Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day comes around once a year — flowers, candy hearts and all. Couples gush over shared dinners, and those who are unattached pop champagne and celebrate their single status. If you are the latter and are asking why you’re spending the holiday alone, it might be because you are guilty of peeving your dates with one of the below actions. We asked you, our readers, about your dating pet peeves. The responses are varied, thanks to the guys and gals (between the ages of 21 and 59) who kindly shared their thoughts. If you are still playing the dating game, be sure to take a shower, leave the kids at home, get off your phone and for goodness sake, don’t show up drunk!

dating pet peeves

When you’re pretending to act like everything’s okay when your date is on his phone the whole time …

“Loud chewers.”  — Caroline, 23

“When they show up drunk.” — Amanda, 21

“Submarining. It’s a newly named trend that begins when someone with whom you have romantic involvement ghosts, or disappears from your life without notice, only to resurface, with no apology and acts as if no time has passed.” — Claire, 30

“When your date picks a crowded, noisy bar, and you can’t hear each other over the ruckus — fine once you know each other, but not for a first date.” — Laura, 27

“When a woman is rude to the waitstaff.” — Gabe, 27

“When I order a bottle of wine, and my date assumes it’s to share.” — Lauren, 32

“If we are getting coffee or drinks and he’s already sitting there with his drink when I get there.” — Molly, 22

“Body odor — this coupled with an insult about the car I drove made for the worst date.” — Sumner, 27

“I don’t understand guys (from a dating app or wherever else) who do nothing but send some texts for 1-3 weeks, mostly super-boring, mundane small talk, instead of asking you on a physical date. They don’t bother to actually call you on the phone to ask you out, or discover what your voice even sounds like. I lose interest. It seems socially backward and infantile. It’s so annoying and boring that I lose interest after about one text. If a man finds me attractive and is interested in getting to know me even a little, I would expect him to behave as a mature adult about it. Make a plan, call a lady and politely ask her out on a date, which you have planned. Is that so hard?” — Meredith, 39

“When he asks you out but never makes a definitive plan only to text you a few hours before to ask what you want to do.” — Courtney, 32

“On their phone while on the date!” — Alyssa, age 28

“When they go for the boob grab on the first date.” — Margaret, 29

“When someone eats as if it’s a race and doesn’t take time to enjoy the meal! Slow down and sit up straight!” — Molly, 23

“My biggest dating pet peeve (or pet peeve in general) is breaking plans. I believe that’s the first step in showing a lack of commitment and says a lot about a person’s character. If there is a legitimate reason to cancel plans, that’s one thing, but I have had too many friendships and relationships start to trend downward when plans are broken.” — Kellie, 24

“When you have your kids with you! :)” — Calli, 59

“No manners when it comes to money. If you are going on a date on a budget, either don’t or check the menu before you decide where you are going. If you can’t afford everything on the menu and there are things you don’t want your date to order, don’t go there!” — Lauren, 28

“Not knowing if you’re on a date or not.” — Sarah, 32

“If you have been on a few dates with a guy and try to make a plan only for him to respond with, ‘TBD’ — giving away that he is trying to make other plans with someone else.” — Mary, 29

“Asking you to dinner and then asking to split the check. [Insert eye roll]” — Caitlin, 31

Happy Valentine’s Day — and good luck out there!


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