, Fussy Hussy, and Heaux Boy are just a few). Support a few other locally owned businesses while also exploring the Westside’s green space and surrounding landscapes. Washington Park features a natatorium (indoor swimming pool) and tennis courts, while Gordon White Park is a popular spot for community and Art on the BeltLine performances.

The West End Trail also hosts a few worthwhile spots to relax and check out the local food and drink scene. Commercial facility Lee + White hosts 500,000 square feet of delicious breweries and restaurants. If you’re searching for something to sip on, you can order drinks (and food) from Monday Night Brewing, ASW Distillery, Boxcar at Hop City, Wild Heaven Beer, and Best End Brewing Co., all in one miraculous spot. Looking for a more adventurous option? Try out the kombucha taproom at Cultured South Fermentation Co.

Close to Adair Park, Aluma Farm grows and sells fruits and vegetables at a location convenient for anyone living in a busy city who still wants fresh produce. This urban farm welcomes hundreds of community members each week at their farmstand, so if you visit the BeltLine on the right day, you may be coming home with a fresh suntan and a basket of healthy goodies.

Slutty Vegan Exterior
Slutty Vegan serves Impossible Burgers decked in other plant-based ingredients, like vegan cheese, vegan shrimp, and vegan bacon. Image: Slutty Vegan
Dr. Robot Beer from Monday Night Brewing
Enjoy a cold glass of Monday Night Brewing’s Dr. Robot, a refreshing year-round sipper. Image: Monday Night Brewing
Free 99 Fridge near the Atlanta BeltLine
This community fridge, or solidarity fridge, is part of Free99Fridge, an Atlanta-based grassroots organization committed to fighting food injustice and hunger. This fridge, one of six, is located off the West End BeltLine at Best End Brewing Co. and stocked with food from those who can donate. The fridges are also open and available to anyone, at any time of day, to provide direct and immediate assistance. Image: Melanie Preis

North, South, and All-Around

The Northside Trail is a local favorite, with a one-mile path winding through Ardmore Park and Tanyard Creek Park (with its cool trestle bridge). It also wraps around Bobby Jones Golf Course. This golfing mecca is a historic landmark for anyone who loves the sport and appreciates panoramic views.

The Southside Trail is currently closed for construction. However, an unpaved interim trail offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to appreciate the local sites, like D.H. Stanton, an eight-acre park with a splash pad and playground. If you’ve had your fill of the outdoors, head to The Beacon Atlanta near Grant Park. This transformed retail and dining spot houses some cool businesses and great eats. Enjoy Mexican dining at Patria Cocina, Brazilian street food at Buteco, and much more. Other highlights at The Beacon include art education and opportunities for resident artists at Arts Beacon and skincare and facials at Kindred Studio.

The Glenwood Park neighborhood, at the edge of the Southside Trail, also has some worthwhile stops like Chef Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow, as well as Vickery’s Bar & Grill and Drip Coffee.

Shrimp tacos from Patria Cocina
Patria Cocina is delicious, but the shrimp tacos are on another level! Image: Patria Cocina
tuna and beet dish from Gunshow in Atlanta
Gunshow offers a bold and interactive take on the traditional dining experience. Image: Gunshow

As the Atlanta BeltLine continues to expand and flourish, we’re intrigued by the introduction of businesses, art installations, nature tours, and other outdoor experiences. And where the BeltLine leads, pedestrians and Atlanta enthusiasts follow! Our advice? Get a comfy pair of walking shoes, continue to explore this great city, and always stay to the right!


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