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The perfect collection of coffee table books can elevate your home decor in ways you never thought possible. A small stack of beautiful books is not only eye-catching, but the right selection can also offer insight into the topics you find most compelling. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are seven coffee table books, each showcasing a brilliant combination of impressive snapshots and compelling content.

7 Beautiful Coffee Table Books

Arriving Home by James T. Farmer III

Georgia native James T. Farmer III of James Farmer Inc., a full-service interior and landscape design company, invites you to be inspired by the fusion of classic and modern style in his new book Arriving Home. Recognized for his Southern aesthetic and commitment to balancing a level of timeless charm and trendy sophistication, this book showcases James’ pure talent and eye for effortless design. From beautiful photography by Jeff Herr to the traditional beauty of James’ projects, you’ll find yourself eager to redecorate after studying the book’s pages.

Arriving Home by James T. Farmer III, a coffee table book

Arriving Home by James T. Farmer III, $45 | Image: James Farmer

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Hare + Klein Interior by Meryl Hare

Interested in the process of creating effortless yet elegant interiors? In Hare + Klein Interior, designer Meryl Hare shares a look into her one-of-a-kind interior design style that made her Australian-based creative firm recognized around the globe. The book features behind-the-scenes insight into the firm’s interior design process and includes primary sketches, fabric samples, and of course, captivating photography. Focusing on the strategies of creating the perfect Hare + Klein home that is both functional and comfortable, this book is enjoyable to read, informative and looks great as a centerpiece.

Hare + Klein Interior by Meryl Hare

Hare + Klein Interior by Meryl Hare, $65 | Image: Thames & Hudson

The New Southern Style by Alyssa Rosenheck

Lifestyle expert Alyssa Rosenheck has released her first book, The New Southern Style, and it’s a bounty for the senses. This alluring publication features home tours and stunning photography, along with musings from Alyssa’s inspirational journey as well as intimate interviews with some of the South’s most prominent names in design, art, and business. Concentrating on the revitalization of Southern interior design ideas — and the creative entrepreneurs behind it — is the cornerstone of this book. Explore what “the new Southern style” looks like and enjoy the encouraging blueprint for what lies ahead.

The New Southern Style by Alyssa Rosenheck

The New Southern Style by Alyssa Rosenheck, $40 | Image: Abrams

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The Best of Nest by Todd Oldham

Bring rich, bright colors into your home with 300 vibrant illustrations from The Best of Nest by Todd Oldham. Nest Magazine, a publication that released 26 issues between 1997 and 2004, transformed the concept of modern interior design. With hand-picked selections from each issue and expert insight from Nest Magazine founder, Joe Holtzman, this book boasts a never-before-seen look into what made Nest so eccentric. Explore hundreds of unparalleled design pairings along with the fascinating history of the publication.

The Best of Nest by Todd Oldham, a coffee table book

The Best of Nest by Todd Oldham, $100 | Image: Phaidon

A Tale of Interiors by Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce

Take a journey through the creative minds of Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce in their new book A Tale of Interiors. Emily and Louisa have been widely regarded for their interior design formula of “more is more.” From perfecting the marriage of sentimental items and extravagant works of art to toeing the line between abundance and simplicity, these designers share their method of organized madness. Emily and Louisa have styled Hollywood’s most famous stars’ homes, and they now bring those same insights right to yours. Enjoy glamorous images and perceptive thoughts from two of the world’s brightest and most imaginative designers.

A Tale of Interiors by Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce

A Tale of Interiors by Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce, $60 | Image: Rizzoli

Dinner With Georgia O’Keeffe by Robyn Lea

Spice up your coffee table with an eye-catching book that includes vibrant works of art, unique recipes, and an ode to Southwestern culture. Dinner with Georgia O’Keeffe by Robyn Lea takes an in-depth look into the life Georgia O’Keeffe lived in New Mexico that influenced her world-renowned artistic style. Explore handwritten notes, exclusive interviews and never-before-seen photos in this bold and engaging book.

Dinner with Georgia O'Keeffe by Robyn Lea, a coffee table book

Dinner with Georgia O’Keeffe by Robyn Lea, $50 | Image: Assouline

A Home for All Seasons by Danielle Rollins

Acclaimed Southern trendsetter Danielle Rollins encourages readers to enjoy their homes with loved ones year-round through her second book, A Home for All Seasons. From organizational tips and uncomplicated tablescapes to a room-by-room guide on creating a functional yet cozy home, this book has you ready to entertain all year long. Armed with an impressive resume, including event planning and interior and clothing design, Danielle’s knowledge and elegant disposition leaps across the pages through vivid images and well-thought-out words. Celebrate your home and get ready to entertain like never before!

A Home For All Seasons by Danielle Rollins, a coffee table book

A Home For All Seasons by Danielle Rollins, $50 | Image: Rizzoli

Now kick back and enjoy some light reading and gorgeous photos!


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